A scenic ram­ble with plenty of birds in the Sev­ern Val­ley

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THIS REL­A­TIVELY SMALL reser­voir nes­tles in an idyl­lic set­ting within steep hill­sides and the me­an­der­ing River Sev­ern. Con­structed in the 1960s, the reser­voir tops up the Elan Val­ley sup­ply to Birm­ing­ham with water pumped from the river and treated on site. On a sunny day, the reser­voir re­flects sky blue but the smaller set­tling reser­voir is some­what tainted by the sed­i­ment of the treated water on the fil­ter beds – but the birds don’t seem to mind! You may no­tice the shape is not quite oval – ap­par­ently dur­ing the con­struc­tion there stood a Yew tree which had been im­ported from In­dia which was pro­tected by a preser­va­tion or­der, so the reser­voir was de­signed around this! A good mix­ture of broad-leafed wood­land and conifers pro­vides good nest­ing habi­tats, while the Larches at­tract Cross­bills and the nearby Ey­more Wood is a favoured haunt. Al­though used for sail­ing and fish­ing, this deep reser­voir at­tracts Goosander, Man­darin Duck, fish­ing Cor­morant and now the oc­ca­sional visit by Lit­tle Egret. Gold­crest breed, while a sur­prise find was a Firecrest one win­ter and, with the close prox­im­ity to the River Sev­ern, Ospreys have also been noted dur­ing their mi­gra­tions. Those in­ter­ested in the nos­tal­gia of steam trains will also get close views as the Sev­ern Val­ley Rail­way runs through the site.


Green Wood­pecker

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