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1 For the lat­est news and ad­vice dur­ing win­ter, visit the Black Pill Wildlife Cen­tre. 2 Find a com­fort­able spot, set up your tele­scope and wait. If your tim­ing is cor­rect, en­joy some two hours of ris­ing tide gen­tly push­ing birds closer to­wards the shore. Gulls will dom­i­nate the scene with Mediter­ranean Gulls (above) com­mon here. Ross’s, Ivory, Bon­a­parte’s Laugh­ing, Franklin’s, Yel­low­legged, Ice­land, Kum­lien’s and Glau­cous Gulls have all been recorded here, too. 3 Now en­joy the wader flocks – at least 28 species have been recorded, with Oys­ter­catcher, Curlew and Dun­lin the most nu­mer­ous, while Grey Plover, Ringed Plover, Bar-tailed God­wit, Knot and Red­shank are reg­u­lar here, too. 4Dis­pense with the tele­scope and head in­land through Clyne Gar­dens with its wood­land birds – both Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker and Wil­low Tit have been recorded in the past.

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