Bird Watching (UK) - - November Id Challenge -

ADRIAN THOMAS RSPB wildlife gar­den­ing ex­pert If there’s one thing to con­sider do­ing for wildlife in Novem­ber, it is tree plant­ing. Don’t run scared, imag­in­ing that this is dif­fi­cult stuff! It is eas­ier, quicker, and (per­haps most im­por­tantly!) cheaper than most peo­ple think, be­cause in win­ter you can buy bare-rooted de­cid­u­ous trees for just a few quid each. When I say trees, think of plant­ing bushes and hedges, too. And it re­ally is just a case of dig a quick hole, pop it in, firm it up, quick water, job done in 30 min­utes. The only se­cret is not to let the roots dry out, which is why bare-rooted trees get de­liv­ered with their roots wrapped in plas­tic. Oh, and buy small (usu­ally called whips): they’re in­cred­i­bly easy to get es­tab­lished, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they romp away. There are some beau­ti­ful small trees to try suit­able for smaller gar­dens: any Crab Ap­ple, Hawthorn, Rowan or Spin­dle should be just fine.

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