Bird Watching (UK) - - November Id Challenge -

1 Choose the right spot for your nest­boxes - in be­tween win­dows (to avoid drop­pings) and shel­tered from the pre­vail­ing wind is a good idea. 2 Ar­ti­fi­cial House Martin nests are avail­able from many stock­ists - a dou­ble nest­box is rec­om­mended, as the birds like com­pany. 3 Most House Martin nest­boxes at­tach with a cou­ple of screws – a ham­mer drill makes life eas­ier, and get some­one to hold your lad­der! 4 In­sert the two large re­tain­ing screws into the holes that you’ve made, and then hang the nest­box on to them us­ing the slots pro­vided. 5 Dou­ble-check that the box is sta­ble and hang­ing level - House Martins will ap­pre­ci­ate a se­cure home for their young­sters! 6 Your nest­box is ready for use! House Martins of­ten ‘prospect’ for nest sites in au­tumn, so put your boxes up as soon as you can.

They’re a species that has de­clined wor­ry­ingly in re­cent years, for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons in­clud­ing a lack of nest sites

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