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While the para­keet is a bird that many peo­ple wish they saw less of, the King­fisher never fails to at­tract sur­prised delight. In the 19th Cen­tury, London’s water­ways were places of pol­lu­tion and waste. The Thames was de­clared ‘bi­o­log­i­cally dead’ as re­cently as the 1950s. Huge progress has been made since then and the Thames and its tribu­taries now sup­port abun­dant life. King­fish­ers can be found on the River Lea, the Crane and the Ravens­borne, among oth­ers. Clear water is vi­tal for King­fish­ers to see the fish and in­ver­te­brates on which they feed. Very of­ten, this small vi­brant bird goes un­no­ticed in a busy city, but they are here, mak­ing use of our dis­carded shop­ping trol­lies as perches and even breed­ing in holes in our bridges.

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