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HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Wry­necks were in a Yat­ton gar­den (3rd). A Sabine’s Gull flew past Sev­ern Beach (8th). A Spot­ted Crake was at Chew (26th & 29th).

PORTISHEAD AND CLEVEDON: There was a Spoonbill (10th), nine Avo­cets (21st), a Lit­tle Stint (17th), Grey Plover (21st) and Pied Fly­catcher (18th).

SEVERNSIDE: Waders in­cluded Spot­ted Red­shanks on four dates, Curlew Sand­pipers, a Wood Sand­piper (5th), with two (14th-22nd), Lit­tle Stints (from 6th), a Pec­toral Sand­piper (11th-12th), 40 Golden Plovers (13th), a Whim­brel (19th), 60 Grey Plovers (22nd), an Avo­cet (25th), Ruff (from 25th) and a Jack Snipe (26th). There was a Black Tern (2nd-3rd & 12th), two Manx Shear­wa­ters (4th), an Osprey (5th), Great White Egret (11th), Marsh Har­rier (12th), the first Mer­lin (30th), a Guille­mot (30th) and nine Bar­na­cle Geese (30th).

THE RESER­VOIRS: A Spoonbill at Blag­don was only the third site record. Also there were Black-necked Grebes (4th-10th), a Curlew Sand­piper (9th), four Sand­wich Terns (11th), a Grey Plover (from 23rd) and Lit­tle Stint (from 26th). Four Great White Egrets (from 4th) com­muted be­tween Blag­don and Chew. Chew held Black-necked Grebes on five dates, a Com­mon Scoter (2nd), 25 Knot (9th), two Sand­wich Terns (12th), 31 Turn­stones (12th), Black Terns (13th-19th), a Marsh Har­rier (16th), Osprey (20th) and Scaup (30th).

WE­STON-SU­PER-MARE: There was a Hen Har­rier (2nd), two Manx Shear­wa­ters and a Storm Pe­trel (4th), 20 Yel­low Wag­tails (2nd) and a Curlew Sand­piper (10th).

OTHER SITES: Red Kites were at Yate (19th), Wal­ton Down (21st) and Stan­ton Drew (29th). A Great White Egret was at Kenn Moor (11th). Richard Miel­carek

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