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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Tem­minck’s Stint was at Porth Hel­lick at the start of the month. A Wil­son’s Pe­trel, nine Great Shear­wa­ters and three Cory’s Shear­wa­ters were at sea (1st). A Buff-breasted Sand­piper on the Golf Course and then the Air­port (from 2nd), was joined by a sec­ond bird (4th). Up to 10 Wry­necks were noted through­out the month. A Lesser Yel­lowlegs, first seen over Deep Point, set­tled at Porth Hel­lick (3rd-12th). A Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker was on Tresco (from 4th). A Dot­terel was on Win­gle­tang Down, St Agnes (5th). A late Wil­son’s Pe­trel and 11 Great Shear­wa­ters were south of the is­lands (5th). The is­lands’ fifth and the UK’S tenth Cliff Swal­low was in the Porth Hel­lick area (6th-10th). A Western Bonelli’s War­bler was in Lower Moors and an Or­tolan Bunt­ing on St Martin’s (6th). A new Dot­terel was on the Air­port and a Red-backed Shrike in Lower Moors (8th). Some 23 Cory’s Shear­wa­ters flew past Horse Point, with an­other 53 noted at sea along with 13 Great Shear­wa­ters and two Sabine’s Gulls (8th). The first La­p­land Bunt­ings were on St Mary’s and Tresco (10th). A Spot­ted Crake was on the Great Pool, Tresco (11th). A new Lesser Yel­lowlegs ar­rived on St Agnes Pool (12th-29th). The Black-necked Grebe at Old Town Bay (13th) moved to Porth Cressa (to 30th). A new Buff-breasted Sand­piper was on the Air­port (from 13th). A Citrine Wag­tail was on St Agnes (14th), when good num­bers of Pied and Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, plus hun­dreds of Wheatears were on all is­lands. A Barred War­bler, Ic­ter­ine War­bler and Melo­di­ous War­bler were on the Gar­rison (14th). Penin­nis held two Com­mon Rosefinches, (with an­other at Tele­graph), a Red-backed Shrike, Wry­neck and La­p­land Bunt­ing (14th). An Or­tolan Bunt­ing was on the Golf Course, a Red-backed Shrike on Bry­her and a Short-toed Lark on St Agnes (14th). A Melo­di­ous War­bler was on St Agnes and an Or­tolan Bunt­ing on St Martin’s (15th). A new Com­mon Rosefinch was on Bry­her, a Wood­chat Shrike on Tresco and two Red-backed Shrikes on Penin­nis (16th). An­other Com­mon Rosefinch was on Gugh (17th), when the first Firecrests were found. Three Com­mon Rosefinches were on Bry­her and a Citrine Wag­tail on Tresco (18th). A Hen Har­rier flew over Gugh and Bry­her (20th). A Hoopoe was near Penin­nis light­house (21st). The first of many Yel­low-browed War­blers ar­rived on St Mary’s (22nd), with Red-breasted Fly­catch­ers ar­riv­ing (23rd). A Melo­di­ous War­bler was on Gar­rison (from 26th). A Red-eyed Vireo found in the Par­son­age, St Agnes (25th) was joined by an­other (from 26th). A Western Bonelli’s War­bler was at Water­mill (from 26th). A Spot­ted Crake was on Lower Moors (26th). A Red-backed Shrike was on St Agnes (27th). An Amer­i­can Golden Plover was on the Air­port (from 29th) along with a new Buff-breasted Sand­piper. One of the Red-eyed Vireos moved to Cove Vean, St Agnes (30th), with an­other on St Martin’s. A Long-tailed Skua and 50 Grey Phalaropes were seen on the pelagic trip (30th). Will Wagstaff

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