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BLASHFORD LAKES/AVON VAL­LEY: High­lights were a Grey Phalarope (5th-7th), Swift, Gar­ganey, Com­mon Scoter, Osprey, Spot­ted Fly­catcher, Knot, Black-necked Grebe, Pochard, Goosander, Yel­low Wag­tails, Ringed Plover, three Com­mon Sand­pipers, Dun­lin, a Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Hobby, Peregrine and Raven.

FARLINGTON MARSHES/LANGSTONE HAR­BOUR: There was a Wry­neck (1st & 9th). Other high­lights in­cluded five Curlew Sand­pipers, two Lit­tle Stints, three Spot­ted Red­shanks, a Ruff, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Knot, 42 Green­shanks, 50 Yel­low Wag­tails, a Spot­ted Fly­catcher, Gar­den War­bler, Lesser Whitethroat, Red­start, Barn Owl, Marsh Har­rier, Peregrine and Osprey. The har­bour held 785 re­turn­ing Wi­geon and 11 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese.

LYMINGTON-MIL­FORD ON SEA: A White-rumped Sand­piper spent most of its time at Fish­tail La­goon, Pen­ningon (19th-24th). A Wry­neck was also there (19th-25th). There was a Spoonbill, Wood Sand­pipers, 22 Curlew Sand­pipers, 13 Lit­tle Stints, six Spot­ted Red­shanks, a Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Golden Plover, Ruff, Osprey, and an Arc­tic Skua off­shore.

TITCHFIELD HAVEN: A Semi­pal­mated Sand­piper (10th-11th) and a fly­over Buff-breasted Sand­piper (15th) were both firsts for the re­serve. There was a Lit­tle Stint, Ruff, seven Curlew Sand­pipers, four Knot, two Golden Plovers, a Spot­ted Red­shank, Green­shank, Gar­ganey, Osprey, Red Kite, Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Hobby, Honey Buz­zard, Tree Pip­its, three Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, two Gar­den War­blers, a Lesser Whitethroat, Grasshop­per War­bler, nine Wheatears and 110 Pin­tails. Off­shore, there was a Red-throated Diver, Arc­tic Skua, two Com­mon Scot­ers, reg­u­lar Yel­low-legged Gulls and eight dark-bel­lied Brent Geese.

OTHER SITES: A Black Stork flew over Fare­ham (6th). Three Glossy Ibises flew over Old Bas­ing (15th). An Or­tolan Bunt­ing was over Over­ton (2nd). A Yel­low-browed War­bler was at Swan­more (25th). Wry­necks were at sev­eral sites. Great White Egrets were at Fish­lake Mead­ows and Test­wood Lakes. A Lit­tle Stint, Ruff and Curlew Sand­piper were at Hook-with-warsash. Curlew Sand­pipers were also recorded at Black Point, Hayling Is­land. A Black Red­start was at Southamp­ton Old Ceme­tery. A Pied Fly­catcher was at St Cather­ine’s Hill, Winch­ester. Tree Pip­its, Gar­den War­blers, Lesser Whitethroats and Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers were on the move. A Hawfinch was at Mill Field, Old Bas­ing. Grasshop­per War­blers were at Bad­des­ley Com­mon and Mill Field, Old Bas­ing. Ospreys were wide­spread. Marsh and Hen Har­ri­ers were at Al­res­ford Pond. A Mon­tagu’s Har­rier flew over Mill Field, Old Bas­ing. A Honey Buz­zard was seen over the So­lent from Lepe (7th). A Gar­ganey was at Test­wood Lakes. There were 220 dark-bel­lied Brent Geese in Chich­ester Har­bour, ex­cep­tional for the time of year. Off­shore, Arc­tic Terns, Com­mon Scot­ers, Yel­low-legged Gulls and Red-breasted Mer­gansers were recorded. Yel­low-legged Gulls were also recorded fur­ther in­land. A Black Tern was at Tundry Pond.

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