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SKOMER: The Is­land’s sec­ond Great White Egret flew over (14th). Wry­necks were present all month, with three (23rd). An Ic­ter­ine War­bler was present (10th-19th), with a Melo­di­ous War­bler (10th) and one or two Yel­low-browed War­blers (21st-22nd).

SKOMER MI­GRANTS: A Red-throated Diver was seen (22nd). Sea­watch­ing (4th) pro­duced seven Sooty Shear­wa­ters and four Balearic Shear­wa­ters, with two of the lat­ter (12th) and sin­gles (13th-14th). Max­ima in­cluded two Grey­lags, scarce here, a Wi­geon, 18 Teal, ten Shov­el­ers, 61 Com­mon Scot­ers, eight Ringed Plovers, 12 Golden Plovers, four Grey Plovers, a Knot, two Lit­tle Stints, three Pur­ple Sand­pipers, 16 Dun­lin, a Ruff, seven Snipe, three Black-tailed God­wits, 30 Bar-tailed God­wits, five Whim­brels, 23 Curlews, a Red­shank, Com­mon Sand­piper and 28 Turn­stones. A Hen Har­rier, five Spar­rowhawks, eight Kestrels and a Mer­lin hunted. Six Arc­tic Skuas and eight Great Skuas were logged. There were Mediter­ranean Gulls (14th and 16th), a Lit­tle Gull and Sabine’s Gull (13th), 29 Sand­wich Terns (5th), 16 Black Terns (12th), and 30 Com­mon Terns, 60 ‘com­mic’ terns, an Arc­tic Tern and three Black Terns (13th). Two Puffins were seen (4th), with one (5th). Swifts were recorded (21st and 26th). Max­ima in­cluded seven Sand Martins, 11,040 Swal­lows, eight House Martins, Tree Pip­its on four dates, a Yel­low Wag­tail, nine Grey Wag­tails, five White Wag­tails, eight Whin­chats, 30 Stonechats, 13 Wheatears, a Song Thrush, Grasshop­per War­blers, two Reed War­blers, ten Sedge War­blers, 12 Black­caps, a Gar­den War­bler, Lesser Whitethroat, 12 Whitethroats, 13 Chif­fchaffs, 18 Wil­low War­blers, 23 Gold­crests, two Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, two Pied Fly­catch­ers, a Rook, 105 Ravens, a few Chaffinches, a Green­finch, 74 Goldfinches, 280 Lin­nets and two La­p­land Bunt­ings. Ed Stub­bings (skomer.war­den@welsh­wildlife. org)

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