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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Marsh Sand­piper was re­ported at Framp­ton (25th), but seen too briefly to be con­firmed. Two Pec­toral Sand­pipers were there (26th). A fall of Tem­minck’s Stints (7th) saw four ar­rive in 20 min­utes at Framp­ton with one at Freis­ton. An­other was at Framp­ton (23rd-24th). A Long-tailed Skua flew past Freis­ton (17th). La­p­land Bunt­ings flew over Framp­ton (15th and 20th). FRAMP­TON MARSH: Curlew Sand­pipers peaked at 100 (5th) and Lit­tle Stints at 14 (7th). A Wood Sand­piper was present through­out. Spot­ted Red­shanks topped out at 13 (26th). The first Jack Snipe of the au­tumn was seen (24th). Four Spoon­bills were present (1st). On the Salt­marsh, three Short-eared Owls, two Mer­lins and three Hen Har­ri­ers (two males) were seen reg­u­larly. A Hobby flew over (28th). FREIS­TON SHORE: An Osprey flew over (11th). A Spoonbill was on the reser­voir (15th). Sea­watch­ing (17th) pro­duced four Po­ma­rine Skuas and 45 Arc­tic Skuas. Wader num­bers built on the reser­voir with 5,000 Black-tailed God­wits, 20 Green­shanks, three Spot­ted Red­shanks and a Curlew Sand­piper (29th). Toby Col­lett (Toby.col­

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