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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Great White Egret was at Caerlave­rock. Ospreys and Marsh Har­ri­ers were there and at Th­reave Es­tate. Whim­brels were at Kirkcud­bright and In­ner Sol­way. White Wag­tails were at Dun­dren­nan (8th & 16th) and Pow­illimount (12th). Lit­tle Egrets were at Kirkcud­bright Bay and Carsethorn. A Lit­tle Owl was at Cum­stoun (10th). A Mer­lin was at Galloway FP. A Hen Har­rier was at Glenkiln Reser­voir. Green­shanks were at Caerlave­rock and In­ner Sol­way. A Med Gull was at Bor­ron Point. A Wil­low Tit was at Th­reave Es­tate. A Whooper Swan at Caerlave­rock (10th) pos­si­bly over­win­tered. Three ar­rived (30th) with Bar­na­cle Geese (17th) and Ruff there. Pink­feet were at Caerlave­rock and Main­srid­dle (20th). WWT CAERLAVE­ROCK: Whin­chat, Wheatear, King­fisher, 1100 Teal, Lit­tle Grebe, Wi­geon, Shel­duck, Red­shank and Black-tailed God­wit were noted. IN­NER SOL­WAY: There were Curlew Sand­pipers, Sand­wich Terns, 150 Golden Plovers, Grey Plovers, Knot, Red-breasted Mer­gansers, Bar-tailed God­wits, Dun­lin, Turn­stones, Ringed Plovers, Guille­mots, Goosanders, Meadow Pip­its, Rock Pip­its, Sky­larks, Wheatears, Whitethroats, Buz­zards, Wi­geon, Shel­ducks and Pink­feet. OTHER SITES: Five Mute Swans, Lap­wings and 300 Her­ring Gulls were in Kirkcud­bright Bay. Snipe, Lap­wings, Stonechat and Red Kite were at Merse­head. Seven Red Kites were at Car­ronbridge. Yel­lowham­mer, Grey Wag­tail, Whitethroat, Black­cap and Spot­ted Fly­catcher were at Whauphill. Chif­fchaffs were at Car­doness, Whauphill and Brig­house Bay. Black­cap, Red Kite and Spar­rowhawk were at Th­reave Es­tate. Pere­grines were at Carse Bay and Mull of Galloway. Meadow Pip­its mi­grated through the Mull of Galloway, with mi­grat­ing Wil­low War­blers and hirundines wide­spread. Pam Woods (Dum­friesandgal­loway­bird­ing@ ya­hoogroups.com)

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