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HIGH­LIGHTS: Sea­watch­ing at Rot­ten Brae, Eye­mouth pro­duced 1,380 Gan­nets, 28 Shags, 24 Ful­mars, two Kit­ti­wakes, five Guille­mots, 170 Com­mon Scot­ers and an Arc­tic Skua. Par­tan­hall, nearby, had three Red­shanks and 15 Turn­stones. Folly Loch (6th) had 270 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, five Tufted Ducks, 16 Lit­tle Grebes and four Buz­zards. Be­mer­syde Moss had two Shov­el­ers, a Water Rail, 42 Sand Martins and 730 Swal­lows (6th). Watch Water logged five Grey­lags, two Mute Swans, 75 Canada Geese, four Tufted Ducks and five Cor­morants. Yetholm Loch had 109 Mute Swans, 160 Mal­lards, ten Gad­wall, five Tufted Ducks, a Shov­eler, four Buz­zards, 27 Coots, a Smew and Reed War­bler. Pax­ton House (11th) had 63 House Martins, 23 Swal­lows and 1,058 Sand Martins. Hule Moss/green­law Moor held 31 Tufted Ducks, six Gad­wall, 22 Ringed Plovers, 270 Teal, four Shov­el­ers, ten Golden Plovers and eight Pink­feet. James D Lough

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