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HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Dot­terels were on Car­nethy Hill (9th-11th). Black Terns were at Hound Point (10th), Fish­er­row (12th) and Black­ness (15th). A Red-breasted Fly­catcher was at Barns Ness (15th). Long-tailed Skuas passed Mus­sel­burgh, Barns Ness and Tor­ness. ABER­LADY: A Quail was seen (4th). Sea­watch­ing at Gul­lane Point (11th) pro­duced 20 Arc­tic Skuas, two Po­ma­rine Skuas, two Long-tailed Skuas, a Great Skua and a Black Tern. There were three Black-tailed God­wits (11th), ten Brent Geese (16th), a Lit­tle Stint (18th), two La­p­land Bunt­ings (18th) and seven Lit­tle Egrets. BARNS NESS: An Osprey flew over Barns Ness (2nd). A Raven was at White­sands Quarry (4th). A Lit­tle Stint, two Pied Fly­catch­ers and a Wood War­bler were at Barns Ness (4th). Tor­ness held a Lesser Whitethroat (4th), two Lit­tle Stints (8th), and a Swift plus two Yel­low Wag­tails (13th). One or two Yel­low-browed War­blers were at Barns Ness (15th-26th), with four Pin­tails and a Shov­eler there (16th). Sea-watch­ing at Barns Ness in­cluded 30 Manx Shear­wa­ters (3rd), 14 Arc­tic Skuas (6th), a Po­ma­rine Skua (11th), Great Skua (16th) and four Sooty Shear­wa­ters (20th). Three Pied Fly­catch­ers were at Skat­eraw (4th). Three Whin­chats and 20 Stonechats were at White­sands (17th). MUS­SEL­BURGH: Waders in­cluded reg­u­lar Lit­tle Stints, 22 Black-tailed God­wits (1st), 19 Ruff (4th), eight Curlew Sand­pipers (7th) and 11 Snipe (8th). There were four Pin­tails (11th), five Gad­wall (21st), three Shov­el­ers (22nd), a Pochard (21st), 15 Scaup (28th) and ten Brent Geese at the Eskmouth (18th). A Whin­chat (2nd), four Lit­tle Gulls (4th), Ospreys (11th and 27th) and five Great Skuas (29th) were seen. TYNINGHAME: Waders at John Muir CP in­cluded 14 Curlew Sand­pipers and four Ruff (8th), and two Lit­tle Stints (9th). A Swift was at Seafield Pond (5th). Eight Brent Geese were in Bel­haven Bay (16th). Scoughall logged a Sooty Shear­wa­ter, Long-tailed Skua, two Great Skuas, three Pin­tails and a Shov­eler (14th), a Curlew Sand­piper (17th) and two La­p­land Bunt­ings, three Great Skuas, two Gad­wall, a Scaup and Pochard (30th). OTHER SITES: Four Ruff were at Fluke Dub (1st). Cra­mond/hound Point had two Po­ma­rine Skuas (1st), Osprey and eight Great Skuas (10th), four Black-tailed God­wits (12th) and Lit­tle Gull (17th). Dun­bar had two Sooty Shear­wa­ters and three Po­ma­rine Skuas (5th), five Yel­low Wag­tails and Whin­chat (13th), and Osprey (22nd). A Curlew Sand­piper, two Lit­tle Ringed Plovers and six Black-tailed God­wits were at Black­ness (15th). Five Med Gulls and a Black-tailed God­wit were at Se­ton Sands (15th). A Great North­ern Diver and 31 Red-necked Grebes were at Ferny Ness (17th). A Whooper Swan and Ruff were at Chapel (18th). A Marsh Har­rier was at In­ner­wick (6th). Two Ravens were at Wester­hailes (18th). A Yel­low-browed War­bler was in Hadding­ton (28th). Jim Ni­chol­son (jpg­nic@gmail.com)

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