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The hand­some Bram­bling is a north­ern finch which is largely a non-breed­ing vis­i­tor to the UK, in very vari­able num­bers. They are very sim­i­lar in struc­ture and size to Chaffinches, but have dis­tinc­tive colours and a com­pletely dif­fer­ent voice. Bram­blings have white rumps and orange breasts and shoul­ders and wing bars and white bel­lies with black spots. Even fe­males are quite well pat­terned and coloured (un­like dull-coloured Chaffinches). Their most fa­mil­iar and com­mon call is a dis­tinc­tive, nasal ‘dweeb’. They are found in sim­i­lar habi­tat to Chaffinches, but th­ese birds have a bit more of a pref­er­ence for Beech wood­land.

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