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Park in the street by the en­trance to the rail­way yard. The rare lead-ef­fected plants around the sta­tion are worth look­ing for here, and then walk up to view the River South Tyne.


Cross the bridge over the river, look­ing for wa­ter birds like Dip­per and Grey Wag­tail, with Com­mon Sand­piper in sum­mer.


Check the nest­boxes in the wood just off the track. Sum­mer mi­grants are likely.


The fields around the rail­way are ideal for a mix­ture of breed­ing waders. Look out for Black Grouse, as a lek is found close to the rail­way and road.


Cross the bridge over the river, leav­ing the South Tyne Trail and walk back via the mi­nor road. Keep check­ing for farm birds along the way and en­sure you view the nearby hills for soar­ing rap­tors, which could be seen and are a joy to watch.

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