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HIGH­LIGHTS: The Lesser Yel­lowlegs re­mained at Lytch­ett Fields. Yel­low-browed War­blers were at nu­mer­ous sites. Great White Egrets in­cluded six over West Bex­ing­ton (5th). Mude­ford Quay had a Black Tern (2nd) and Red-necked Grebe (4th). Two Corn Crakes were at Lit­tle­sea (4th). Hen Har­ri­ers were at Al­ner (4th) and Worth Ma­travers (5th). A Sooty Shear­wa­ter passed Hengist­bury Head (5th), when a Subalpine War­bler was at West Cliff and a Lit­tle Bunt­ing on Port­land. Rose-coloured Star­lings ap­peared at sev­eral sites in the Lod­moor/dorch­ester ar­eas. A Com­mon Rosefinch was on Port­land (7th). A UK record 66 Spoon­bills were at Arne (8th). Two Cranes were at Wey­mouth, a Subalpine War­bler at Eas­ton and a Stone-curlew at Stan­pit Marsh (9th). Another Stone-curlew was at Durl­ston (10th and 14th). Port­land Ob­ser­va­tory recorded a Blyth’s Reed War­bler (6th), Red-eyed Vireo (14th), Serins (21st, 28th & 30th), a Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (22nd), Long-eared Owl and Pal­las’s War­bler (23rd), Red-flanked Blue­tail (25th), Pine Bunt­ing (26th) and Lit­tle Bunt­ing (29th). Durl­ston had a La­p­land Bunt­ing (13th) and Long-eared Owl (27th). Great Grey Shrikes were at Mor­den Bog (18th-19th) and Hart­land Moor (25th). Hengist­bury Head re­ported a La­p­land Bunt­ing (19th) and Twite (21st). Two Whooper Swans were at Ab­bots­bury Swan­nery (19th) with one at Lytch­ett Bay (20th). Waxwings were at Christchurch Har­bour (20th) and East Holme (29th). Poole had a Snow Bunt­ing (22nd). Port­land had a Pal­las’s War­bler and Turtle Dove (24th), Dusky War­bler (25th and 29th), La­p­land Bunt­ing (26th), Red-throated Pipit (29th) and Is­abelline Shrike (30th). CHRISTCHURCH HAR­BOUR: A Black-necked Grebe, San­der­ling, a Lit­tle Gull

DURL­STON CP: Ring Ouzels, Red­wings, Short-eared Owls, Com­mon Sand­pipers, an Ice­land Gull, Arc­tic Skuas and Great Skuas were noted.

THE FLEET: A Black Brant, Scaup, a Black-necked Grebe, Knot and Short-eared Owls were seen. Fer­ry­bridge held 160 Mediter­ranean Gulls.

POOLE HAR­BOUR: High­lights in­cluded Wi­geon, Gad­wall, Teal, Shov­el­ers, a Scaup, Bittern, Black-necked Grebes, Spoon­bills, Marsh Har­ri­ers, Hen Har­ri­ers, Wa­ter Rails, Avo­cets, Grey Plovers, Lap­wings, Ringed Plovers, Curlews, Black-tailed God­wits, Bar-tailed God­wits, Knot, Ruff, Curlew Sand­pipers, Dun­lin, Green Sand­pipers, Spot­ted Red­shanks, Green­shanks, Red­shanks, Snipe, a Great Skua and Yel­low Wag­tails.

PORT­LAND: Golden Plovers, a Hen Har­rier, Cuckoo (14th), Short-eared Owls, a Wry­neck, Black Red­starts and Ring Ouzels were noted. Radipole/lod­moor held Gad­wall, Shov­el­ers, Pin­tails, Gar­ganeys, Bit­terns, Curlews, Black-tailed and Bar-tailed God­wits, a Ruff, Curlew Sand­piper, Red­shanks, Snipe, a Short-eared Owl and Wry­neck.

OTHER SITES: Hob­bies were at five sites, Mer­lins at 11 and Ospreys at four sites. Red Kites were at five sites in­clud­ing seven over Sut­ton Wal­dron (6th). Ten sites recorded Firecrests. Black Red­starts and Ring Ouzels were at var­i­ous sites. Long­ham Lakes had a Jack Snipe. Robin Trun­dle (rob­trundlerubec­ and Arc­tic Tern were noted. Hengist­bury Head logged Red-breasted Mer­ganser, Goosander, Red-throated Diver, Red-necked Grebe, Golden Plover, Arc­tic Skua, Lit­tle Gull, Wry­neck and Field­fares. Stan­pit Marsh pro­duced dark- and pale-bel­lied Brent Geese, a Gar­ganey, Bar-tailed God­wits, Knot, a Ruff and Lit­tle Stint.

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