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HIGH­LIGHTS: An Amer­i­can Golden Plover and Buff-breasted Sand­piper were on the Air­port, a Melo­di­ous War­bler on the Gar­ri­son, a Com­mon Rosefinch and three La­p­land Bunt­ings on Bry­her, sev­eral Wry­necks on the is­lands and a Bluethroat on the Great Pool, Tresco (1st). A Red-eyed Vireo was on St Agnes (2nd), when a Red-backed Shrike was on the Gar­ri­son. A Sora Rail was found on the Great Pool (2nd-11th). A Bluethroat was on Buzza Hill (3rd). Two Cat­tle Egrets and an Osprey com­muted be­tween Tresco and St Mary’s. A Lit­tle Bunt­ing was on Penin­nis, a Blyth’s Pipit at Long­stone and a Subalpine War­bler on St Martin’s (4th). Two Black-necked Grebes com­muted be­tween Town Beach and Porth Cressa. Un­prece­dented num­bers of Jack Snipe were at Lower Moors and Porth Hel­lick. Lit­tle Bunt­ings were at Porth Loo and Tresco with a Red-eyed Vireo on St Martin’s (5th). A Caspian Tern over St Mary’s and at Porth Hel­lick (6th) was a first for the is­lands. A Spot­ted Crake was at Porth Hel­lick, an Olive-backed Pipit on Bry­her and three Lit­tle Bunt­ings on Tresco (7th). A Short-toed Lark on Bry­her (8th-9th) then moved to St Mary’s air­port. Two Red-breasted Fly­catch­ers were at Argi­more, a Lit­tle Bunt­ing on Penin­nis and a Western Subalpine War­bler in Hugh Town (9th). A Red-eyed Vireo was in Car­reg Dhu gar­den, with a Lit­tle Bunt­ing near Lower Moors found (10th). The Caspian Gull on St Agnes was another new species for the is­lands. Two Dot­terels were on Bry­her, Lit­tle Bunt­ings on Tresco and St Agnes and a Spoon­bill over Tresco (12th). A prob­a­ble East­ern Yel­low Wag­tail at Lower Moors (13th) com­muted be­tween there and Penin­nis (to 17th). A Barred War­bler was on St Mary’s and a Pal­las’s War­bler on the Gar­ri­son (13th). A Serin on Bry­her (14th) may well have been the bird on St Mary’s later in the month. A Wood­lark over Long­stone (14th) set­tled at Water­mill for a few days. A pelagic trip (14th) saw eight Great Shear­wa­ters, 60 Grey Phalaropes and eight Great Skuas. A Black-browed Al­ba­tross was seen from the Gar­ri­son (17th), when a pelagic trip saw two Sooty Shear­wa­ters, a Balearic Shear­wa­ter, Po­ma­rine Skua, eight Great Skuas and a Snow Bunt­ing! A Barred War­bler was at Carn Fri­ars (17th). A Cetti’s War­bler was at Porth Hel­lick (19th), when two Grey Phalaropes were west of the is­lands and seven Pur­ple Sand­pipers in the Western Rocks. A Com­mon Rosefinch was on St Martin’s, a Barred War­bler at Porth Hel­lick and a Richard’s Pipit at Carn Vean (20th). A Pale-legged/sakhalin Leaf War­bler found freshly dead on St Agnes (21st), will be a first for Bri­tain. A Red-flanked Blue­tail was on St Agnes, with two on St Mary’s, a Rustic Bunt­ing on Penin­nis and a Lit­tle Bunt­ing on Tresco (21st). A Caspian Stonechat on St Mary’s (22nd) was the sec­ond for the is­lands. An Amer­i­can Her­ring Gull was on St Mary’s (23rd). A Pal­lid Swift, sev­eral Cross­bills and a Hawfinch were on St Mary’s and Dusky War­blers at Porth Hel­lick and Tresco (24th). Olive backed Pip­its were at Carn Fri­ars and on Tresco, with three Pal­las’s War­blers on St Mary’s. Three Olive-backed Pip­its were on St Mary’s (25th). Another was on Tresco with two Lit­tle Bunt­ings. A Dusky Thrush was on Penin­nis (26th). Two Dusky War­blers were at Porth Hel­lick and another on St Agnes. Five Olive-backed Pip­its were on St Mary’s and one on St Agnes with three Lit­tle Bunt­ings (27th-28th). A Spot­ted Crake was at Porth Hel­lick, a Rook at Trewince and an East­ern Yel­low Wag­tail on St. Mary’s (28th). A Pal­las’s War­bler and East­ern Yel­low Wag­tail were at New­ford Duck Pond. Eleven Yel­low-browed War­blers were on St Mary’s and 15 on St Agnes (30th), when Olive-backed Pip­its were at Nor­mandy, Old Town and on Tresco where a Rustic Bunt­ing and two Lit­tle Bunt­ings were noted. A Blyth’s Pipit was on St Mary’s (31st). Will Wagstaff

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