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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Honey Buz­zard flew over Pits­ford Reser­voir (1st). Bor­ough Hill logged an uniden­ti­fied skua (10th), a Wood Lark (23rd) and Hawfinch (22nd). Another Hawfinch flew over Bod­ding­ton Reser­voir (10th). Gan­nets were over Earls Bar­ton GP (23rd) and the M1 Junc­tion 15A (29th). Two Bearded Tits were at Earls Bar­ton (7th), with four at Stor­tons GP (from 9th) and six at Stan­wick GP (from 24th). Stan­ford Reser­voir had a Siberian Chif­fchaff (5th), Mealy Red­poll (24th) and a Yel­low­browed War­bler (20th), with another war­bler at Har­ring­ton Air­field (21st). A Hen Har­rier vis­ited Blueberry Farm, Maid­well (19th). Great White Egrets were at eight sites, with five at Pits­ford.

BLUEBERRY FARM: A Corn Bunt­ing, Tree Pipit, four Stonechats, 10 Bram­blings and a Pere­grine were logged.

BOD­DING­TON RESER­VOIR: A Caspian Gull, five Yel­low-legged Gulls, a Rock Pipit and two Stonechats were noted.

BOR­OUGH HILL: Six Cross­bills and four Bram­blings flew over. Four Stonechats and a Whin­chat were present.

DAVEN­TRY CP: A Black-necked Grebe re­mained for two weeks. Waders in­cluded 70 Golden Plovers, a Ruff, four Green Sand­pipers and a Com­mon Sand­piper. Two Pin­tails, a Red-crested Pochard and Wa­ter Pipit vis­ited.

DITCHFORD GP: Three Black-tailed God­wits, three Egyp­tian Geese, three Stonechats and four Rock Pip­its were present.

HAR­RING­TON AIR­FIELD: Short-eared Owls were seen twice. There was a Mer­lin (28th), Pere­grine, eight Bram­blings, two Stonechats, a Whin­chat and 30 Golden Plovers. HOL­LOW­ELL RESER­VOIR: Five Red-crested Pochards, a Pin­tail, Gar­ganey, Grey Plover, Dun­lin, Rock Pipit and two Stonechats vis­ited.

PITS­FORD: A Gar­ganey re­mained (to 26th). There were 21 Pin­tails, 15 Red-crested Pochards, a Black-tailed God­wit, Red­shank, six Green Sand­pipers, 19 Golden Plovers, a Marsh Har­rier, Pere­grine, three Caspian Gulls, two Yel­low-legged Gulls, a Wa­ter Pipit (28th), Rock Pipit, White Wag­tail, Whin­chat and Stonechat.

STAN­FORD: There were four Pink­feet, two Tree Pip­its, a Rock Pipit and Mediter­ranean Gull (14th).

OTHER SITES: Stor­tons GP hosted a Bittern on four dates, a Short-eared Owl and Pere­grine. Earls Bar­ton was vis­ited by three Black-tailed God­wits, seven Pin­tails and a Stonechat. A Ring Ouzel vis­ited a Bush Hill, Northamp­ton gar­den for four days, with another at Long Buckby. A Marsh Har­rier flew be­tween Pine­ham and Up­ton Mill, Northamp­ton. A Bittern and Jack Snipe were at Thrapston GP. Seven Jack Snipe and 21 Snipe were at Barnes Meadow, Northamp­ton. Bob Bul­lock (01604 627 262)

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