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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black-necked Grebe was at Cars­ing­ton Wa­ter (10th) with a Slavo­nian Grebe at Long Eaton GP (21st-31st). The Shag re­mained at Li­nacre Reser­voir. Two Bit­terns were at Willing­ton GP. Great White Egrets were at New­ton (29th-31st) and Willing­ton GP (12th). A Wa­ter Pipit was at Ogston Reser­voir (23rd-25th) with a Richard’s Pipit at Cars­ing­ton Wa­ter (28th). Yel­low-browed War­blers were at Cars­ing­ton Wa­ter (2nd), Tod­dbrook Reser­voir (15th), New Mills (22nd) and Glos­sop (24th). Great Grey Shrikes were at Bee­ley Tri­an­gle (from 17th) and Carr Vale (20th-21st).

AS­TON-ON-TRENT GP: There were 12 Lit­tle Egrets, 21 Pin­tails, a Gold­en­eye, Pere­grine, Wa­ter Rail, Green Sand­piper, three Yel­low-legged Gulls, four Caspian Gulls, two Swal­lows and a King­fisher.

CARR VALE: Pink­feet peaked at 1,400. A White­front was heard mov­ing with them. There was a Pin­tail, Gold­en­eye, Marsh Har­rier, Red Kite, two Pere­grines, 65 Red-legged Par­tridges, 14 Wa­ter Rails, 23 Golden Plovers, 33 Snipe, three Jack Snipe, a Caspian Gull, Yel­low-legged Gull, 113 Stock Doves, a Swal­low, Rock Pipit, four Field­fares, three Red­wings, a Cetti’s War­bler, Chif­fchaff, 200 Lin­nets and 8,000 Star­lings.

CARS­ING­TON WA­TER: High­lights were two Lit­tle Egrets, 420 Pink­feet, two White­fronts, nine Whooper Swans, six Pin­tails, a Red-crested Pochard, seven Com­mon Scot­ers, a Gold­en­eye, Red-breasted Mer­ganser, five Goosanders, a Mer­lin, Wa­ter Rail, Grey Plover, four Ringed Plovers, four Dun­lin, a Jack Snipe, Curlew, Red­shank, two Com­mon Sand­pipers, a Green Sand­piper, Mediter­ranean Gull, Lit­tle Gull, Caspian Gull, two Yel­low-legged Gulls, a Swal­low, 12 Grey Wag­tails, a Wheatear, two Stonechats, a Reed War­bler, Field­fare, 33 Bram­blings, 100 Siskins and a Cross­bill.

DRAKELOW: There were 304 Cor­morants, 16 Lit­tle Grebes, a Lit­tle Egret, five Man­darin, three Goosanders, a Hobby, two Wa­ter Rails, a Green Sand­piper, Red­wing, 66 Field­fares, two Cetti’s War­blers, a Wil­low Tit and three Ravens.

LONG EATON GP: There was a Lit­tle Egret, four Red-crested Pochards, a Marsh Har­rier, Ringed Plover, Ruff, Short-eared Owl and a Rock Pipit.

OGSTON RESER­VOIR: There were three Lit­tle Egrets, five Gold­eneyes, 245 Pink­feet, a Shel­duck, three Com­mon Scot­ers, a Marsh Har­rier, Goshawk, Mer­lin, 12 Buz­zards, two Pere­grines, three Black-tailed God­wits, 12 Snipe, a Red­shank, Dun­lin, Green Sand­piper, Yel­low-legged Gull, Lit­tle Gull, two Kit­ti­wakes, 50 Swal­lows, 10 House Martins, a Rock Pipit, 57 Red­wings, four Field­fares, two Chif­fchaffs, a Black­cap, Hawfinch, two Twite and 19 Bram­blings.

WILLING­TON GP: There were two Lit­tle Egrets, eight Whooper Swans, a Gold­en­eye, Marsh Har­rier, seven Wa­ter Rails, two Com­mon Sand­pipers, a Caspian Gull, Yel­low-legged Gull, Whin­chat, three Stonechats and a Whitethroat.

OTHER SITES: Five Whooper Swans were at Arn­field Reser­voir, with 15 at Glos­sop. Some 100 Pink­feet flew over Kedle­ston Park. A Pin­tail was at Locko Park, then Kedle­ston Park. A Marsh Har­rier was at Eck­ing­ton. Red Kites were at Swan­wick and Spon­don. A Green­shank was at Fore­mark Reser­voir. A Yel­low-legged Gull was at High­bridge GP. Two Wheatears were at Crow­den. Ring Ouzels were at Kinder Scout and Am­bas­ton. Rod Key

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