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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Hume’s Leaf War­bler in a Middleton gar­den (29th-31st) was joined by another (31st). A Siberian Chif­fchaff passed through (30th). Also in the Middleton area was a Barred War­bler early in the month, and a Pal­las’s War­bler (30th). A record month for Yel­low-browed War­blers saw 20-30 birds in­volved, in­clud­ing peaks of nine at Oxwich and six at Mewslade. A Grey Phalarope was at Rhos­silli (1st). Six Wood Larks were in Mewslade (23rd). A Lit­tle Bunt­ing was ringed at Oxwich (20th), with a Rose-coloured Star­ling also there. A Richard’s Pipit was near White­ford (30th). Firecrests were at Mum­bles and Oxwich. A Hen Har­rier was in Llan­rhid­ian (27th).

OTHER SITES: The Broughton Bay area held a Black Red­start, 150 Lin­nets, 60 Gan­nets, 25 Ra­zor­bills, eight Com­mon Scot­ers, 15 Brent Geese, a Hobby, Mer­lin and Red-throated Diver. There were 250 Sky Larks and eight Yel­lowham­mers at Pit­ton Green. Oxwich had 40 Snipe, 40 Gold­crests, 15 Chif­fchaffs and a Jack Snipe. Weob­ley (27th) held 820 Golden Plovers, 1,160 Star­lings, a Pere­grine and Red Kite. White­ford had 350 dark-bel­lied and one pale-bel­lied Brent Geese, two Red-breasted Mer­gansers and 19 Eider. Dyf­fryn logged two Ring Ouzels, nine Jays and 20 Bullfinches. Glais had 136 Goldfinches. At Dal­tons Point (27th), there were 60 Red­shanks, 15 Dun­lin, 80 Wi­geon, 50 Teal, 45 Shel­ducks, two Pin­tails and two Shov­el­ers. Terry Tovey

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