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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Manx Shear­wa­ter was at Pen­ning­ton Flash (3rd), with two Bearded Tits there (19th). Yel­low-browed War­blers were at Lit­tle Woolden Moss (7th), Pen­ning­ton Flash (8th-9th), with two (17th-21st), Or­rell (9th) and Manch­ester City Cen­tre (12th). A La­p­land Bunt­ing was at Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs (15th) and a Pur­ple Sand­piper flew over (29th). A Long-tailed Duck was on Black­stone Edge Reser­voir (20th-22nd). Red-throated Divers were at Holling­worth Lake (29th) and Pen­ning­ton Flash (31st). Six Lit­tle Egrets were on Crox­dens Pools (21st), with singles at Shell Pool (4th) and Pen­ning­ton Flash (28th-29th). A Black Red­start was at Win­ter Hill (2nd). A Red Kite flew over Smithills Moor (12th). MERSEY VAL­LEY: Six Ring-necked Para­keets were at Hardy Farm. Three Bram­blings were on Car­ring­ton Moss (23rd). A Green Sand­piper was at Al­trin­cham ETW (22nd). A Stonechat was in Chorl­ton Park (2nd). A Pin­tail was on Shell Pool (1st). EL­TON RESER­VOIR: There was a Marsh Har­rier (1st), Rock Pipit (6th), Green Sand­piper (8th) and four Stonechats (10th). PEN­NING­TON FLASH: A Ring Ouzel and a Hobby flew over (8th). Eight Whooper Swans dropped in (19th), with a Ring-necked Para­keet (12th), Med Gull (13th) and three Dun­lin (14th). OTHER SITES: Hor­wich Moors logged 23 Ring Ouzels, 14 Wheatears, 24 Stonechats and 67 Cross­bills. There were five Hen Har­ri­ers (2nd-15th), a Long-eared Owl (12th), a Mer­lin, Hobby (5th), Marsh Har­rier (3rd & 30th), 20 Whooper Swans (22nd) and two Waxwings over (30th). Four Knot flew over White­field (12th). A Marsh Har­rier was over Ast­ley Moss (20th). Three Red-crested Pochards were on Castle­shaw Reser­voirs (31st). A Pin­tail was on Hor­rock’s Flash (29th). Woolden Moss had a Hobby (1st), Marsh Har­ri­ers (7th & 25th-30th), a Short-eared Owl (30th), 19 Whooper Swans (20th), three Wheatears, three Stonechats and a Green Sand­piper. Two Bit­terns and a Marsh Har­rier were at Bryn Marsh (31st). Ring Ouzels were at Holling­worth Lake (9th) and a Har­wood gar­den (14th). A Rock Pipit was at Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs (29th), with six Com­mon Scot­ers and Yel­low-legged Gull (31st). A Mer­lin flew through Rum­worth Lodge (8th). A Bram­bling flew over Pear­son’s Flash (25th). Dr Paul Brew­ster (01606 590 491)

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