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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Red-breasted Fly­catcher was at the Mull of Gal­loway. There were 169 Whooper Swans, 15,980 Bar­na­cle Geese, Pink­feet, a Great White Egret, Green-winged Teal, Hen Har­ri­ers, Shov­eler and Pin­tail at Caerlave­rock. Marsh Har­ri­ers were at Caerlave­rock and Th­reave Es­tate. Green­shanks and Whim­brels were at Carse Bay and Merse­head. Good num­bers of Yel­low-browed War­blers were around the coast. Curlew Sand­pipers were at Seafield, Crook of Bal­doon and Brow­houses. Two Lit­tle Stints were at Crook of Bal­doon. Lit­tle Egrets were at Caerlave­rock, Carse, Kirkcud­bright and Or­chard­ton. A Green­shank was at Or­chard­ton. A white-morph Snow Goose (19th) and Great Grey Shrike (20th) were at Merse­head. A Hobby was at Brow­houses. Ten Pur­ple Sand­pipers were at Southerness. To­tals across the re­gion in­cluded 26,000 Bar­na­cle Geese, 2,000 Knot, 2,000 Sky Larks, 1,300 Golden Plovers, 800 Lin­nets, 600 Dun­lin, 395 Meadow Pip­its, 300 Curlews, 107 Swal­lows, 595 Wi­geon and tens of thou­sands Pink­feet. Whooper Swans were wide­spread. MERSE­HEAD: Bar­na­cle Geese, Yel­lowham­mer, Grey­lag, San­der­ling, Bar-tailed God­wit, Lit­tle Grebe, Shov­eler, Pin­tail, Teal, Twite, Pere­grine and Meadow Pipit were noted. MULL OF GAL­LOWAY: There were 559 Lin­nets, 389 Meadow Pipit, 47 Goldfinches, eight Field­fares, eight House Martins, Red-throated Diver, Great North­ern Diver, Hen Har­rier, Red Kite and Pere­grine off Mull and Corse­wall Point (2nd), with Mer­lin (25th). Red Kites were at Wig­town Bay and Mull of Gal­loway. Pere­grine and Dip­per were at Port­patrick, Barn Owl at Rhins and Short-eared Owl at Mull of Gal­loway (21st). OTHER SITES: There were 65 Wi­geon, 64 Lap­wings and Raven at Kirkcud­bright. A Wheatear and three Red-throated Divers were be­tween Merse­head-southerness. Spar­rowhawk, Knot, Red-breasted Mer­ganser and Bar-tailed God­wit were at Carse Bay. A Red-throated Diver was at Pow­illimount. Gold­eneyes and Goosanders were at Cum­stoun and Th­reave. Ra­zor­bill, Grey Plover and Com­mon Scoter were at Southerness. Snipe, Black-tailed God­wit and Bar-tailed God­wit were at Brow­houses. Tree Spar­rows were at Main­srid­dle. Mer­lins, Pere­grines and Kestrels were seen along the Wig­town Bay­cum­mertrees coast. Pam Woods (Dum­friesandgal­loway­bird­ing@ ya­hoogroups.com)

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