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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Ring-necked Duck was at The Culic, Pit­lochry (from 28th). Com­mon Scot­ers were at Loch Leven (21st) and For­doun Loch (23rd). A Slavo­nian Grebe was at Carse­breck (31st). A Lit­tle Egret was at Loch Leven (9th). Three Yel­low-browed War­blers were at In­ver­gowrie and Kin­goodie (18th). Pink­feet built up, with 6,900 at Carse­breck (17th), 3,450 at Glen­farg Reser­voir (19th) and 9,860 at Loch Leven (20th). A Bar­na­cle Goose was at Ker­cock (8th), with three at Stor­mont Loch (18th) and two at Glen­farg Reser­voir (19th). A Scaup was at Stor­mont Loch (22nd). Long-tailed Ducks were at Loch Leven (30th) and Carse­breck (31st). A Hen Har­rier was at Tully­bel­ton (16th). Golden Plovers in­cluded 190 at Eassie (29th) and 120 at Loch Leven (30th). There were 250 Lap­wings at Carse­breck (4th). A Jack Snipe was at Gaick Lodge (8th). A Black­cap was at Loch Leven (18th). The first Bram­bling was at Kirk­style (10th). Scott Pater­son (

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