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Ev­ery month we take a left field stab at which ex­treme rar­i­ties may turn up. Once in a while we even blow our own trum­pet about pre­vi­ous pre­dic­tions… The Pa­cific equiv­a­lent of the closely-re­lated Black-throated Diver was first recorded in the UK in Jan­uary 2007. Since then there have been just seven records (in­clud­ing a bird in the Mount’s Bay, Pen­zance, area of Corn­wall which has re­turned ev­ery year since 2007). That bird re­mains the most re­li­able chance to see one this month (if it re­turns for an­other win­ter). There have been fewer than five Cedar Waxwings in the UK, with the last main­land bird be­ing a well-twitched in­di­vid­ual back in 1996, with Waxwings, in Not­ting­ham. Will this Waxwing win­ter bring an­other from North Amer­ica?

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