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Coscoroba Swan is the small­est swan in the world and a bit of an anom­aly. White with the mer­est of black wing tips they re­sem­ble a slim do­mes­tic goose with a duck’s bill but with a dis­tinct swan-like vibe. Cur­rent ge­netic stud­ies seem to in­di­cate that they are a sis­ter group to the equally odd Cape Bar­ren Goose. Along with the afore­men­tioned goose, the Coscoroba Swan is a south­ern South Amer­i­can species breed­ing in south­ern Chile, cen­tral Ar­gentina south to Tierra del Fuego and the Falk­land Islands. It spends the win­ter fur­ther north to­wards the south­ern­most tip of Brazil. The key habi­tats that they favour in­clude la­goons and fresh­wa­ter marshes in which they tend to be re­tir­ing denizens. You may be won­der­ing where the name Coscoroba came from. Well, it’s an ono­matopoeia for the honk­ing, goose-like call that the bird pro­duces that is ren­dered as ‘cos-cor-ooo’. So now you know!

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