Bird list change good for ‘arm­chair ticks’

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THE BRITISH ORNITHOLOGISTS’ Union (BOU) will adopt the In­ter­na­tional Ornithological Congress (IOC) World Bird List from 1 Jan­uary 2018, af­ter a de­tailed re­view. For ded­i­cated lis­ters, it could mean sev­eral ‘arm­chair ticks’ on their British lists. The four main global avian tax­o­nomic au­thor­i­ties (ebird/cle­ments, Hbw/birdlife, Howard & Moore and IOC World Bird List) were in­vited to sub­mit pro­pos­als.

BOU’S land­mark de­ci­sion will mean changes for its British List, as a num­ber of ‘splits’ are cur­rently recog­nised by IOC but not BOU. Changes in­clude: Is­abelline and Red-tailed Shrikes to be con­sid­ered two dif­fer­ent species. Taiga and Tun­dra Bean Goose to be con­sid­ered two species. Fea’s Pe­trel and De­ser­tas Pe­trel be­come two species. Thayer’s Gull recog­nised as full species, not as sub­species of Ice­land Gull. Two-barred War­bler be­comes full species, not sub­species of Green­ish War­bler. East­ern Yel­low Wag­tail be­comes full species. Ste­j­neger’s Stonechat be­comes full species. Least Tern be­comes full species. Hud­so­nian Whimbrel re­mains sub­species of Whimbrel. Red­poll com­plex re­duced to two species – Com­mon and Arc­tic – with Lesser Red­poll no longer a full species. What do you think? Email bird­watch­ing@bauer­me­ with your views.

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