Is it a bird mak­ing that noise?

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QI work near a reser­voir and I hear a what I think is a bird when I’m out walk­ing, both in the day­time and at night. It sounds like a creaky door open­ing – can any­one help me ID it? via Face­book

AWithout ac­tu­ally hear­ing it it’s hard to say. Wa­ter Rails make a va­ri­ety of squeal­ing, squeak­ing noises, of­ten com­pared to a piglet, and are found close to wa­ter, so they’d be a pos­si­bil­ity, while var­i­ous wild­fowl also make noises that might be de­scribed this way. Young Long-eared Owls do make a beg­ging call that is of­ten de­scribed as be­ing like a creaky gate hinge, but you wouldn’t hear them at this time of year.

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