A won­der­ful site from where to en­joy a wide va­ri­ety of birds

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THE FALLS OF Clyde are one of the won­ders of this area of La­nark­shire, with the World Her­itage Site of New La­nark mak­ing this a must-visit at­trac­tion. Its river was the main rea­son for the mills be­ing built here and up­stream, you’ll find, there is also a hy­dro­elec­tric scheme at Bon­ning­ton. This plant was built in 1927 and was the first hy­dro­elec­tric power sta­tion in Scot­land. With so much wa­ter, it is not sur­pris­ing that the key species are Dip­per and Grey Wag­tail, with Goosander as well. Don’t for­get to look for Grey Heron and Kingfisher. Ot­ters are an­other great find, and the site was also fa­mous for its pair of nest­ing Pere­grines. Re­cent years have not been favourable to them and you are more likely to see them nest­ing on high build­ings in nearby towns. An­other bird on the in­crease is the Raven and, if the Pere­grines are not present, th­ese birds will cer­tainly make up for their ab­sence. Both Buz­zard and Spar­rowhawk (pic­tured above) can be seen year-round. The wood­lands have a rich mix­ture of bird life, with both Black­cap and Gar­den War­bler nest­ing, along with Chif­fchaff and Wil­low War­bler. The re­cent de­cline of Wood War­bler in south­ern ar­eas has made this species hit or miss, but with 2016 hav­ing a very good breeding sea­son in most places, they are likely to be here this year, too.

Grey Wag­tail

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