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Ar­guably, this is the tough­est bird in this month’s ID Chal­lenge. It is creep­ing around on the ground, look­ing long tailed, yet chunky, with a thick, seedeater’s bill, which, com­bined with all those streaks and ‘in­ter­est­ing’ plumage, cries out bunt­ing. We have a few species in the UK, but only a cou­ple show so much yel­low tone to their plumage. Reed Buntings and Corn Buntings would never look as washed with yel­low as this. So, of the reg­u­lar UK birds, we can nar­row it down to the wide­spread Yel­lowham­mer and the highly lo­calised Cirl Bunt­ing. Males are easy, but this is a fe­male. The white tips to the me­dian coverts, the green­ish rump, chest­nut-toned shoul­ders and the stripy face all point to this be­ing a fe­male Cirl Bunt­ing.

KEY FEA­TURES †At­ten­u­ated bunt­ing-like struc­ture; long tail †Yel­low in plumage, †Striped head †White in wing and green­ish hint to rump

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