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The two big­gest sto­ries of the month in the re­gion were the find­ing of a very showy ju­ve­nile Pa­cific Diver in Northum­ber­land (mainly stay­ing at East Chev­ing­ton) and a rather less showy male Pine Bunt­ing at Dun­ning­ton, North York­shire. A White-billed Diver on the River Witham in South Lin­colnshire was also ex­tremely pop­u­lar.


HIGH­LIGHTS: The East­ern Black Red­start re­mained at Skin­ningrove. A Great White Egret was at Scal­ing Dam (19th-21st). A Green-winged Teal was at Saltholme (12th-14th).

NORTH TEES MARSHES: A tun­dra Bean Goose was present (1st-11th), with White-fronted Geese in­creas­ing to 63. Five Whooper Swans were at Saltholme (1st), with three Scaup (2nd). There were 17 Wa­ter Pip­its on Cow­pen Marsh early in the month. Two Green­shanks and a Spot­ted Red­shank re­mained at Greatham Creek.

HARTLE­POOL: An Ice­land Gull was in the Fish Quay (from 14th), with two Glau­cous Gulls and a Great North­ern Diver. The Shore Lark re­mained at Old Ceme­tery. A Slavo­nian Grebe was off­shore (20th). A Sooty Shear­wa­ter flew past (13th).

OTHER SITES: Three tun­dra Bean Geese were at Kil­ton (1st-4th). Two Corn Buntings were at Red­car Fox Covert, with 12 Vel­vet Scot­ers on the sea there. A Siberian Chif­fchaff was in a Skelton gar­den (8th). A Lit­tle Gull was at Salt­burn (29th). Waxwings were re­ported in good num­bers, in­clud­ing 125 in Thorn­aby. Chris Sharp (01429 865 163)


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black Brant was at Donna Nook (29th-31st). Fol­low­ing a six week ab­sence, the Western Swamphen reap­peared at Alk­bor­ough Flats (4th).

ALK­BOR­OUGH FLATS: Max­ima were 23 White-fronted Geese, eight tun­dra Bean Geese, 1,700 Bar­na­cle Geese, three Egyp­tian Geese, 2,000 Wi­geon, 362 Teal, a Pin­tail, 60 Shov­el­ers, five Lit­tle Egrets, 10 Marsh Har­ri­ers, a Mer­lin, Pere­grine, 1,100 Golden Plovers, 4,300 Lap­wings, 400 Dun­lin, 44 Snipe, two Jack Snipe, 49 Black-tailed God­wits, 232 Curlews, nine Spot­ted Red­shanks, 62 Red­shanks, two Wa­ter Pip­its, seven Stonechats, five Cetti’s War­blers, four Chif­fchaffs and 80 Reed Buntings.

BAR­TON: There were two Bit­terns, ten tun­dra Bean Geese, 243 Grey­lags, 51 Gad­wall, a Pin­tail, 30 Shov­el­ers, 70 Pochards, a Scaup, Smew, two Goosanders, two Pere­grines, 44 Bram­blings, 2,000 Dun­lin, 138 Curlews, a Mediter­ranean Gull, Waxwing, Corn Bunt­ing, 250 Field­fares, three Mealy Red­polls and a Wil­low Tit.

DONNA NOOK-PYES HALL: High­lights in­cluded three tun­dra Bean Geese, ten White-fronted Geese, 1,100 dark-bel­lied Brent Geese with two pale-bel­lied birds, six Whooper Swans, four Pin­tails, four Long-tailed Ducks, a Red-necked Grebe, 76 Cor­morants, two Shags, two Mer­lins, a Pere­grine, two Hen Har­ri­ers, 1,150

Lap­wings, 1,100 Golden Plovers, 350 Grey Plovers, two Wood­cocks, Jack Snipe, 142 Bar-tailed God­wits, 200 Curlews, 55 Turn­stones, 2,350 Knot, 250 San­der­ling, 890 Dun­lin, Glau­cous Gull, Yel­low-legged Gull, three Short-eared Owls, six Stonechats, Grey Wag­tail, Wa­ter Pipit, 26 Rock Pip­its, 180 Twite, four Corn Buntings, a La­p­land Bunt­ing and 18 Shore Larks. OTHER SITES: A Slavo­nian Grebe, Ice­land Gull and 20 Vel­vet Scot­ers were be­tween Cleethor­pes and Hum­ber­ston. Nine Whooper Swans were at New Hol­land. Two tun­dra Bean Geese were Win­ter­ing­ham (7th-8th), with seven at Gox­hill Marsh among 2,500 Pink­feet and 107 White­fronts. Read’s Is­land held 20,000 Golden Plovers and 36 Avo­cets. A Glau­cous Gull was at North Cotes (21st-24th). Gra­ham Cat­ley with Steve Lo­rand


HIGH­LIGHTS: A La­p­land Bunt­ing was at Framp­ton (7th) plus nine Bewick’s Swans. The 9th gave us our first Waxwing of the year. The Whooper Swan roost peaked at 69 (16th) and 35 European White-fronted Geese were seen (29th). FRAMP­TON: Sixty-plus Whooper Swans and two Bewick’s roosted on the reedbed with Hen Har­rier, Mer­lin and Pere­grine also seen daily. Two Scaup were seen to­wards the end of the month, plus two Spot­ted Red­shank. There were four Short-eared Owls (15th) plus a Jack Snipe. Up to 10 Bram­bling were in the hedgerow. FREISTON: A Wa­ter Pipit and Black-throated Diver were present (15th). Peak counts were 2,370 Wi­geon, 610 Shel­duck, 230 Curlew and 1,380 Lap­wing. The crops at the south­ern end held over 500 Lin­net plus sev­eral Hen Har­ri­ers. Toby Col­lett


HIGH­LIGHTS: Northum­ber­land’s first Pa­cific Diver was at East Chev­ing­ton and Druridge Bay CP (from 20th). A Black-throated Thrush was at Whit­tle Dene Reser­voir (2nd). NORTH NORTHUM­BER­LAND: The Black Scoter re­mained at Goswick through­out. A Great Grey Shrike was in Lucker (3rd). A Rough-legged Buz­zard flew over Bu­dle Bay (5th). A Smew was at Monk’s House Pool (18th-25th). Two tun­dra Bean Geese were at Ch­eswick (21st-31st). SOUTH NORTHUM­BER­LAND: Four tun­dra Bean Geese were at Seaton Sluice (5th) with three more at Big Wa­ters (8th). Great Grey Shrikes were at Har­wood For­est (20th), Fel­ton (29th) and Prest­wick Carr (1st-31st). In­fluxes of Glau­cous Gulls and White-fronted Geese brought nu­mer­ous birds across the county. Jonathan Fa­rooqi


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Pal­lid Har­rier re­mained in the Wel­wick area all month. A Green-winged Teal was at North Cave Wet­lands (14th). FLAM­BOR­OUGH: There was a Glau­cous Gull, Great North­ern Diver and three Vel­vet Scot­ers (1st), with an Ice­land Gull, Black-throated Diver, three Great North­ern Divers, two ‘Blue’ Ful­mars, three Long-tailed Ducks and four Vel­vet Scot­ers (2nd). Fol­low­ing a Waxwing (3rd), a Black-necked Grebe was un­usual (4th) and there were 13 Long-tailed Ducks (5th). Three Black-throated Divers flew by (12th), with three Glau­cous Gulls, a Sooty Shear­wa­ter, Po­ma­rine Skua, Lit­tle Auk and Snow Bunt­ing (13th). A Bit­tern ar­rived (28th). SPURN: The adult Black Brant re­mained through­out with up to 880 dark-bel­lied Brents. Rus­sian White-fronted Geese re­mained un­usu­ally nu­mer­ous, peak­ing at 90 (25th). Tun­dra Bean Geese were seen on 2nd (two) and 10th (11). There was a Black-throated Diver, Vel­vet Scoter and two Po­ma­rine Skuas (1st), a Waxwing (2nd), Great North­ern Diver (4th) and Long-tailed Duck (5th). There were nine Waxwings (8th), a Med Gull (15th) and Glau­cous Gull (16th). Two Glau­cous Gulls were seen (27th). A Hen Har­rier passed through (6th) and the Wel­wick Pal­lid Har­rier paid Kilnsea a visit (28th). OTHER SITES: Waxwings in­cluded 12 in the east of Hull (2nd), 18 at Sunk Is­land (5th), one in Bev­er­ley (6th), one at Lit­tle Driffield (8th), one at North Fer­riby (12th), 22 in Willerby (14th), 30 in the west of Hull, 18 at Stone Creek (22nd), four at Pock­ling­ton and 65 over Sunk Is­land (23rd), and one at Tun­stall (28th). A Glau­cous Gull and Long-tailed Duck were at Tophill Low (6th), with a Smew there (11th), Glau­cous Gull (12th) and Caspian Gull (19th). Hornsea Mere held a Great North­ern Diver and two Long-tailed Ducks (8th), a Glau­cous Gull and Ice­land Gull (10th), three Smew (27th) and a Bit­tern. Glau­cous Gulls were at Fraisthorpe (8th), Bemp­ton (10th), off Grim­ston, two off Barm­ston and one at Bran­des­bur­ton (all 13th) and South­field Reser­voir (24th). A Red-necked Grebe, Great North­ern Diver and two Glau­cous Gulls were off Bridling­ton (13th). A Med Gull vis­ited North Cave Wet­lands (8th). An Ice­land Gull flew past With­ernsea (25th). Ian Mar­shall (01482 627 446), John He­witt 07952 293060


SCAR­BOR­OUGH: A Great White Egret flew over Flix­ton Carr (7th). Two Black-necked Grebes and two Great North­ern Divers were at the har­bour. A Black-throated Diver was in North Bay (15th). There were 58 White­fronts and 39 tun­dra Bean Geese around Seamer. A move­ment of Bar­na­cle Geese saw 18 past Long Nab and 27 through Wyke­ham Lakes. Eigh­teen Shore Larks re­mained at Long Nab. Thir­teen Med Gulls were in South Bay. A La­p­land Bunt­ing was at Long Nab (18th). Two Black Red­starts were in North Bay and a third at Dean Road Coun­cil De­pot. A Great Grey Shrike re­mained in Lang­dale For­est. A Scaup was in the Seamer area, with pre­sum­ably the same bird at Wyke­ham Lakes. Two Long-tailed Ducks and three Vel­vet Scot­ers re­mained. Small flocks of Waxwings were seen, max­i­mum seven at Fals­grave (2nd). Glau­cous Gulls peaked at an amaz­ing eight birds in the bays (14th). Three Ice­land Gulls were recorded. Nick Addey (www.scar­bor­ough­bird­


HIGH­LIGHTS: A first-win­ter fe­male Black Throated Thrush was at Ad­wick Wash­land (15th-19th), only the third for South York­shire. OLD MOOR AREA: A Nuthatch (1st) got the year off to a good start, and on the 7th the Med Gull that has been vis­it­ing the area since 2010 ap­peared, plus a Marsh Har­rier. A Glau­cous Gull was on the Mere (16th), and the Lit­tle Egret roost was 11 (21st). A ju­ve­nile White-fronted Goose was on and off all month with a flock of 34 at Broomhill (28th). Plenty of Pink-footed Geese went over with a max­i­mum of 1,200 (6th). Present all month were Bearded Tits (max. 4), Stonechats (max. 3) and Cetti’s War­bler (max. 3). OTHER SITES: Waxwings were widely re­ported, with a max­i­mum of c.400 at Hag­glers Cor­ner, Sh­effield (2nd). A Bit­tern was at Carl­ton Marsh all month, Short-eared Owls were at Hat­field Pit Tip with four (2nd) and Ad­wick Wash­land (12th & 14th). There was a male Hen Har­rier at Hat­field Moors (4th), and the tun­dra Bean Goose was at Ul­ley Reser­voir/or­g­reave all month. A Wa­ter Pipit was at Wilthorpe Marsh (14th & 21st) and the White-fronted Goose from Old Moor wan­dered to Ed­derthorpe (7th). Up to two Glau­cous Gulls and a sin­gle Ice­land Gull were at Ham­pole Tip/skel­brooke all month and two male Hen Har­ri­ers were at Thorne Moors (12th). Thirty-two White-fronted Geese were at Ing­birch­worth (30th), with four at Ad­wick Wash­land. At Pot­teric Carr there was a Siberian Chif­fchaff (1st), four Stonechats, Marsh Har­ri­ers, Bit­terns, two Marsh Tits (to 24th), a Short-eared Owl (2nd) and up to four Bearded Tits. Nigel Smith – nigel­ or 07846684912, Barns­ley bird news on twit­ter @ Barns­leybsg


BRAD­FORD: A La­p­land Bunt­ing was at Bail­don (2nd) and a Snow Bunt­ing at Soil Hill (8th). Waxwings in­cluded 70 in Brad­ford, 15 in Ilk­ley, 45 in Yeadon, 50 in Ot­ley and 30 in Keigh­ley. Pink-footed Geese in­cluded 450 and 330 over Ox­en­hope (7th and 17th), 75 over Sal­taire (7th) and 80 over Ogden (25th). Fif­teen Man­darins were at Strid Woods, with 25 Bram­blings there (10th). A Lit­tle Egret was at Keigh­ley (13th) and Sils­den (17th). There were two Tree Spar­rows at Dubrod­den Farm. A Wa­ter Rail was at the Keigh­ley Re­serve (27th). Sixty Pied Wag­tails roosted at Dow­ley Gap. LOWER AIRE VAL­LEY: Re­main­ing from 2016 were the Long-tailed Duck at Skelton Lake, the Black-necked Grebe on the east­ern reedbed, four Short-eared Owls and 11 Wa­ter Pip­its at Le­mon­royd. Six Bewick’s Swan flew past Fish­pond Lock (20th), with eight Whooper Swans at St. Ai­dan’s (21st). There were eight Bar­na­cle Geese (1st-2nd), with one (24th-29th). Two White­fronts were seen (13th-15th), with three more (23rd) and six (25th-26th). A Scaup was at Skelton Lake (18th-31st). A Great White Egret was seen (21st). Two Glau­cous and two Ice­land Gulls were seen. Two Siberian Chif­fchaffs were near Ast­ley Lake (from 23rd). Chris King and Paul Mor­ris


ABERDEEN: Waxwings were wide­spread and in­cluded 600 at Lang Stra­cht (1st) and 70 at the Bridge of Don (2nd). The Grampian Ring­ing Group have been colour-ring­ing them and re­port sight­ings from as far away as Llan­dudno and Cromer. Ice­land Gulls were at Grey­hope Bay (2nd) and Don­mouth (8th). Nigg Bay pro­duced a pos­si­ble Siberian Chif­fchaff (3rd). FORVIE: There was a Glau­cous Gull, Pere­grine, Scaup and Green­shank (1st). Five Greenland White-fronted Geese were be­side the Waulk­mill

hide and two Scaup at Meikle Loch (8th). Nine Snow Buntings and 20 Twite were noted (21st). LOCH OF STRATHBEG: There was an Amer­i­can Wi­geon (6th), Smew (29th) and a Glossy Ibis (30th). OTHER SITES: Four tun­dra Bean Geese were out­side St Combs. Great Grey Shrikes were at the For­est of Birse (7th) and Loch of Park, Dru­moak (30th). An Ice­land Gull was at the Ugie Es­tu­ary, Peter­head (15th and 26th). A King Eider was off St Combs (17th). A Mediter­ranean Gull was at Phin­gask Bay, Fraser­burgh (from 19th). Mike Chan­dler


TIREE: A white-phase Gyrfalcon was at Bale­phetr­ish Bay (4th). Green-winged Teal were at Loch Bhas­apol (14th and 17th) and Loch a’ Phuill (17th). The long-stay­ing Ice­land Gull was at Loch a’ Phuill (22nd). Three Glau­cous Gulls were noted. Two Lin­nets at Traigh Bhagh (22nd) were only the sec­ond Jan­uary record here in the last 100 years! A Scaup was at Loch a’ Phuill. Two Lit­tle Auks were off Hynish (25th). Puffins were in Gunna Sound (23rd) and off Hynish (26th). A Black-throated Diver was with Great North­ern Divers off Traigh Bhi (28th). A Barn Owl was at Bar­rapol (7th). A Grey Plover was at Bale­phetr­ish Bay (16th). A Jack Snipe was at Bale­phuil (28th). Two Jack­daws were at Heylipol (19th-26th). There were 11 win­ter­ing Goldfinches. A Field­fare was at Meningie (14th) and a Mis­tle Thrush at Man­nal (17th). The odd Wa­ter Rail was noted. A Wood­cock was at Car­nan Mor (22nd). Max­ima in­cluded 4,543 Bar­na­cle Geese, 667 Greenland White­fronts, 1,948 Grey­lags, 136 Whooper Swans, eight Pink­feet, 2,835 Lap­wings, 1,490 Com­mon Gulls, 15 Long-tailed Ducks, four Com­mon Scot­ers, 34 Shov­el­ers, four Pin­tails, two Gad­wall, a Lit­tle Grebe, 1,200 Golden Plovers, 102 Curlews 95 Turn­stones, 160 Ringed Plovers, 280 San­der­ling, 135 Dun­lin and 16 Bar-tailed God­wits. Four Hen Har­ri­ers, three Mer­lins, two Spar­rowhawks and two Pere­grines hunted. John Bowler (


HIGH­LIGHTS: Pax­ton House (River­side) had seven Goosanders and four Whooper Swans (8th), two King­fish­ers and a Long-tailed Duck – very un­usual here (12th), 80 Grey­lags (14th), nine Lit­tle Grebes (24th), two Scaup (26th) and seven Gold­eneyes (31st). Hule Moss (Green­law Moor) had an im­pres­sive 800 Teal and 460 Pink­feet (16th). Hirsel Lake had 56 Mute Swans, 22 Coots, 60 Teal, 65 Gold­eneyes and three Shov­el­ers. Be­mer­syde Moss (16th) had 1,500 Pink­feet, 60 Grey­lags and 35 Canada Geese. Whitrig­bog had 470 Wi­geon. A Barn Owl, rare here, was at Choice­lea (15th). A few Whooper Swans passed through Gav­in­ton (31st). James D Lough


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Mediter­ranean Gull was at Black­ness (2nd). A White-tailed Ea­gle flew over Dun­blane (3rd). A Glau­cous Gull flew up the River Forth at Hig­gin’s Neuk (5th). A Smew was at Loch Earn (23rd). Waxwings in­cluded 180 by Tesco’s, Dun­blane (1st), 240 in Dun­blane (7th), four at Gar­tar­tan Pond (14th) and five at Doune (22nd). BO’NESS & BLACK­NESS: There were three Eiders and two Turn­stones at Bo’ness (3rd). A Red-throated Diver, Slavo­nian Grebe and 25 Tree Spar­rows were at Black­ness (4th), with a Lit­tle Egret, two Grey Plovers and a Whim­brel there (16th) and a Turn­stone (25th). KINNEIL: There were 25 Pin­tails, 14 Scaup and 50 Bar-tailed God­wits (3rd). POWFOULIS/HIG­GIN’S NEUK: There was a Lit­tle Egret, three Jack Snipe and 60 Twite (3rd), with four Pin­tails, a Grey Plover and Rock Pipit (15th). SKINFLATS POOLS: Ten Shov­el­ers and a Scaup were noted (14th). STIR­LING DIS­TRICT: Long-tailed Ducks were at Blair­drum­mond Ponds and the head of Loch Tay (from 1st) with seven Bram­blings at the for­mer (2nd). A Scaup was at Craig­forth, Stir­ling (3rd). A Hen Har­rier and five Black Grouse were near Loch Ma­haick (7th), when a Jack Snipe was at Ash­field Pools. Two Scaup and two Stonechats were at the Lake of Men­teith (14th), when six Whooper Swans were on Drip Moss. A Black­cap and Chif­fchaff were in a Dun­blane gar­den (14th). A Wood­cock flew over Stir­ling (15th). A Man­darin was in Cal­lan­der (26th). UP­PER FORTH ES­TU­ARY: A co-or­di­nated count (14th) pro­duced five Great Crested Grebes, 443 Shel­ducks, 271 Wi­geon, 1,232 Teal, 94 Pin­tails, 11 Shov­el­ers, a Scaup, two Eiders, 16 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, two Wa­ter Rails, 70 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 72 Ringed Plovers, 63 Golden Plovers, 1,650 Knot, 5,557 Dun­lin, 501 Black-tailed God­wits, 235 Bar-tailed God­wits, 552 Curlews, 1,926 Red­shanks and two Green­shanks (14th). Neil Bielby


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Green-winged Teal, Ring-necked Duck, Snow Goose, Bram­bling, Scaup and Glau­cous Gull were at Caerlave­rock. Lit­tle Auks passed Corse­wall Point/loch Ryan all month, with two Vel­vet Scot­ers there (7th). A Short-eared Owl was at Pow­foot (8th). Lit­tle Egrets were at Kirkcud­bright and Carse Bays, with a Whim­brel at the lat­ter. A Ring-necked Para­keet was in Dumfries (24th). Ring-necked Ducks were at Auchen­re­och and Car­ling­wark Lochs through­out. A Black Red­start was at Stran­raer. Ice­land Gulls were at Soulseat and White­field Lochs (11th). Two Green­shanks were at Sand­green (18th) and two at Bar­locco (31st). A Swal­low was at Sand­head (26th). Four­teen Gad­wall were at Gate­house Bush Loch (31st). WWT CAERLAVE­ROCK: Bar­na­cle Geese, Pink­feet, Whooper Swans, Teal, Wi­geon, Tufted Ducks, Lit­tle Grebes, a Barn Owl and Hen Har­rier were also noted. OTHER SITES: A Bullfinch was at Leswalt (8th). Whooper Swans, Grey­lags, a Red Kite, Gold­en­eye and ten Goosanders were at Th­reave Es­tate. There were 47 Gold­eneyes at Auchen­re­och Loch. Bar­na­cle Geese were at Dun­dren­nan. Bar­locco logged 900 Her­ring Gulls, Curlew, Jack Snipe, Lap­wing, 50 Green­finches, Twite, Grey Wag­tail and Raven. Dun­lin, Ringed Plover, Oys­ter­catcher and Curlew were at Sand­green/carrick. Bram­bling and Yel­lowham­mer were at Gate­house of Fleet. Wi­geon, Teal and Gold­en­eye were at Gate­house Bush Loch. Gold­en­eye, Teal and Shel­duck were at Cum­stoun. Pam Woods (Dum­friesandgal­loway­bird­ing@ya­


HIGH­LIGHTS: There were 100 Scaup off St An­drews. La­p­land Buntings were be­tween Crail and Wormis­ton (14th-25th). CEN­TRAL FIFE: Lo­chore Mead­ows held Whooper Swans through­out, a Smew (to 23rd) and a Bram­bling (17th). An­gle Park had a Green Sand­piper (9th-26th). A Ruff re­mained at Seafield. Mediter­ranean Gulls were at Path­head and Buck­haven. Waxwings vis­ited Buck­haven, East We­myss (60), Kirk­caldy (70), Me­thil, New­burgh, Path­head and Windy­gates. Siberian Chif­fchaffs re­mained at Dysart (to 8th). EAST FIFE: Whooper Swans were at St An­drews (11th-31st). Pale-bel­lied Brent Geese re­mained in the Eden Es­tu­ary. Scaup were off Rud­dons Point (five on 21st) and in Kil­con­quhar Loch (22nd). Surf Scot­ers were at Tentsmuir (two on 5th), Goose­pools (3rd), St An­drews Bay (9th-15th) and in Largo Bay. A Smew was at Leven (8th). Grey Par­tridges were at Crail (15 on 25th) and Cu­par (12 on 25th). Red-throated Divers were at Kin­shaldy (23rd). Black-throated Divers were at Lower Largo (6th), Rud­dons Point (two on 21st) and Kin­shaldy (two on 23rd). Slavo­nian Grebes re­mained in Largo Bay. Tay­port held two Lit­tle Egrets. A Great White Egret flew over Dunino (16th). A Wa­ter Rail was at Kilmin­ning (4th). Two Wood­cocks were at Shell Bay (8th). Jack Snipe were at Cock­lemill Marsh (8th) and Barn­yards Marsh (22nd). A Glau­cous Gull vis­ited Boarhills (1st). Waxwings were at Bal­mullo, Cel­lardyke, Leuchars and Shell Bay. Shore Larks re­mained at Tentsmuir (to 14th). WEST FIFE: Cul­laloe held a Scaup (2nd). Manx Shear­wa­ters were off Kinghorn (21st-22nd). Waxwings were at Cul­ross (70), Dun­fermline, Loch Gelly and Val­ley­field La­goons. A Mealy Red­poll was at Dun­fermline (15th). David Hee­ley (dw.hee­ley@bt­in­ter­


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Black Red­start re­mained at Brora. Amer­i­can Wi­geon lin­gered at Tain, Udale and Clach­na­harry. A Lesser Whitethroat was ringed at Nigg (14th). A Snow Goose was at Loch Eye (6th). The Black Duck re­mained at Stron­tian. A Great Grey Shrike was at Lochan na Curra, near Loch Dun­telchaig (15th-20th). A Rough-legged Buz­zard was in the Duthil area (3rd-17th). Up to 17 Hawfinches were at Spey­bridge. BADENOCH AND STRATH­SPEY: A White-tailed Ea­gle vis­ited Duthil (3rd-4th). A King­fisher was at Loch Vaa (19th). Two Ice­land Gulls (from 17th) and a Glau­cous Gull (from 23rd) were in the Aviemore area, roost­ing at Loch Garten. Aviemore had three Bram­blings (2nd). A Jack Snipe (7th) and 30 Waxwings were at Insh (29th). An Ice­land Gull was at Kin­gussie (2nd). BLACK ISLE: There were 404 Scaup off Jemi­mav­ille (15th). A White-tailed Ea­gle vis­ited The Su­tors (10th). Thirty Waxwings were in Cul­bokie (9th). There were 23 Brent Geese at Rose­markie (7th). EASTER ROSS: A King­fisher was at Tain (13th). Loch Eye held a Smew all month and 72 Scaup (15th). Seawatch­ing off Tar­bat Ness pro­duced 28 Red-throated, six Black-throated and five Great North­ern Divers (13th), plus four Vel­vet Scot­ers (23rd). There were 300 Scaup and a Great Crested Grebe off In­ver­gor­don (17th). A King­fisher (10th) and 30 Waxwings (5th) were at Ding­wall. An Ice­land Gull vis­ited Mary­burgh (17th). IN­VER­NESS-SHIRE: In In­ver­ness, a King­fisher was at Muir­town (7th), a Lesser Black-backed Gull at South Kes­sock (27th) and a Green Sand­piper at Ness-side (22nd). An Ice­land Gull was at Al­turlie (11th), with 92 Scaup there (29th). Three White-fronted Geese were at Cas­tle Stu­art (7th-9th) and 31 Brent Geese at White­ness (4th). NORTH WEST: An Ice­land Gull was at Loch In­ver (10th). Three more, plus a Glau­cous Gull, were at Ard­mair (12th-14th). Two Glau­cous Gulls vis­ited Ul­lapool (12th). A King­fisher was at Clachan (22nd-23rd). In Gru­inard Bay, there were 153 Bar­na­cle Geese at Mun­gas­dale. Fif­teen Great North­ern Divers were counted (16th), with an­other 22 at Gair­loch (4th). Eight Ice­land Gulls (from 15th) and a Glau­cous Gull (31st) were at the fish farm at Loch Kishorn. SKYE AND SOUTH WEST: A Lit­tle Auk was off Staf­fin (2nd). A Glau­cous Gull (from 12th) and five Black Guille­mots (12th) were at Dun­ve­gan. Ice­land Gulls were at Portree (24th), Lower Milo­vaig (29th) and Tokavaig (31st), with a Glau­cous Gull at Broad­ford (2nd). Off Ca­mas na Sgianadin were two Vel­vet Scot­ers (2nd) and a Lit­tle Auk (14th). A Vel­vet Scoter and Glau­cous Gull were at Loch nan Ceall, Ari­saig (7th). Tom Wells


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Surf Scoter re­mained off Mus­sel­burgh, with a fe­male there (14th-27th). North Ber­wick’s Black Red­start re­mained (to 9th). Wa­ter Pip­its were at Scoughall (3rd) and Skat­eraw (21st-30th). A Great Grey Shrike was near East Lin­ton (21st-31st). Twelve Jack Snipe were at Lit­tle France (22nd). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Muir­house (25th-31st). ABER­LADY: Three La­p­land Buntings were noted (3rd-5th). Twelve Waxwings were in the vil­lage (11th). There were five Scaup, 600 Vel­vet Scot­ers and 5,000 Com­mon Scot­ers in Gul­lane Bay (22nd). Two Pin­tails (23rd), 20 Twite (28th) and a Wood­cock (29th) were seen. BARNS NESS: Two Glau­cous Gulls and an Ice­land Gull were in the area all month, with both species near Tor­ness (16th). White Sands Quarry held a Black-necked Grebe, 34 White­fronts, four Long-tailed Ducks (7th), a Mediter­ranean Gull (15th) and Bar­na­cle Goose (25th). A Brent Goose was near Tor­ness (2nd-4th), two Short-eared Owls at Tri­an­gle Wood (15th) and three Pochards at Skat­eraw (26th). MUS­SEL­BURGH: There were four Twite (2nd) and two Scaup (2nd-5th). Fifty Yel­lowham­mers were at Goshen (7th). Four Mediter­ranean Gulls were in the area. TYNINGHAME: There were 25 Shore Larks and 200 Twite at John Muir CP. Five Snow Buntings were on Bel­haven Beach all month. Seafield Pond held a Man­darin (1st-18th), Great North­ern Diver (4th-17th), Wa­ter Rail (15th-16th), Pochard (21st-25th) and Pin­tail (23rd-27th). Three Lit­tle Egrets (8th), a Mediter­ranean Gull (15th) and two Pin­tails (27th) were in the bay. Scoughall held two Great North­ern Divers (1st), 20 Twite (2nd), two Green­shanks and 11 Waxwings (28th) and a Glau­cous Gull (29th).

OTHER SITES: The Wa­ter Rail re­mained in In­ver­leith Park, with oth­ers at Lit­tle France (22nd) and Bur­diehouse (25th-26th). In Ed­in­burgh, there was a Shov­eler at Lochend Park, a Mediter­ranean Gull in Wester­hailes (6th), 600 Gold­eneyes in Wardie Bay (6th), 12 Goosanders at Leith Docks (7th), two Dip­pers and 12 Waxwings at Fig­gate Park (9th), with five Goosanders there (17th), two Chif­fchaffs at Seafield STW (17th), seven Gad­wall at Dud­dingston Loch (21st), and 200 Siskins (22nd) plus two Ravens (30th-31st) in Holy­rood Park. Se­ton Sands held two Mediter­ranean Gulls and two Gad­wall (3rd). A Green­shank was at Pre­ston­pans (5th). A Smew was off Ferny Ness (14th). Glad­house held 500 Bram­blings (4th) and 20 Cross­bills (5th). An Ice­land Gull was at Dun­bar har­bour. A Scaup was at Lin­lith­gow Loch (30th). Two King­fish­ers were at Fig­gate Park, Bawsinch, the River Tyne and the Wa­ter of Leith, with sin­gles at ten other sites. Waxwings in­cluded 180 in Pil­rig and 160 in Dalry, 100 in War­ris­ton, 30 in Loan­head, 40 in Mus­sel­burgh, 60 in Tra­nent and 35 in Hadding­ton. Jim Ni­chol­son (jpg­


HIGH­LIGHTS: There were 33 Great North­ern Divers in Wide Firth. The White-billed Diver re­mained in the Hope-wa­ter Sound area. Five Black-throated Divers and 24 Slavo­nian Grebes were in Ech­naloch Bay. A Black-necked Grebe was on the Loch of Skaill, with 15 Lit­tle Grebes on the Sten­ness Loch. A Manx Shear­wa­ter pass­ing the Mull Head of Pa­pay was un­sea­sonal. A Black-browed Al­ba­tross sea off Rer­wick Head, Tanker­ness (2nd) was the third Orkney record. A Lit­tle Egret fre­quented The Loons. Max­ima in­cluded 20 Whooper Swans, six Eurasian White­fronts, a Bean Goose, 20 Bar­na­cle Geese, a pale-bel­lied Brent Goose, 30 Shel­ducks, three sin­gle Green-winged Teal, 17 Pin­tails, 175 Scaup, a Lesser Scaup on the Loch of Skaill, a Ring-necked Duck on the Loch of Clumly, 29 Vel­vet Scot­ers, four Com­mon Scot­ers and two Surf Scot­ers off Quan­ter­ness, a Goosander and a Smew. The long-stay­ing North­ern Har­rier was seen on North Ron­ald­say four times. A Pal­lid Har­rier was at the Mill Dam of Rango (from 16th). The Crane re­mained in the Loch of Clumly area (to 22nd). Wa­ter Rails were at Dale, Costa and on North Ron­ald­say. Wader max­ima were 86 Ringed Plovers, 76 Pur­ple Sand­pipers, two Grey Plovers, 30 Knot, six Ruff, two Jack Snipe, two Wood­cocks, 42 Bar-tailed God­wits and a Whim­brel. A Po­ma­rine Skua passed North Ron­ald­say (12th). Two Ice­land Gulls were there, with sin­gles at Sand­wick, Strom­ness, Fin­stown and Bur­ray. Glau­cous Gulls in­cluded six on North Ron­ald­say, three on Pa­pay and three at Mar­wick and sin­gles at sev­eral other sites. Lit­tle Auks were on North Ron­ald­say (5th), at No.2 Bar­rier (17th) and No.1 Bar­rier (22nd). A Snowy Owl on Eday (8th-11th), also vis­ited Westray. A Shore Lark was on Pa­pay (7th). Forty Meadow Pip­its were in the Firth School bird crop. Seven Pied Wag­tails and a Grey Wag­tail roosted at the Ayre Mills, Kirk­wall. A Dun­nock was un­usual on Pa­pay, none hav­ing been recorded there through­out 2016. Fif­teen Field­fares were on the Lyde Road, with 13 Red­wings on North Ron­ald­say (22nd). Four Gold­crests were at Wood­wick House, Evie (28th). The long-stay­ing Blue Tit re­mained at Hestily, South Ron­ald­say (to 22nd). Feed­ers on the Hed­dle Road at­tracted 33 Green­finches and 34 Goldfinches. Other Goldfinch records in­volved 22 on Cairston Road, Strom­ness and one at No.4 Bar­rier. A Com­mon Red­poll was at Hed­dle Road (22nd). Twite at Dale peaked at 234 and Reed Buntings at 40. There were 22 Snow Buntings at Waulk­mill Bay (24th), with 21 at the Board­house Loch (5th), 15 at Strom­ness Reser­voir (3rd) and eight on North Ron­ald­say.


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Amer­i­can Coot re­mained on Loch nam Feithean, Bal­ranald. A white-phase Gyr Fal­con was at Rubh’ Ar­nal (21st) and Bal­ranald (29th). OTHER SITES: Green-winged Teal were at Loch Bee (25th) and Loch Sandary (26th). Nine Pin­tails were on Bale­share, with four at Bal­ranald and three at Loch Ard­vule. An Amer­i­can Wi­geon was seen oc­ca­sion­ally at Eoli­garry, Barra, with two on Loch Aileo­dair (20th). A Lit­tle Egret was on the North Ford, just south of Grim­say be­fore re­lo­cat­ing to Loch Uskav­agh, Ben­bec­ula (28th). A win­ter­ing Black-tailed Godwit was at Coot Loch. A Ring-billed Gull was on Vater­say (26th-27th). White-winged Gulls were wide­spread, with peaks of 16 Glau­cous Gulls on Bale­share (21st) and six Ice­land Gulls at Ti­umpan Head (31st). A hy­brid Glau­cous x Her­ring Gull was at Rubh’ Ar­nal (26th). Kum­lien’s Gulls were on Barra (1st-2nd), Stornoway Har­bour (20th), Rubh’ Ar­nal (26th) and at Orosay (28th). Two Lit­tle Auks were off Cleat, Barra (2nd). A Waxwing was in Urquhart Gar­dens, Stornoway (29th). A Black­cap was at Car­nan (21st). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was in North Bay, Barra (4th). A Com­mon Chif­fchaff re­mained along the east side of the is­land. A Blue Tit was at Bor­nish (27th-28th). Bram­blings were at Bre­vig (2nd) and in Stornoway (30th). Small num­bers of Snow Buntings were wide­spread, but there were 140 on Bern­eray (21st). Steve Duffield (


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Ring-necked Duck re­mained at the Culic, Pit­lochry. Waxwings in­cluded 100 in In­ver­gowrie (2nd), 180 in Long­for­gan (3rd) and 70 in Alyth (18th). There were 93 Whooper Swans on the River Earn (22nd). The largest flocks of Pink­feet were 1,500 at Black­ford (4th) and Pitrod­die (9th). King­fish­ers were at Loch Leven through­out and For­doun Loch (22nd). Loch Leven logged a Lit­tle Egret through­out, 39 Scaup, five Smew among an amaz­ing mixed flock of 500 Goosanders and Red-breasted Mer­gansers, three Slavo­nian Grebes (20th), 200 Golden Plovers, 170 Lap­wings, a Green­shank (5th), 180 Curlews and three Wood­cocks. Six­teen Ptarmi­gan were on Schiehal­lion (21st), with 13 Black Grouse at Glen Quaich (29th). A Red Kite roost in Cen­tral Perthshire held 130 birds. Wood­cocks were at Strath­baan (14th) and Carse­breck (26th). In­ver­gowrie Bay held 120 Red­shanks and three Black-tailed God­wits (2nd). Kin­ross had a Lesser Black-backed Gull (1st) and 4,000 Com­mon Gulls (7th). There were 150 Field­fares near Bank­foot (7th) and 69 Red­wings at Port Allen (4th). A Black­cap was at Pit­lochry (22nd). There were 200 Bram­blings near Loch Leven (27th), 50 Twite near Bank­foot (4th) and two Snow Buntings at Ben Vrackie (14th). Scott Pater­son (


HIGH­LIGHTS: Black-throated Divers were in Quen­dale (7th-31st) and off Sul­lom (22nd). White-billed Divers were in South Nest­ing Bay (23rd) and in Bluemull (30th). Four tun­dra Bean Geese were at Bal­ta­sound/nor­wick (9th-30th) with five at Hill­well (15th-22nd). White-fronted Geese in­cluded ten at Fleck (1st-5th), Bal­ta­sound (two, 5th-6th), Sand­wick (two, 6th), Scat­ness (two, 14th), Spig­gie (two, 15th and three, 16th) and 23 at Sum­burgh (15th-31st). The Green-winged Teal was at Bardis­ter (30th). The win­ter­ing Surf Scoter was in Bluemull Sound (14th-22nd). Vel­vet Scot­ers were off Ler­wick (7th) and Sul­lom (three on 22nd). The Killdeer re­mained at Sand­wick all month. A large in­flux of Glau­cous Gulls was ev­i­dent (from 9th) with at least 120 in­di­vid­u­als recorded at wide­spread sites. Max­ima in­cluded 25 at Loch of Cliff (24th) and 40 on Unst (9th). Around 60 Ice­land Gulls were recorded, max­i­mum ten in Ler­wick Har­bour (31st). A Kum­lien’s Gull was off Scat­ness (25th). A Po­ma­rine Skua was off West­ing (8th). Lit­tle Auks were off Bur­ravoe (7th), Ler­wick (six on 7th), Bur­rafirth (11th) and Lamba Ness (23rd). The North­ern Treecreeper re­mained at Ker­gord (to 2nd). Hugh Har­rop (www.shet­land­


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Lit­tle Egret was at Kinnaber, three pale-bel­lied Brent Geese at Bal­mossie, a Jack Snipe at River­side Na­ture Park and 30 Waxwings at Cross Street (all 1st). Two Green-winged Teal were at Lin­tra­then (1st), with an Amer­i­can Wi­geon there (1st-25th) and Red-necked Grebe (20th). Forty Waxwings vis­ited Kin­nordy Ter­race (2nd). A Barn Owl was at Eassie Vil­lage (4th). A Black Red­start was at Kinnaber and a Chif­fchaff at Ar­broath (4th), when Ar­broath Har­bour held a Glau­cous Gull and Ice­land Gull. El­liot Reedbed (4th) had two Jack Snipe, a Bit­tern (9th) and Rough-legged Buz­zard (10th). There were 30 Waxwings in Dundee High Street (12th). Lu­nan Bay (21st) had six Slavo­nian Grebes. MON­TROSE BASIN: There was a King­fisher through­out, a Red Kite (15th), eight Twite (8th) and a Lit­tle Egret (5th). Max­ima in­cluded five Lit­tle Grebes, 65 Cor­morants, four Herons, nine Mute Swans, a Pink-footed Goose, 323 Shel­ducks, 2,197 Wi­geon, 57 Teal, 239 Mal­lards, 32 Tufted Ducks, 622 Eiders, 19 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, four Pin­tails, 99 Goosanders, two Moorhens, 1,519 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 40 Grey Plovers, 27 Lap­wings, 210 Knot, nine Pur­ple Sand­pipers, 1,680 Dun­lin, a Snipe, 71 Black-tailed God­wits, 49 Bar-tailed God­wits, 759 Curlews, 581 Red­shanks, two Green­shanks, 38 Turn­stones, 120 Black-headed Gulls, 14 Com­mon Gulls, 63 Her­ring Gulls and a Lesser Black-backed Gull. OTHER SITES: Monikie CP held Teal, Tufted Ducks, a Long-tailed Duck and Buz­zard (4th). The Dichty Burn held a Dip­per (4th). Barry Bud­don (8th) had two Stonechats and 15 Curlews. The An­crum Road School area held a Pere­grine and 12 Red­wings (9th). Bal­mossie Out­fall held 30 Dun­lin, 20 Red­shanks and eight Turn­stones (11th). Monifieth Bay (25th) held 100 Bar-tailed God­wits, 12 Dun­lin, six Golden Plovers, a San­der­ling and 16 Oys­ter­catch­ers. Bog­head Farm (15th) had 20 Corn Buntings. Craig Mill Den (16th) had a Dip­per, Spar­rowhawk, six Lin­nets and eight Yel­lowham­mers. Bal­gavies Loch (16th) held a Wa­ter Rail, Jay and Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker. For­far Loch (16th) held a Wa­ter Rail, Pere­grine, 33 Mute Swans, ten Gad­wall, 15 Gold­eneyes, nine Lit­tle Grebes and 40 Goosanders. River­side Na­ture Park (18th) held 43 Teal. Loch of Lin­tra­then (23rd) held a mixed flock of Bram­blings and Chaffinches. Bob Mc­cur­ley

White-billed Diver, Wood­hall Spa, Lin­colnshire, 29 Jan­uary

Adult Ice­land Gull, Ler­wick, Shet­land , Jan­uary

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