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Lit­tle Brown Jobs are the sub­ject of this month’s chal­lenge – how many can you iden­tify?

THE BIRDS WE call LBJS are so fa­mil­iar to bird­watch­ers, they have even at­tracted a ques­tion on Univer­sity Chal­lenge. A hur­ried “Lyn­don Baines Johnson” cost one stu­dent’s team five points for an in­cor­rect in­ter­rup­tion. The other team floun­dered, while bird­ers across the coun­try shouted Lit­tle Brown Job at the TV. The term cov­ers a broad scope of species, with the one pro­viso that they need to be small and brown. In gen­eral, that means they are most likely to be passer­ines, the perch­ing birds or song birds (the or­der which in­cludes about half of all our bird species). Here are six LBJS which you may en­counter this month. All are reg­u­lar Bri­tish birds (no tricks). All should be iden­ti­fi­able from these pho­tos. Give them a go, then turn for the so­lu­tions and more tips on ID.

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