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Once more, the two ex­tremely rare thrushes dom­i­nated the rare bird head­lines dur­ing the month, with­out ac­tu­ally do­ing much! The Blue Rock Thrush re­mained at Stow-on-the­wold, Glouces­ter­shire and the Dusky Thrush at Bee­ley, Der­byshire, both through­out the month, into Fe­bru­ary.


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Great North­ern Diver re­mained at Cars­ing­ton Wa­ter. Two Great White Egrets were at As­ton-on-trent GP (2nd) with one at Long Ea­ton GP (27th-28th). Three Brent Geese flew over Cars­ing­ton Wa­ter (1st), with two at Long Ea­ton GP (14th) and three at Had­don Fields (18th). The Long-tailed Duck re­mained at Long Ea­ton GP (to 22nd). The two Vel­vet Scot­ers re­mained at Staunton Harold Reser­voir all month. Ice­land Gulls were at Ogston Reser­voir (4th-9th, 9th-11th and 28th-29th), and Pools Brook CP (11th). Up to five Glau­cous Gulls roosted at Fore­mark Reser­voir (from 14th). Oth­ers were at Ogston Reser­voir (9th, 14th and 23rd), Carr Vale (17th) and over As­ton-on-trent GP (26th). The Dusky Thrush re­mained at Bee­ley Vil­lage. The Great Grey Shrike was on Bee­ley Moor in­ter­mit­tently. AS­TON-ON-TRENT GP: There were 24 Gold­eneyes, four Goosanders, two Lit­tle Egrets, 20 White­fronts, two Smew, a Pin­tail, Wa­ter Rail, Caspian Gull, Stonechat and Chif­fchaff. CARR VALE: High­lights in­cluded 29 Whooper Swans, 420 Pink­feet, an Egyp­tian Goose, 19 Goosanders, a Red Kite, Mer­lin, two Pere­grines, three Wa­ter Rails, 18 Snipe, ten Golden Plovers, a Jack Snipe, Wood­cock, 90 Stock Doves, 30 Sky­larks, four Chif­fchaffs, two Ravens, a Barn Owl, two Siberian Chif­fchaffs, a Cetti’s War­bler and Lesser Red­poll. CARS­ING­TON WA­TER: There were 38 Whooper Swans, 29 Bar­na­cle Geese, 17 Gold­eneyes, 24 Goosanders, an Oys­ter­catcher, Ruff, eight Golden Plovers, a Knot, nine Dun­lin, four Jack Snipe, 95 Snipe, four Wood­cocks, three Red­shanks, a Curlew, Yel­low-legged Gull, Cetti’s War­bler, two Ravens, a Bram­bling, 35 Siskins and eight Lesser Red­polls. CHURCH WILNE RESER­VOIR: Fif­teen Gold­eneyes, a Smew, two Caspian Gulls and 60 Goldfinches were the pick. DRAKELOW: There were 167 Cor­morants, a Lit­tle Egret, Whooper Swan, two Egyp­tian Geese, seven Gold­eneyes, 13 Goosanders, four Wa­ter Rails, two Pin­tails, a Scaup, Oys­ter­catcher, Green Sand­piper, four Wood­cocks, a Mediter­ranean Gull, Yel­low-legged Gull, two Cetti’s War­blers, a Chif­fchaff and two Ravens. LONG EA­TON GP: There were three Lit­tle Egrets, three Red-crested Pochards, five Gold­eneyes, 17 Goosanders, 16 Whooper Swans, a Com­mon Scoter, two Oys­ter­catch­ers and two Ravens. OGSTON RESER­VOIR: There was a Lit­tle Egret, nine Whooper Swans, 150 Pink­feet, six Gold­eneyes, 15 Goosanders, two Pin­tails, a Goshawk, two Pere­grines, 550 Lap­wings, 59 Snipe, three Wood­cocks, a Ringed Plover, four Caspian Gulls, four Yel­low-legged Gulls, two Dip­pers, two Ravens, 42 Siskins and a Bram­bling. WILLING­TON GP: There was a Bit­tern, four Gold­eneyes, six Goosanders, a Scaup, Oys­ter­catcher, eight Curlews, a Green­shank and three Black-tailed God­wits. OTHER SITES: Fore­mark Reser­voir logged seven Caspian Gulls and a Yel­low-legged Gull. A Green­shank was at High­bridge GP. Four­teen Hawfinches were at Crom­ford. Waxwings in­cluded 200 at Ch­ester­field, 120 at New­bold, 100 in Glossop, 70 over Heage and 60 in Ilke­ston. Rod Key


COTSWOLDS: The Blue Rock Thrush re­mained at Stow-on-the-wold. A Tree Spar­row was in Up­per Riss­ing­ton (27th). A Hen Har­rier was at Sher­borne Wa­ter Mead­ows (19th-20th). Two Black Red­starts were at To­den­ham (2nd). At the Cotswold Wa­ter Park, a Great White Egret was at pit 41 (14th) and a Siberian Chif­fchaff at Shorn­cote (4th). A Firecrest was at Wall­bridge, Stroud (15th). A Mer­lin was at Hawl­ing (5th). Golden Plovers in­cluded 260 at Sher­borne, 230 at Win­stone and 200 at Calcot. A Grey Plover flew over Shab Hill (8th). Ten Grey Par­tridges were at Harn­hill and eight at Ash­ley. Fif­teen Bram­blings were at Dun­tis­bourne Ab­bots. FOR­EST OF DEAN: The Great Grey Shrike re­mained at Crab­tree Hill, with an­other at Sta­ple Edge Wood. Twelve Hawfinches were at Park­end and one in a Cin­der­ford gar­den. Cross­bills in­cluded 52 at Ser­ridge Ridge, 23 at Sta­ple Edge Wood and 22 at Dry­brook Road Sta­tion. There were 32 Bram­blings at Ser­ridge. Goosanders in­cluded eight at Mal­lards Pike, five at Woor­greens, four at Speech House Lake and two at Cannop Ponds and Sy­monds Yat. LOWER SEV­ERN VALE: Seven Com­mon Scot­ers were at Ar­ling­ham Pas­sage (17th), where a Grey Plover flew down­river (4th). The Richard’s Pipit re­mained at Ar­ling­ham. Four Cat­tle Egrets reg­u­larly roosted at Framp­ton Pools and were of­ten seen at Saul. A Great White Egret, 22 Lit­tle Egrets, a Pink-footed Goose (11th) and two Gold­eneyes were also noted. A Marsh Har­rier, two Wa­ter Pip­its and a Green Sand­piper were at Splatt Bridge. Sharp­ness held four Black Red­starts. Berke­ley Shore had six Rock Pip­its, a Wa­ter Pipit, Knot, 15 Turn­stones and two Jack Snipe. A Wa­ter Pipit (31st), two Whim­brels and a Turn­stone were at Beach­ley Point. Eight Bewick’s Swans and 260 Golden Plovers were at Rod­ley (7th). SLIM­BRIDGE: High­lights in­cluded a La­p­land Bunt­ing (29th-31st), four Bit­terns, 157 Bewick’s Swans, three Whooper Swans, 164 White­fronts, two Lit­tle Egrets, five Wa­ter Rails, 15 Cranes from the Great Crane Pro­ject, a Goshawk, three Pere­grines, a Marsh Har­rier, Short-eared Owl, 3,200 Lap­wings, 590 Golden Plovers, 25 Knot, 780 Dun­lin, a Lit­tle Stint, 157 Snipe, 18 Red­shanks, a Spot­ted Red­shank, 243 Black-tailed God­wits, 252 Curlews and 21 Ruff. UP­PER SEV­ERN VALE: Black Red­starts were at Deer­hurst (18th) and Tewkes­bury Abbey. Two Great White Egrets and two Jack Snipe were near the sail­ing club. A Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker was at Forthamp­ton (22nd). A

Mer­lin was at Sev­ern Ham (26th). Two Jack Snipe and a Green Sand­piper were at Leigh Mead­ows (14th). Two Jack Snipe were at Coombe Hill Mead­ows and one at Hors­bere Brook flood stor­age area. WAXWINGS: There were 30 at Cin­der­ford, 14 in Cirences­ter, 41 in Swin­don Road, Cheltenham, 30 at Kingsway in Glouces­ter, 30 at Bus­sage, 20 at High­leadon, 12 at Cain­scross, 14 over Pain­swick and 23 over Whit­min­ster. Andy Jayne (01452 506 502), Martin Mcgill and www.the­gloster­birder.co.uk LE­ICES­TER­SHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: The Glossy Ibis re­mained at Coss­ing­ton and Water­mead CP (to 10th). Flocks of Waxwings be­came more nu­mer­ous, in­clud­ing 70 in both Lough­bor­ough (13th) and Le­ices­ter (19th), 44 in Hinck­ley (6th), 40 in Burbage (11th) and 30 in South Wigston (23rd). CHARNWOOD: Swith­land Reser­voir had a Pink-footed Goose (2nd), 40 Man­darins (4th), 80 Shov­el­ers (30th) and 41 Gold­eneyes (2nd). A Green Sand­piper was at Crop­ston Reser­voir (2nd). A Firecrest was near Groby Pool (24th-28th). EYEBROOK RESER­VOIR: There were Glau­cous Gulls (1st and 7th), an Ice­land Gull (4th-6th) and a Mediter­ranean Gull (22nd). Wild­fowl in­cluded five Whooper Swans (5th), seven Smew (14th), four Red-crested Pochards (6th) and a Scaup (4th). There were 27 Dun­lin (1st), a Green Sand­piper (1st) and two Stonechats. NORTH-WEST LE­ICES­TER­SHIRE: Five Whooper Swans re­mained near Sence Val­ley For­est Park (to 7th). Al­bion Land­fill Site at­tracted four Glau­cous Gulls, two Ice­land Gulls and 38 Ravens. A Smew was on Albert Vil­lage Lake (20th) OTHER SITES: A Hen Har­rier was at Welby (2nd). Cotes­bach Land­fill Site at­tracted a Glau­cous Gull and Ice­land Gull. The Long-tailed Duck was again on Stan­ford Reser­voir (20th-29th). Thirty Bram­blings were at Ow­ston (25th). Steve Lis­ter (01509 829 495, www.lros.org.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Cat­tle Egret, the sixth county record, was near Whis­ton (7th). A Long-tailed Duck at Stan­ford Reser­voir and a Slavo­nian Grebe at Pits­ford Reser­voir re­mained through­out. A Glau­cous Gull was near Cha­combe and roosted at Bod­ding­ton Reser­voir (22nd). A Hen Har­rier was at Lut­ton (12th) and Pole­brook Air­field (15th). Three Great White Egrets were at Earls Bar­ton GP, Pits­ford and Raven­sthorpe reser­voirs, with sin­gles at Ditch­ford GP and Thrap­ston GP. Waxwings ar­rived in force, in­clud­ing 38 in Ket­ter­ing, 25 in the Boothville area of Northamp­ton, 20 in Moul­ton, 20 at Great Billing, 15 in Roade, 14 at Hang­ing Houghton, nine at Stan­ion, eight at Broughton, eight at Bul­wick, seven at Wood­ford Halse, seven at Earls Bar­ton GP, three at Sy­well and one in Daven­try. DITCH­FORD: Two Smew, two Red-crested Pochards, a Green Sand­piper and Jack Snipe were recorded. EARLS BAR­TON: Bit­terns were noted (15th and 22nd). Up to 23 White-fronted Geese oc­ca­sion­ally vis­ited White Mills Marina and CLIF­FORD HILL GP. Five Scaup, a Smew, two Red-crested Pochards, three Pin­tails, a Marsh Har­rier (3rd), Jack Snipe, Short-eared Owl and a Whooper Swan were noted. PITS­FORD: Five Bewick’s Swans flew over (5th). There were two Caspian Gulls, a Yel­low-legged Gull, Mediter­ranean Gull, Smew, two Red-crested Pochards, ten Pin­tails, four White-fronted Geese, 40 Snipe, three Green Sand­pipers, two Red­shanks, a Dun­lin, Stonechat, two Bram­blings and a Pere­grine. STAN­FORD RESER­VOIR: A Marsh Har­rier (15th) was a good record. Sixty-four Goosanders was the high­est county to­tal for some time. There was a Scaup, Smew, three Pin­tails, a Red-crested Pochard, 43 Snipe, a Jack Snipe and Caspian Gull. STANWICK GP: There was a Scaup, Smew, two Red­shanks, a Pere­grine and Caspian Gull. OTHER SITES: Fif­teen Whooper Swans flew over Fother­ing­hay (19th) and one re­mained at Sy­well CP. A White-fronted Goose was at Kis­ling­bury GP. Hol­low­ell Reser­voir hosted a Caspian Gull, Bar­na­cle Goose and six Stonechats. Six Short-eared Owls were at Neville’s Lodge near Fine­don. A Bit­tern was at Thrap­ston GP. Mediter­ranean and Caspian Gulls vis­ited Daven­try CP. A Mer­lin was near Bray­brooke. Four Caspian Gulls were around Rush­ton Land­fill, with two more near Cha­combe. Two Jack Snipe re­mained at Barnes Meadow. A Corn Bunt­ing, now a rar­ity here, was at Har­ring­ton Air­field (22nd). Bob Bul­lock 01604 627 262


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Great North­ern Diver was at Hover­ing­ham (from 21st). Waxwings in­cluded 140 in Huck­nall and 100 in Mans­field. A tun­dra Bean Goose was at Bar­ton-in-fabis (from 21st), with two at Holme Pier­re­pont (29th). AT­TEN­BOR­OUGH: Whooper Swans peaked at 28 fly­ing over. There were 68 Goosanders, three Pin­tails, a Scaup (22nd), Bit­tern, Great White Egret (27th), Oys­ter­catch­ers, a Jack Snipe, Ruff, Stonechat and Rock Pipit. The Star­ling roost built up to 6,000 birds. HOVER­ING­HAM: There were five White-fronted Geese, some Pink­feet, small groups of Whooper Swans, a Smew, Red-breasted Mer­ganser, two Pin­tails, a Great White Egret (12th), Red­shank, Green Sand­piper, 12 Golden Plovers, three Glau­cous Gulls, two Ice­land Gulls, two Caspian Gulls and sev­eral Mediter­ranean and Yel­low-legged Gulls. Bram­blings were reg­u­lar. LOUND/IDLE VAL­LEY: A Great white Egret was present through­out, with an­other (19th). Some 100 Whooper Swans, four White­fronts and a Pin­tail were noted. A Mediter­ranean Gull, two Yel­low-legged Gulls, a Caspian Gull and Glau­cous Gull roosted. A Short-eared Owl, Mer­lin, Hen Har­rier, two Marsh Har­ri­ers and a Red Kite hunted. There were three Ruff, a Red­shank, Green Sand­pipers, Wood­cock, 16 Golden Plovers, a Siberian Chif­fchaff (1st), Bram­bling, Stonechat, 300 Lesser Red­polls and a Mealy Red­poll. OTHER SITES: Whooper Swans were wide­spread. White­fronts were at Cot­tam (three), Gir­ton (two) Colling­ham (nine) and Mis­son. Two Smew were at Kilv­ing­ton, with six at Holme Pier­re­pont. Scaup were at Kilv­ing­ton and Stoke Bar­dolph. The Gar­ganey re­mained at Eakring Flash. There were 81 Man­darins at Wel­beck. Great White Egrets were at Holme Pier­re­pont (14th and 28th-30th) and Kilv­ing­ton. Bit­terns were at Lang­ford and Nether­field. A Slavo­nian Grebe was at Colling­ham (from 21st). Ice­land Gulls were at King’s Mill Reser­voir in Mans­field and over Budby. Yel­low-legged and Mediter­ranean Gulls roosted at King’s Mill. A Glau­cous, Ice­land and sev­eral Caspian Gulls were at Cotham Land­fill. Seven Curlews were at Colling­ham, with an­other at Kilv­ing­ton. A win­ter­ing Com­mon Sand­piper and Siberian Chif­fchaff were at Holme Pier­re­pont. Green Sand­pipers were at Nether­field and Calver­ton. A Dun­lin was at Kilv­ing­ton and a Black tailed Godwit at Besthorpe. Jack Snipe were at Nether­field and Colling­ham, with 28 Snipe at King’s Mill Reser­voir. Marsh Har­ri­ers were at Lang­ford and Walk­er­ing­ham. A Hen Har­rier, Mer­lin and 43 Corn Buntings were at Gring­ley. A Red Kite was at Key­worth. Short-eared Owls were at Kilv­ing­ton, Har­worth and Gring­ley. A Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker and Ring-necked Para­keet were at Wol­la­ton, with an­other para­keet at Rud­ding­ton. Stonechats were at Gedling (three), Thrump­ton and Nether­field. Lang­ford held seven Bearded Tits. A Firecrest was at Best­wood. Nine Hawfinches were at Ruf­ford, with oth­ers seen at Clum­ber. Six Cross­bills were at Budby and one at Cen­tre Parcs. Raven­shead had 100 Bram­blings. Tom Shields


OTMOOR: A Cat­tle Egret was seen (5th). Waders in­cluded 3,000 Lap­wings, 2,000 Golden Plovers and a Dun­lin. Three Marsh Har­ri­ers, two Hen Har­ri­ers, a Pere­grine, Kestrel, Spar­rowhawk, Mer­lin, Tawny Owl, Barn Owl and Short-eared Owl hunted. Other reg­u­lars in­cluded a Marsh Tit, Shel­duck, three Bit­terns and four White-fronted Geese. Fer­gus Mosey


HIGH­LIGHTS: At Rut­land Wa­ter, the Surf Scoter re­mained (to 11th) and the Green-winged Teal (to 31st). A Cat­tle Egret was at Egle­ton (5th). Up to 22 Waxwings were at Oakham (2nd-8th) with two at Man­ton (16th). RUT­LAND WA­TER: A Red-necked, two

Slavo­nian and three Black-necked Grebes were present all month, with three Bit­terns (23rd) and five Great White Egrets. There were seven Whooper Swans (17th-21st), 34 Red-crested Pochards (28th), seven Scaup (20th), 14 Smew (23rd), a Com­mon Scoter (to 8th) and the Ruddy Duck (all month). The count (15th) pro­duced 4,118 Wi­geon, 733 Gad­wall, 1,667 Teal, 2,579 Tufted Ducks, 295 Gold­eneyes, 2,019 Lap­wings, 73 Dun­lin, ten Curlews, a Green Sand­piper and ten Red­shanks. A Whim­brel was present all month. Two Caspian Gulls roosted (14th). A Mediter­ranean Gull was noted (18th). A Pere­grine was reg­u­lar at Egle­ton, where there were two Stonechats and small num­bers of Siskins and Lesser Red­polls. Four­teen Tree Spar­rows vis­ited Lyn­don Cen­tre feed­ers. OTHER SITES: There were two Man­darins at Ban­thorpe GP. Fort Henry Ponds had 104 Gad­wall (13th) and a Wa­ter Rail, Stonechat and three Tree Spar­rows (8th). Some 200 Golden Plovers were near Pick­worth. Wood­cocks were at Fort Henry, Tun­neley and West­land Woods, Wing and Leigh­field. Barn Owls were at five sites. Wil­low Tits were at Leigh­field Fish­ponds and Pil­ton. Up to 42 Bram­blings roosted at Leigh­field. There were 110 Yel­lowham­mers at Mounts Lodge (24th). Terry Mitcham


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Pine Bunt­ing at Venus Pool (1st-6th) was the first county record. A Green-winged Teal was there (8th). Six tun­dra Bean Geese at Cran­mere Bog (from 12th) were joined by an Egyp­tian Goose (21st-22nd) and five Eurasian White-fronted Geese (27th-28th). The Bean Geese also roosted at Chel­marsh Reser­voir (23rd). The two Long-tailed Ducks re­mained on White­mere, Ellesmere (to 20th), with an­other on Chetwynd Pool (4th-22nd). Waxwings in­cluded 50 in Oswestry, 20 in Shrews­bury, 40 in Mar­ket Dray­ton, 23 in Whitchurch, 20 in Han­wood and sin­gles in Bishop’s Cas­tle and Alve­ley. OTHER SITES: A Glau­cous Gull roosted on The Mere, Ellesmere (21st). Three Scaup were on Cole­mere (14th). A Hen Har­rier hunted reg­u­larly at Whix­all Moss. Four Bewick’s Swans and three Whooper Swans were in the Venus Pool area through­out. A Com­mon Scoter was at Chel­marsh Reser­voir (16th-17th). Richard Moores and Mar­tyn Owen (www. Shrop­shire­birds.com)


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Tem­minck’s Stint was at Branston GP (2nd-27th). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Blith­field Reser­voir (3rd). Great White Egrets were at Mid­dle­ton Lakes through­out, with a Scaup there (1st). Other Great White Egrets were at Doxey Marshes (19th) and Aqualate Park (22nd-31st), with a Scaup at the for­mer. A pos­si­ble Rough-legged Buz­zard was near Leek (23rd). The Vel­vet Scoter re­mained at Chase­wa­ter. A Yel­low-browed War­bler was at Whit­ting­ton (11th-13th). A Wa­ter Pipit was at Doxey Marshes (20th). A Wood Sand­piper was at Rad­ford Mead­ows (20th). Three tun­dra Bean Geese were around Whit­more (7th-31st).


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Yel­low-browed War­bler at Bran­don Marsh was a site first. Four tun­dra Bean Geese were in Nuneaton (28th). A Red-necked Grebe was at Dray­cote. A win­ter­ing Whitethroat was in Church Law­ford. ALVECOTE POOLS: There were nine Whooper Swans, two Bar­na­cle Geese, a Scaup, Great White Egret, 14 Lit­tle Egrets, an Oys­ter­catcher and Shel­duck. Waxwing, BRAN­DON Caspian MARSH: Gull A and Bit­tern, Great Wood­cock, Black-backed Gull were noted. Grebe, DRAY­COTE Smew, WA­TER:six Scaup, Therea Com­mon­was a Red-neckedS­coter, Ice­land, Yel­low-legged Glau­cous, Gulls, Mediter­ranean,Pin­tail, Dun­lin, Caspian Red­shank, and Short-eared Owl, two Grey Plovers, Tree Spar­rows and Lit­tle Egrets. EARLSWOOD: High­lights in­cluded a Wa­ter Rail, Raven, Marsh Tit, Snipe and Wood­cock. Two Lit­tle Egrets were on the River Cole. KINGSBURY WP: A Red-crested Pochard, Curlew, Yel­low-legged Gull, Jack Snipe and 16 Lit­tle Egrets were seen. LADYWALK: There was a Siberian Chif­fchaff, Great White Egret, two Lit­tle Egrets, a Man­darin, Pin­tail, Oys­ter­catcher, Marsh Tit, Pere­grine, Stock Doves and a Bit­tern. MID­DLE­TON RSPB: There was a Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker, Great White Egret, Shel­ducks, Cetti’s War­blers, Wa­ter Rails, a record 61 Lit­tle Egrets and 100 Golden Plovers. MOR­TON BAGOT: Raven, Pere­grine, Green Sand­piper, Jack Snipe and 50 Golden Plovers were the pick. SAL­FORD PRI­ORS: There were Yel­low-legged and Great Black-backed Gulls, a Jack Snipe, Green Sand­piper, Pere­grine, Raven, 25 Pochards and 310 Golden Plovers. TAME VAL­LEY: Cot­ton Lakes logged a Red-crested Pochard, Pin­tail, Oys­ter­catcher, Great Black-backed, Yel­low-legged, Mediter­ranean and Glau­cous Gulls. The Siberian Chif­fchaffs re­mained at Hams Hall. A Scaup and 30 Waxwings were at Dosthill. Jack Snipe were at Hem­ling­ford and Shus­toke. A Mer­lin and Pin­tail were at Lea Marston. OTHER SITES: Six Bearded Tits were at Nap­ton. Yel­low-legged, Ice­land, Glau­cous and Caspian Gulls were at Bubben­hall. Waxwings were in Wol­ston and 24 in Hill­mor­ton. Clare Top­ping


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Dip­per re­mained on the Bourn Brook, Har­borne/selly Oak. Waxwings in­cluded 241 at Brown­hills and 100 at Cas­tle Vale with re­ports of up to 50 from a num­ber of sites. There were 32 White-fronted Geese on Swan Pool Meadow, Sandwell Val­ley near the month’s end. Bit­terns were at Dudley and Wolverhampton. BART­LEY RESER­VOIR: There were two Ice­land Gulls, and a Glau­cous Gull, Yel­low-legged Gull, Mediter­ranean Gull and Caspian Gull. MARSH LANE: The Cetti’s War­bler re­mained. There was an Egyp­tian Goose, Stonechat, two Jack Snipe, and over 500 Teal and Wi­geon. Around 1,000 Star­lings roosted. SANDWELL VAL­LEY: There was a Great White Egret, Barn Owl, Goshawk, two Waxwings, three Whooper Swans, six Bewick’s or Whooper Swans, a Yel­low-legged Gull, Marsh and Wil­low Tits, two Pin­tails and ten Jack Snipe. OTHER SITES: Fens Pools hosted an Ice­land Gull and Yel­low-legged Gulls. An Ice­land Gull was an ex­cel­lent record from Edg­bas­ton Pool. Six Ring-necked Para­keets were at Park Lime Pits. An Ice­landic-race Red­wing was at Hale­sowen. Ten Golden Plovers flew over Lut­ley which also hosted two Stonechats. Pete Hack­ett (0121 358 2454)


AVON VAL­LEY: Four Short-eared Owls were on Bredon Hill. Two Great White Egrets were at Bredon’s Hard­wick. Eighty Golden Plovers were at Brick­le­hamp­ton. A Waxwing was seen at Eve­sham. CEN­TRAL: A Great White Egret was at Croome Park. Three Scaup and four Gold­eneyes were at Grim­ley. Two Pin­tails were at Holt. A Mer­lin was Muck­nell. Two Scaup, a Pin­tail and Gold­en­eye were at West­wood Pool. The Black Red­start re­mained on Worces­ter Cathe­dral. Golden Plovers were at Bredi­cot (252), Eg­don (57), Stoul­ton (15) and Worces­ter (125). Waxwings were at Droitwich (11) and Worces­ter (14). LOWER SEV­ERN VAL­LEY: Five White-fronted Geese, a Great White Egret and two Gold­eneyes were at Rip­ple. NORTH: A Glau­cous Gull was at Ar­row Val­ley Lake. Two Caspian Gulls, five Yel­low-legged Gulls, a Gold­en­eye and eight Pin­tails were at Bit­tell Reser­voirs. Six Cross­bills were at Ey­more Wood. An Ice­land Gull, Mediter­ranean Gull and Pin­tail were at Ha­gley. Two Mealy Red­polls were in the Wyre For­est. Cross­bills were at Ey­more Wood (six) and Lickey Hills (four). Waxwings were in good num­bers at Broms­grove (13), Chad­des­ley Cor­bett (three), Hartle­bury (23), Kid­der­min­ster (37), Stoke Prior (seven) and Tarde­bigge (four). UP­TON WAR­REN: High­lights in­cluded a Hen Har­rier, two Whooper Swans, Scaup and Caspian Gull. Brian Stretch (www.worces­ter­bird­ing.co.uk)

Waxwings, Ilke­ston, Der­byshire 5 Jan­uary

Blue Rock Thrush, Stow-on-the-wold, Glouces­ter­shire, 2 Jan­uary

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