Bird Watching (UK) - - May Id Challenge -

We fin­ish with a glossy blue-black bird fly­ing just above the ground. That blue-black colour seems to cover the whole of the up­per­parts from the up­per tail coverts to the crown. The fore­crown (or ‘front’, just above the bill) is deep red­dish, as is the throat. The only other bit of colour we can see on this bird is the pale buff colour of the lower belly (show­ing just be­hind the wing). Struc­turally, it has a typ­i­cal hirun­dine pro­file, with long, but not ex­ces­sively long, wings. The tail has two very ob­vi­ous long, fine ‘stream­ers’ for out­er­most feath­ers. This com­bi­na­tion of colours and struc­ture should have led you to this be­ing a Swal­low, or Barn Swal­low if you pre­fer the Amer­i­can-style nomen­cla­ture.

KEY FEA­TURES †Glossy blue-black up­per­parts †Red throat and just above bill †Pale un­der­tail coverts †Long tail stream­ers

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