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HIGH­LIGHTS: Hirsel Lake, Cold­stream logged 35 Mute Swans, 28 Coots, 80 Teal, two Pin­tails, 18 Goosanders, 37 Gold­eneyes and 11 Wi­geon. Whitrig Bog, Be­mer­syde Moss (7th) had 160 Wi­geon, 52 Grey­lags and 150 Pink­feet. Pax­ton House had eight Gold­eneyes, five Goosanders, two Scaup (5th), two Cor­morants, four Gold­eneyes and two King­fish­ers (16th). Win­field had four Whooper Swans (28th). Yetholm Loch had 20 Gad­wall, 25 Gold­eneyes, 13 Goosanders and seven Tufted Ducks (16th), and a Pochard (20th). James D Lough

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