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The beau­ti­ful Red-rumped Swal­low is quite a rare (but reg­u­lar) vis­i­tor to the UK in spring. For in­stance, there were about 20 seen in the coun­try in April and May last year. They are sim­i­lar in size and shape to Swal­lows, also shar­ing the long tail stream­ers. But these south­ern Euro­pean vis­i­tors have a paler (rusty) nape and buff and ru­fous rump, a pale throat and black un­der­tail coverts. Red-rumped Swal­lows also have a sub­tly dif­fer­ent flight style, with sweep­ing grace­ful glides be­tween bouts of flap­ping. Like our other hirundines, Red-rumped Swal­lows are of­ten found feed­ing on emerg­ing in­sects above wa­ter.

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