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Our last bird is mak­ing quite a splash. It could be bathing, but the ex­tent of the splash­ing im­plies that there is more to it than a sim­ple clean­ing ex­er­cise. This bird ap­pears to be plung­ing into the wa­ter, pre­sum­ably to grab a fish. It ob­vi­ously doesn’t want to get those wings wet, though, hold­ing them high above the sur­face. Those wings are long and more or less uni­formly brown, al­though there ap­pear to be whiter feath­ers show­ing through in lit­tle gaps in the wing feath­ers and in the re­flec­tion of the un­der­wing in the wa­ter. They also have prom­i­nent ‘fin­gers’: long, sep­a­rated pri­mary feath­ers, as is typ­i­cal of a large bird such as a hawk. A hawk which plunges feet first into wa­ter to catch fish, brown above, whitish be­low. It has to be an Os­prey.


†Long, fin­gered wings †Wings held above wa­ter †All dark wings; re­flec­tion shows pale un­der­side †Mas­sive splash

Long wings with prom­i­nent ‘fin­gers’ Splash of a fish­ing bird Hint of whitish un­der­wing shown in re­flec­tion

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