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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Pur­ple Heron was at Port­bury Pools (25th). A Spoon­bill was at North­wick Warth (21st). A Serin was at New Pas­sage (5th-6th). Great White Egrets were wide­spread. Red Kites passed through on a broad front. Short-eared Owls were at four coastal sites. There was a scat­ter­ing of mainly coastal Mer­lins (to 17th).

POR­TISHEAD AND CLEVEDON: A Vel­vet Scoter and two Scaup were off the Clevedon-yeo coast (9th), with a Gar­ganey there (10th). Max­ima were 140 Teal, 40 Wi­geon, 95 Black-tailed God­wits, 175 Dun­lin and 350 Red­shanks. A Red-breasted Mer­ganser was at Clevedon (3rd). A Yel­low-legged Gull was at Port­bury Pools (30th). A Tur­tle Dove was at Clevedon (25th). A Firecrest was at Wain’s Hill, Clevedon (1st).

SEVERNSIDE: A Brent Goose was at North­wick Warth (1st). Eight Eiders were off Sev­ern Beach (9th). A Marsh Harrier was at Aust Warth (28th), with a Hen Harrier at New Pas­sage (30th). Avo­cets were at New Pas­sage (2nd-3rd & 29th), with two at Old­bury (15th). Six Lit­tle Ringed Plovers were at Pil­ning Wet­lands with odd ones else­where. There were 100 Whim­brels along the coast (29th). Bar-tailed God­wits peaked at 55 and Turn­stones at 100. Thirty Arc­tic Terns were off Sev­ern Beach (28th) and 18 off Old­bury (22nd). Twenty White Wag­tails were at New Pas­sage (18th), with Wa­ter Pip­its there (1st & 6th) plus a Siberian Chif­fchaff (12th). A Black Red­start was at Old­bury Power Sta­tion (6th), with four Cross­bills there (7th).

THE RESER­VOIRS: The Long-tailed Duck re­mained at Bar­row Gur­ney (to 23rd). Chew held a Smew (24th), 10 Scaup, 10 Gold­eneyes, two Gar­ganeys (8th), Goosanders (to 8th), Bit­terns (6th & 12th), 11 Cat­tle Egrets and a Marsh Harrier. Ospreys were at Blag­don (23rd) and Keyn­sham (27th). A Wood­cock was at Blag­don (25th). A Black Tern at Chew was joined by a Com­mon Tern. A Yel­low-legged Gull was seen in­ter­mit­tently.

WE­STON-SU­PER-MARE AREA: A White-fronted Goose was at Bleadon (11th). A Whim­brel was at Sand Point (4th), where a Tree Spar­row (3rd) was un­usual.

OTHER SITES: A Smew was at Chip­ping Sod­bury (11th-23rd), with a Jack Snipe there (3rd). A Man­darin was at Han­ham, Bris­tol (26th), with a Goosander there (1st). There were 260 Golden Plovers at Salt­ford (2nd). A Grey Par­tridge was at Marsh­field (13th). A Firecrest was in Leigh Woods, Bris­tol (23rd). First dates in­cluded Cuckoo (10th), Swift (16th), Wood War­bler (21st), Gar­den War­bler (4th), Lesser Whitethroat (9th), Grasshop­per War­bler (6th),

Sedge War­bler (8th), Reed War­bler (1st), Spot­ted Flycatcher (20th), Pied Flycatcher (12th), Whin­chat (19th), Yel­low Wag­tail (2nd), Tree Pipit (4th) and Ring Ouzel (10th).

Jane Cum­ming

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