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HIGH­LIGHTS: Bray GP had an Oys­ter­catcher (9th). Burgh­field GP had Gar­ganey (23rd), up to four Red-crested Pochards (6th-14th), Os­prey (8th), and two to five Oys­ter­catch­ers (3rd-24th). A Hen harrier was at Bury Down (10th). Combe Gib­bet had up to four Ring Ouzels (11th-22nd). Crookham Com­mon recorded Whim­brel (24th), one or two Green­shanks (20th-24th), and two Ring Ouzels (23rd-29th). Din­ton Pas­tures CP had up to two Shel­ducks (2nd-28th), Gar­ganey (12th-18th), and up to three Oys­ter­catch­ers (1st-28th). Two or three Shel­ducks were at Eton Wick (13th-14th). Field Farm Land­fill had Whim­brel and Green­shank (24th). Fleethill Farm, Fin­champ­stead had two Shel­ducks (17th). At Fob­ney Meadow, records in­cluded two Shel­ducks (2nd-7th), one or two Gar­ganey (4th-26th), three Red-crested Pochards (15th), Black-tailed God­wit (10th), Wood Sand­piper (24th-25th), Wry­neck (30th), and up to four Grasshop­per War­blers (19th-29th). Green­ham Com­mon had a Red­start (15th) and four Ring Ouzels (22nd). Ju­bilee River had a Sand­wich Tern (9th-11th). A Curlew was at Low­bury Hill (22nd). Lower Farm GP had Bit­tern (24th), one or two Shel­ducks (12th-30th), Gar­ganey (9th-23rd), Scaup (18th), Os­prey (10th), Oys­ter­catcher (9th), Whim­brel (24th), one or two Green­shanks (22nd-30th), and up to two White Wag­tails (9th-22nd). Moor Green Lakes had up to four Shel­ducks (3rd-29th), five Oys­ter­catch­ers (3rd-28th), and two White Wag­tails (14th-17th). Pad­worth Lane GP had Gar­ganey (5th) and Oys­ter­catcher (9th). Pinge­wood GP had two Shel­ducks (15th-25th), twooys­ter­catch­ers (6th-29th) and Ruff (15th-16th). Queen Mother Reser­voir had Com­mon Scoter (1st), San­der­ling (4th-30th) and Whim­brel (30th). A Grasshop­per War­bler was at Read­ing (20th). The Re­view Ground, Wind­sor Great Park had two Shel­ducks (14th). Slough SF had a Grasshop­per War­bler (22nd-29th). A Marsh Harrier was at South­cote Lock (19th). Streat­ley had two Sand­wich Terns (9th). At Swin­ley For­est (5th-24th), there were up to six Red­starts. Thatcham GP had a Gar­ganey (8th). Thatcham Marsh had a Grasshop­per War­bler (30th). At Theale GP, records in­cluded up to two Red-crested Pochards (3rd-29th), two Oys­ter­catch­ers (3rd-29th), Mediter­ranean Gull (23rd), two Lit­tle Gulls (5th-22nd), two Arc­tic Tern (27th), two Black Terns (24th-30th), White Wag­tail (13th), Grasshop­per War­bler (15th) and Wood War­bler (29th). Twyford GP had seven Oys­ter­catch­ers (18th). White Place Farm, Cookham had up to three Oys­ter­catch­ers (11th-20th). Wool­hamp­ton GP had two Shel­ducks (28th), two Oys­ter­catch­ers (3rd-28th) and a Green­shank (25th).

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