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METROPOLI­TAN ES­SEX: Waltham­stow Reser­voir at­tracted Whim­brels, Black-tailed God­wits, Dun­lin, a Grey Plover, Siberian Chif­fchaff, two Lit­tle Terns, six White Wag­tails and a Pied Flycatcher. King Ge­orge V Reser­voir had a Sand­wich Tern, seven Lit­tle Gulls, 19 Arc­tic Terns, a Black Tern, Lit­tle Tern, Kit­ti­wake, Ring Ouzel and Blue-headed Wag­tail. Wanstead Flats had two Red­starts, two Ring Ouzels, a Nightin­gale, Tree Pipit, Whin­chat and Wood­lark. The In­gre­bourne Val­ley had three Red­starts, two Jack Snipe, a Red-crested Pochard and Grey Plover. Six Waxwings were in Hornchurch. Ring Ouzels were on Orsett Fen and over Gidea Park. A Whin­chat was at Fair­lop Wa­ters CP. Two Tree Pip­its sang in the Ep­ping buf­fer lands. Tur­tle Doves re­turned to a tra­di­tional North Weald site. Caspian Gulls were at Creek­mouth and Thames Bar­rier Park. Thir­teen Arc­tic Terns moved through. There were 17 Whim­brels, six Mediter­ranean Gulls and a Kit­ti­wake off Grays Beach. A Goshawk, Lit­tle Tern, seven Whim­brels,

18 Mediter­ranean Gulls, three Arc­tic Terns and a Whin­chat were at Gal­lions Reach.

MID ES­SEX: Ab­ber­ton Reser­voir logged a Spoon­bill, Vel­vet Scoter, 38 Scaup, two Goosanders, two Gar­ganeys, a Bon­a­parte’s Gull, four Lit­tle Gulls, Arc­tic Terns, a Red-rumped Swal­low, 10 Black Terns and a Black-throated Diver. A Glossy Ibis was on Mersea Is­land, with a Black-necked Grebe off­shore. Two Ring Ouzels were at Cud­more Grove. A Whin­chat was at the Hythe. Forty Nightin­gales were at Fin­gringhoe. A Hobby and Bearded Tit were at Brightlingsea. A Bee-eater flew over Wiven­hoe. Old Hall Marshes had 13 Spot­ted Red­shanks and 21 Whim­brels.

NORTH ES­SEX: Hol­land Haven had two Gar­ganeys, two Pur­ple Sand­pipers and a Pied Flycatcher. The Naze held a Red­start and Ken­tish Plover. Two Eiders, two Vel­vet Scot­ers, 26 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, two Shags, Tur­tle Doves and a Red-necked Grebe were at Wrab­ness. A Black Red­start, Ring Ouzel, Pur­ple Sand­piper and Os­prey were at Colne Point. Two Red­starts were at Wig­boro Wick Farm. A Black-necked Grebe was at Stansted Air­port. Two Whin­chats were at Hat­field Broad Oak. Four Ravens flew over Mash­bury.

RAIN­HAM MARSHES: High­lights in­cluded Bar-tailed God­wits, Whim­brels, Ringed Plovers, Dun­lin, Black-tailed God­wits, a Curlew Sand­piper, Lit­tle Stint, Knot, Turn­stone, Grey Plover, Jack Snipe, three Red­wings, a Field­fare, Wa­ter Pip­its, 20 Wheatears, Whin­chats, Ring Ouzels, Yel­low Wag­tails, Cuck­oos, a Hobby, Red-legged Par­tridge, Red Kites, 32 Buz­zards, a Mer­lin, Com­mon Terns, 27 Arc­tic Terns, two Lit­tle Terns, two Black Terns, two Sand­wich Terns, two Red-breasted Mer­gansers and two Com­mon Scot­ers.

SOUTH EAST ES­SEX: Han­ning­field Reser­voir had two Lit­tle Gulls, two Lit­tle Terns, three Sand­wich Terns and five Black Terns. Hob­bies flew over Bil­ler­icay and Chelms­ford. A Red­start was in Rayne. Shags were at Stow Marsh. An Alpine Swift and 44 Whim­brels were at Blue House Farm. A Goshawk was at Wood­ham Fen. Ospreys were there, at Brad­well BO (two) and off Can­vey Point. A Gar­ganey was at Fleet Head.

Wal­lasea Wet­lands had two Gar­ganeys, a Dot­terel, Spoon­bill and two Blue-headed Wag­tails. Three Ring Ouzels were around Wak­er­ing Stairs. A Glau­cous Gull, 10 White Wag­tails and Black-winged Stilts were on Bow­ers Marsh. Vange Marshes hosted a Red-crested Pochard, Lit­tle Gull and Jack Snipe. A Raven flew over Bil­ler­icay.

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