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HIGH­LIGHTS: A Dot­terel was at My­roe (30th). A Long-billed Dow­itcher was at Quoile Pondage (24th), with a Ring-necked Duck there for most of the month. Three Avo­cets were at Killinchy, Co Down (15th) and two at Belfast Har­bour RSPB (23rd). A Great White Egret flew over Dun­drum (11th). The long-stay­ing in­di­vid­ual was seen again at Drum­gay Lough (1st). Gar­ganeys were at Port­more Lough (17th) and Por­tavoe Reser­voir (23rd). Ospreys were at Gle­n­arm For­est (27th) and Lough Beg (28th). A White-tailed Ea­gle was at Lower Lough Erne (14th). Two Ring-billed Gulls were at Belfast Har­bour (25th), with an­other there (9th). The long-stay­ing in­di­vid­ual re­mained at the Round-o. A Lit­tle Gull was at Belfast Har­bour (23rd), with ten Mediter­ranean Gulls there (24th). A Glau­cous Gull was at Glen­wherry, Co Antrim (13th). Six Ice­land Gulls were re­ported from around the prov­ince. A Tree Pipit was recorded on Rath­lin Is­land (30th), where a Bram­bling was heard in song (7th). Two Red­starts were on the Copeland Is­lands (29th). A Wa­ter Pipit was at Mil­lisle, Co Down (9th). Ian Gra­ham


HOLYHEAD AREA: Mi­grants at South Stack in­cluded a Ring Ouzel, Swal­low and Manx Shear­wa­ter (1st), four Cross­bills (9th), with two (13th), a Whim­brel (10th), Great Skua (13th), Ring Ouzel (17th), Red­start (19th), Po­ma­rine Skua, Arc­tic Skua, Long-tailed Duck and Whitethroat (21st) and Hooded Crow (24th). The In­land Sea held a Black-necked Grebe and four Scaup. The Alaw Es­tu­ary logged 265 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese, a Whooper Swan, four Whim­brels, three Green­shanks and a Green Sand­piper.

OTHER SITES: Mall­traeth Marsh had three Gar­ganeys, two Lit­tle Ringed Plovers (3rd), two Avo­cets (4th), a Hen Harrier and Sedge War­bler (7th), 30 White Wag­tails (10th), a Great White Egret (12th), a Reed War­bler, Ruff and Com­mon Sand­piper (16th), a Yel­low Wag­tail (20th) and eight Cat­tle Egrets (23rd). Two Ice­land Gulls and a Glau­cous Gull were near Boda­fon Moun­tain. Cem­lyn held 15 Mediter­ranean Gulls, a Whim­brel, Sand­wich and Com­mon Terns, two Hooded Crows, six Pur­ple Sand­pipers, a Yel­low Wag­tail, Grasshop­per War­bler, Tree Pipit, Sedge War­bler, Short-eared Owl and La­p­land Bunting. Two Cat­tle Egrets were near Llyn Llyge­rian. Llyn Lly­we­nan had a Great White Egret (4th-5th), Scaup and Long-tailed Duck. Ken Croft


HIGH­LIGHTS: Llan­gorse Lake held three Great White Egrets (to 7th), a Bon­a­parte’s Gull (7th, a first for Breconshire), four Sand­wich Terns (9th), a Black Tern and Arc­tic Tern (30th), four Ringed Plovers, four Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, four Dun­lin, four Com­mon Sand­pipers, a Red­shank, Green­shank and Whim­brel. A Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker was nearby. Marsh Har­ri­ers flew over Llan­gorse (11th) and Llangam­march Wells (10th). Two Dot­terel were on Pen Cer­rig Calch, Black Moun­tains (22nd). A Yel­low-legged Gull was on Brechfa Pool (26th). A Gar­ganey vis­ited Sar­nau (30th).

LLAN­GORSE LAKE: Sand Martins peaked at 1,050 (16th), joined by av­er­age num­bers of Swal­lows (from 10th). Last dates in­cluded Gold­en­eye (4th) and Pin­tail (5th). There were low num­bers of Teal, Wi­geon, Gad­wall and Tufted Ducks all month. Reed War­blers and a Whitethroat re­turned (5th). There was a Gar­den War­bler (24th), a pas­sage of White Wag­tails and Whin­chats (25th) and two Yel­low Wag­tails (29th).

OTHER SITES: There were five Swal­low over Libanus and a Wil­low War­bler at Do­lafallen (1st). A Pied Flycatcher was at Beu­lah (2nd). Four Red­starts were at Libanus (8th), with an­other and a Tree Pipit at Llan­wrthwl. Ring Ouzels were at eight sites, with breed­ing sus­pected at three. Nine Gold­eneyes were at Taly­bont Reser­voir (6th). Golden Plovers in­cluded 80 on Mynydd Ffor­est and 48 over Llan­de­falle Hill. Dis­play­ing Curlews were at just nine sites. On the Elan/wye river sys­tem, Man­darins bred at Ca­ban Coch Reser­voir, Er­wood, Pip­ton and Ffordd Fawr. Black-headed Gulls re­turned to Brechfa Pool. Goshawks were wide­spread, but Kestrels were only noted at Cwm Owen, Craig y Ci­lau and Es­gair Cefn Car­nau. Eight House Martins were at Sen­ny­bridge (14th). Cuck­oos called (from 17th). Grasshop­per War­blers were at Tre­cas­tle, Gam­rhiw and Ystradg­yn­lais. A Swift was at Llang­y­nidr (21st) and a Wood War­bler at New­bridge-on-wye (24th). An­drew King, Keith No­ble and www. brec­knock­birds.co.uk


HIGH­LIGHTS: Gar­ganeys were at Cors Caron (2nd) and Ynys­las (18th). Ice­land Gulls were at Llanon (4th) and at Aberys­t­wyth (13th-14th). A Lit­tle Gull was at Llan­rhys­tud (5th-6th). Two Avo­cets flew south at Aber­aeron (9th). Hooded Crows were at Lland­dein­iol (17th) and Aber­aeron (23rd). A Great North­ern Diver passed Aberys­t­wyth (19th). Two Dot­terel were on Plyn­limon (21st). The Great Grey Shrike re­mained at Cross Inn For­est (to 16th). Pas­sage birds in­cluded 150 Whim­brels at

Ynys­las (18th), with 40 Sand­wich Terns there (29th), and 76 White Wag­tails at Lland­dein­iol (23rd), with an amaz­ing 114 Wheatears in a sin­gle field there (26th). There was a steady Arc­tic Skua pas­sage of ones and twos (from 9th). Four Pur­ple Sand­pipers re­mained at Aberys­t­wyth.

COASTAL SITES: Brent Geese were at Llanon (1st), Llan­ina (2nd) and Llan­rhys­tud (11th and 22nd). There were 71 Golden Plovers at Aber­aeron (18th). A Mer­lin was at Morfa By­chan (20th). Thir­teen Bar-tailed God­wits were at Llansantf­fraed (21st). Max­ima at Ynys­las were 560 Ringed Plovers, seven Knot, 50 Bar-tailed God­wits and 2,400 Dun­lin. Also there was an Arc­tic Tern (21st), Hen Harrier (24th), Lit­tle Tern (26th), three Pink­feet (23rd) and seven Eiders (from 26th).

OTHER SITES: Cors Caron logged a Jack Snipe and Green Sand­piper (8th), a Lit­tle Ringed Plover (9th), two Ruff, three Com­mon Sand­pipers and five Lit­tle Ringed Plovers (23rd) and a Swift (27th). A Mer­lin was at Cross Inn For­est (17th). John A Davis (john­davis@mid­wales­bird­watch­ing.co.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Twite at Con­nah’s Quay and Shot­ton Steel­works peaked at 18. There were five Black Terns (22nd-30th), a Lit­tle Gull and 15 Whim­brels (23rd), Ring Ouzels, Whin­chats, a Hooded Crow (28th), Spot­ted Red­shanks, a Great White Egret (19th) and an Os­prey. A prob­a­ble Black Kite flew over the Wrex­ham by-pass (22nd). Shot­ton La­goons had their first re­turn­ing Com­mon Tern (15th), with 100 (23rd). There was an Arc­tic Tern (24th). Also logged (19th-23rd) were four Whin­chats, an Os­prey, five Cetti’s War­bler, four Yel­low Wag­tails, a Tree Pipit, Marsh Harrier, Black Tern, Green Sand­piper, three Com­mon Sand­pipers, five Grasshop­per War­blers, two Lesser Whitethroats, two House Martins, an Avo­cet, Red­start and 21 Wheatears.

COASTAL SITES: Rhyl Brick­works Pool had a Scaup (to 5th). Rhos Point had three Lit­tle Gulls (24th). Shotwick Boat­ing Lake had a Green Sand­piper and Wheatear (15th), and a Cetti’s War­bler and Whitethroat (17th). Con­nah’s Quay logged a Red­start, 10 Com­mon Sand­pipers, 20 Wheatears (28th), a Whin­chat, Spot­ted Red­shank, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, two Yel­low Wag­tails, an Avo­cet and Green­shank.

IN­LAND SITES: Den­bigh Moun­tain had 40 Ravens, seven Red­polls and good num­bers of Chif­fchaffs and Wil­low War­blers (8th). Fenn’s Moss had Curlews on ter­ri­tory, three Stonechats, 10 Wil­low War­blers and Chif­fchaffs, a Kestrel, Buz­zard, Green Wood­pecker and Mis­tle Thrush. Bet­t­is­field had eight Buz­zards, two Shel­ducks and three Lap­wings. Erd­dig had two ju­ve­nile Jays (28th), Green and Great Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers, Mis­tle Thrush, Nuthatch, Lit­tle Grebe, eight Goosanders, two Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, Sedge War­blers, eight Reed Buntings and a Dip­per. Gres­ford Flash and Bor­ras Pools logged an in­flux of Com­mon Gulls, 100 Sand Martins, a Lesser Whitethroat, two Com­mon Sand­pipers, three each of Dun­lin, Lit­tle Ringed Plovers and Com­mon Sand­pipers, eight White Wag­tails, four Wheatears, a Whitethroat and two Oys­ter­catch­ers (24th). The Flash had two Wil­low War­blers (1st) and 20 Tufted Ducks (22nd). Bur­ton had a Black­cap (11th), House Martins

(18th) and two pairs of Lap­wings. Siskins were in Wrex­ham gar­dens. Nor­man Hal­las, Rev Hugh Linn, Jason New­ton, Kevin Smith and Richard Smith


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Ring-necked Duck at Cardiff Bay (4th) was pre­sum­ably the bird seen at Cosme­ston in late March. Also there was a Glau­cous Gull, two Scaup and a Green­shank. Sev­eral Gar­ganeys lin­gered at Ken­fig, where a Marsh Harrier and Ruff were noted. A Green­shank and Ruff were at Llanilid, a Green­shank and Lit­tle Ringed Plover at Og­more Es­tu­ary, and 90 Bar-tailed God­wits at Porth­cawl. A Black Red­start was at Rhi­w­bina. A Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker was near Llangeinor. A Firecrest was at St Mary’s Well Bay, Lav­er­nock. Paul Roberts


BARD­SEY IS­LAND: There was a Firecrest and 27 Chif­fchaffs (1st), a Black Red­start (2nd), 220 Meadow Pip­its (3rd), a Mer­lin and four Snipe (4th), 25 Manx Shear­wa­ters, 256 Lin­nets and two La­p­land Buntings (6th), three Grasshop­per War­blers, a Ring Ouzel, Yel­lowham­mer and two Tree Pip­its (7th), four Cross­bills, three White Wag­tails, 18 Wheatears and nine Ful­mars (10th), and a Mealy Red­poll and Scan­di­na­vian Rock Pipit (11th). There were two Hooded Crows and a Balearic Shear­wa­ter (14th), 203 Swal­lows, 120 Wil­low War­blers and 27 Chif­fchaffs (17th), a Pal­las’s War­bler, Ice­land Gull and Hooded Crow (18th), a Yel­low Wag­tail, two Red­starts and 528 Ra­zor­bills (19th), and 691 Wil­low War­blers, 268 Wheatears, in­clud­ing many Green­land-race birds, two Cross­bills, a Lit­tle Egret, Reed War­bler, 14 Grasshop­per War­blers and a Pied Flycatcher (20th). There were 17 White Wag­tails (21st), a Goshawk, Swift and five Sedge War­blers (22nd), 71 Black­caps and a Short-eared Owl (23rd), a Ring Ouzel (24th), 67 Manx Shear­wa­ters and 89 Kit­ti­wakes (27th), a Wa­ter Pipit (28th), and eight Pied Fly­catch­ers (30th).

OTHER SITES: Porth Din­l­laen (21st) held three Wheatears, eight Sand­wich Terns, 104 Guille­mots, a Whitethroat and Com­mon Sand­piper. Pwll­heli had seven Whim­brels, eight Sky Larks, 23 Lin­nets, five Mediter­ranean Gulls and six Ringed Plovers (21st). Aber­daron (25th) had four Sand­wich Terns and 22 Curlews. Fo­ryd Bay had two Bar­na­cle Geese and six White Wag­tails (8th), six Long-tailed Ducks (9th), and five Red-throated Divers, 27 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese, 40 Wheatears, 12 White Wag­tails and three Whim­brels (22nd). A Gar­ganey was at Glaslyn (23rd). Llyn Bach had a Lit­tle Gull (22nd). Shirley Roul­ston


SKOMER: A Lit­tle Egret flew past (17th). Com­mon Scot­ers peaked at 447. There were two Red Kites (22nd) and one (26th). A Hen Harrier re­mained (to 23rd). An Os­prey flew over (18th). A Kestrel and Mer­lin were ever-present, with a Hobby (22nd). Wader max­ima in­cluded three Ringed Plovers, a Lap­wing, two Dun­lin, six Snipe, a Bar-tailed God­wit, 31 Whim­brels, two Com­mon Sand­pipers and 15 Turn­stones. Puffins peaked at 25,227. There were Stock Doves (9th and 13th) and Col­lared Doves (13th-14th). Cuck­oos were noted (18th and 25th). Short-eared Owls were dis­play­ing. Peak hirun­dine counts were 254 Sand Martins, 290 Swal­lows and 35 House Martins. A

Tree Pipit flew over (20th). White Wag­tails were noted on six dates. There was a Black Red­start (8th), with three (9th), one stay­ing (to 20th). Red­starts were recorded (15th & 20th), with two (19th & 30th). There were two Whin­chats (30th). Wheatears peaked at 61, in­clud­ing seven Green­land-race birds. Two Ring Ouzels were seen (7th), with sin­gles (8th & 19th). There were Field­fares (19th & 23rd), Song Thrushes (19th (two) & 22nd) and Red­wings (6th (two) and 29th). War­bler max­ima were four Grasshop­per War­blers, 10 Sedge War­blers, one Reed War­bler, one Gar­den War­bler, four Gold­crests, 26 Black­caps, 12 Whitethroats, 16 Chif­fchaffs and 140 Wil­low War­blers. An Eastern Subalpine War­bler was seen (20th). The first Spot­ted Flycatcher ar­rived (29th), with Pied Fly­catch­ers (10th & 19th). There was a Siskin (27th) and Lesser Red­polls (9th & 29th). Ed Stub­bings


ELAN VAL­LEY: A Cat­tle Egret flew north over Pont ar Elan and an Os­prey over Peny­gar­reg. Grasshop­per War­blers were at Craig Goch and Penglainon and Sedge War­bler at Dol y My­nach and Claer­wen. Ring Ouzels were found at Ty Mawr and Y Foel. At Tru­mau were eight Golden Plover, four Dun­lin, Mer­lin and Short-eared Owl. Hawfinches were at Ca­ban Lake­side and Glan­nau. At Crugyn Ci and Claer­wen were Red Grouse, Hen Harrier and Golden Plover. By Craig Goch Reser­voir were eight Curlew, six Snipe, four Reed Bunting, Whin­chat, Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl and Green Sand­piper. At Dol y My­nach were eight Grey­lag Geese, Great Crested Grebe, Lit­tle Grebe, Wood War­bler and Reed Bunting.

WYE VAL­LEY: Four Cat­tle Egret near Glas­bury were a county first. Man­darins were at Llan­wrthwl, Aberedw, Glan­wye and Llanstephan. A Reed War­bler was near Hay and a Pere­grine seen at Bronydd. Pied Fly­catch­ers were early at Cil­cenni and Clyro where Os­prey and Great White Egret were seen. At Glas­bury were Yel­low Wag­tails, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Grey­lag Goose, Arc­tic Tern, Whim­brel, Cuckoo, Oys­ter­catcher, three Lit­tle Egret, Reed War­bler, Sedge War­bler and Hobby. Hob­bys were also at Glas­bury Farm and Llanel­wedd.

OTHER SITES: At Llyn Heilyn were Oys­ter­catcher, four Cross­bill, 16 Tufted Duck, 10 Canada Geese, five Lit­tle Grebe, five Reed Bunting and seven Teal. At Llanb­wch­llyn were Reed War­bler, Wa­ter Rail, Marsh Tit, Great Crested Grebe, 12 Black­cap, 14 Wil­low War­bler, Pied Flycatcher, Red­start, Reed Bunting, Teal and Tufted Duck. Llan­drindod Lake had Sand­wich Tern, Black Tern, Com­mon Tern,grey­lag Goose, Pied Flycatcher, Wood War­bler and Reed War­bler. Wood War­blers were also at Clyro and Pain­scas­tle (from 12th). The first Cuck­oos were at Pain­scas­tle and Rhos­goch (16th). Grasshop­per War­blers were at Rhos­goch, Nant­mel Tip, Bwlch y Sar­nau and Llan­bis­ter. Green­land Wheatears were found at The Beg­wyns, Bea­con Hill, Hergest Ridge, Ire­land Moor and Newchurch Com­mon. Pete Jen­nings, Rad­nor­shire(vc43) Bird Recorder tel: 01588 680631, rad­nor­shire­birds@hot­mail.com


HIGH­LIGHTS: Cat­tle Egrets were at Bur­ton Mere Wet­lands RSPB through­out, Ch­ester Mead­ows (1st), Bur­ton Marsh (3rd & 17th), and Hale (four, 15th). A Great White Egret was at Hale (1st), with two Wa­ter Pip­its and a fe­male Gar­ganey, and one was at Bur­ton Marsh (12th & 19th), with three Spot­ted Red­shanks there on the lat­ter date. Three Great White Egrets were at Bur­ton Marsh (26th), when one was at Heswall Marsh. A Spot­ted Crake was at Ch­ester Mead­ows (3rd). A Hoopoe was at Ash­ton Haynes early in the month. A drake Green-winged Teal was at Ellesmere Port (9th). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Bolling­ton (14th)

WOOL­STON EYES: Ring­ing on No1 bed in­cluded Lesser Red­poll, Yel­lowham­mer, Reed Bunting, Reed War­bler and Grasshop­per War­bler. Records in­cluded a Wheatear, seven Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, a Cetti’s War­bler, King­fisher, 80 Red­wings, a Pere­grine and Wood­cock. Ring­ing on No3 bed in­cluded Green­finch, Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker, Snipe, Grasshop­per War­bler and Sedge War­bler. No3 bed records in­cluded two Dun­lin, three Cetti’s War­blers, three Oys­ter­catch­ers, a Pere­grine, King­fisher, eight Buz­zards, 120 Red­wings, 760 Sand Martins, seven House Martins, a Hobby, Os­prey, Marsh Harrier, Gar­den War­bler, six Reed War­blers, two Ravens, four Black-tailed God­wits and six Mediter­ranean Gulls. Re­serve-wide counts gave 22 Black­caps, 42 Chif­fchaffs, 21 Wil­low War­blers, 21 Lit­tle Grebes, 27 Mute Swans, 40 Shov­el­ers, 30 Moorhens, 26 Shel­ducks, 59 Gad­wall, six Wa­ter Rails, 54 Coots and 13 Black-necked Grebes. Dave Steel


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Great White Egret was over Arn­side (7th). A Long-tailed Duck was off Grune Point (1st). a drake Scaup was at Brig­steer Wet­land (1st-9th), and an­other was at Long­town (1st-9th). Ospreys were at Ken­dal (2nd), Kent Es­tu­ary (4th-5th), Carlisle (4th), Arn­side (18th), Mil­nthorpe (21st), Esth­waite Wa­ter (22nd), and South Wal­ney NR (30th). A Lit­tle Gull was at Long­town (2nd-6th), and a first-win­ter was at Bow­ness-on-sol­way (21st). Waxwings re­mained around Carlisle and Pen­rith. A Gar­ganey was at Wed­holme View (9th), and one was at Camp­field Marsh RSPB (14th). A Lit­tle Stint was at Port Carlisle (9th-10th). A Black-throated Diver was off Bow­ness-on-sol­way (10th), and a Great Skua was there (11th). A Black Red­start was at For­est Head (11th). A Po­ma­rine Skua passed

Nether­town (12th). A redhead Smew was at Sid­dick Ponds NR (15th). Four Hawfinches were in a gar­den at Arn­side (17th). A Spot­ted Red­shank was at Wed­holme Flow (21st) with four Whim­brel and 15 White Wag­tails. A Wood War­bler was at Melkinthorpe (27th).


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black Kite was re­ported over Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs (16th). A Cat­tle Egret flew over Pen­ning­ton Flash (2nd), with four near Ash­ton-in-mak­er­field (23rd). Ospreys flew over Lit­tle Woolden Moss (3rd), Rum­worth Lodge (4th, 9th & 14th), Wi­gan (7th), Dof­f­cocker (13th) and Castle­shaw Reser­voirs (22nd).

EL­TON RESER­VOIR: An Os­prey flew over (13th). There was a Lit­tle Gull (14th-21st), with two (20th), and five Black Terns, two Arc­tic Terns and four Lit­tle Gulls (30th). A Gar­ganey was seen (15th-19th).

MERSEY VAL­LEY: A Whin­chat was on Car­ring­ton Moss (23rd-25th), with a White Wag­tail there (26th). Four Wheatears were on the Basell site (8th) and up to 30 on Car­ring­ton Moss (15th-26th). Up to five Yel­low Wag­tails were at Al­trin­cham ETW (15th-19th) and one on Car­ring­ton Moss (23rd-26th). Com­mon Sand­pipers were on the River Mersey near Chorl­ton WP (26th) and on Car­ring­ton Moss (3rd).

PEN­NING­TON FLASH: Two Black Terns and two Arc­tic Terns were seen (30th). The Long-tailed Duck re­mained (to 2nd). A Com­mon Scoter dropped in (7th). Gar­ganeys were seen (6th-13th & 28th). There were Pied Fly­catch­ers (9th & 17th), a Knot (15th) and Black-necked Grebe (19th).

OTHER SITES: Five Black Terns and a Bar-tailed God­wit were at Rum­worth Lodge (30th). Long-tailed Ducks were on Scot­man’s Flash (8th-12th) and Gor­ton Reser­voirs (4th-19th). Two re­mained at Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs (to 29th), with Rock Pip­its there (1st & 12th), a Lit­tle Gull (2nd), two Com­mon Scot­ers (10th), a Whim­brel (19th), Turn­stone (21st), and a Lit­tle Tern, three Black Terns, nine Arc­tic Terns and two Bar-tailed God­wits (30th). Waxwings were at Ash­ton-un­der-lyne (10 on 1st), Bolton (23 on 5th), Gat­ley (10 on 7th), Chorl­ton (12 on 9th), Didsbury (40 on 18th) and Marple (27 on 27th). A Grey Plover was at Lit­tle Woolden Moss (10th), with a Wood Sand­piper there (30th). Two Gar­ganeys were at Light­shaw Mead­ows (3rd). Up to three Ring Ouzels were on Lud­worth Moor (22nd-29th), with three at Greenfield (26th) and one at Al­trin­cham (29th). Dr Paul Brew­ster (01606 590 491)


HIGH­LIGHTS: An Ibe­rian Chif­fchaff was at Crosby (9th). A co-or­di­nated count of Whim­brel roosts (26th) gave a to­tal of over 1,600 birds. A

Pal­lid Harrier was in Bow­land (from 26th), with a White-tailed Ea­gle in the same area (from 27th). Around 150 Black Terns were seen, mostly on the coast (30th).

EAST LAN­CASHIRE: Five Ring Ouzels were on Pen­dle (3rd), with four Dot­terel there (23rd). Eight Ospreys headed north. Sixty-two Waxwings were at Lon­gridge Fell (7th), with 30 at Chor­ley (4th). A Black Red­start was in the Long­den Val­ley (8th). A Hooded Crow was at Twis­ton Moor (10th). Two Gar­ganeys were at Al­ston Wet­lands (9th). A Wa­ter Pipit was at Rish­ton Reser­voir (18th). Stocks Reser­voir had Wood Sand­piper (25th) and Black Tern (27th), with 15 of the lat­ter (30th).

FYLDE RE­GION: A Gar­ganey was at New­ton Marsh (11th-15th). Four­teen Goosanders were at Aven­ham Park, Pre­ston (17th). Black­pool logged a Vel­vet Scoter (28th), many Manx Shear­wa­ters, Gan­nets, Sand­wich and Arc­tic Terns, and a Great North­ern Diver (7th). Waders in­cluded 300 Golden Plovers at Cock­er­sands (6th), 111 Grey Plovers at Fairhaven, and 125 at Fluke Hall. A Cat­tle Egret was at Con­der Pool (2nd), with seven at Freck­le­ton Naze (3rd) and up to 10 at Bryn­ing. A Great White Egret was at Pilling Lane Ends (2nd). Two were at War­ton Marsh with 30 Lit­tle Egrets. A Great North­ern Diver was at Ros­sall (21st), with a Black Guille­mot and a Po­ma­rine Skua there (23rd). A Hooded Crow was on Ros­sall GC (19th). A Black Red­start was at Fairhaven (8th), with a Grasshop­per War­bler there (17th-18th). Ring Ouzels were in a St Anne’s gar­den (13th) and at Fairhaven (19th). A Yel­low Wag­tail was at Bank End (14th), with two there (23rd), and one at New­ton Marsh (28th). There was a large in­flux of Green­lan­drace Wheatears (19th), with White Wag­tails also seen in good num­bers. A Glau­cous Gull was at Pre­ston Dock (29th-30th). Two Lit­tle Terns were at Black­pool (30th), when the first Whin­chats ar­rived.

MARTON MERE: High­lights in­cluded a Bram­bling, Siskin, Reed War­bler (2nd – the ear­li­est ever for Lan­cashire), Os­prey, Bit­tern, Mer­lin, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Lit­tle Gull, Ring Ouzel, Cuckoo, Hooded Crow, five Grasshop­per War­blers, 200 Sand Martins, 40 Swal­lows and a Swift.


Three Cat­tle Egrets were at Mar­tin Mere (4th), with five at Marsh­side. Three Ospreys flew north. Thirty-six Lit­tle Gulls were at Cabin Hill (9th), when a Grasshop­per War­bler was at Marsh­side. Ring Ouzels were at Ains­dale (9th) and Marsh­side (18th). A Swift was at Seaforth (17th). A Pied Flycatcher was at Long­ton Brick­croft (20th). Forty White Wag­tails were at Crosby Beach (18th). Wood Sand­pipers were at Lunt Mead­ows (26th) and Hightown (29th). A Wood War­bler was at Hes­keth GC (29th). Mau­rice Jones


HIGH­LIGHTS: An adult male Pal­lid Harrier held tem­po­rary ter­ri­tory at Whi­ten­dale in the south-east of our record­ing area (from 27th) and a White-tailed Ea­gle was seen at the same lo­ca­tion (27th-29th). Nearby a Red Kite (3rd) and Black Red­start (8th) were near Lang­den Cas­tle. The last of the Waxwings was a sin­gle­ton on War­ton Crag (7th). A Hooded Crow was at Ald­cliffe (16th). The heron-fest in the Leighton area in­cluded Cat­tle Egret (sin­gle­ton then two from 4th) and two Great White Egret with three

(from 13th). A Spot­ted Crake called along­side Leighton cause­way for one early morn­ing (16th). Sec­ond cal­en­dar year Ice­land Gulls passed through Heysham (5th & 30th)

LEIGHTON MOSS AND AREA: The ex­pected ar­rival of Sand Mar­tin in big­ger num­bers kick­started the month (1st) with an early Swift (17th) join­ing the Swal­lows and trickle of House Martins. Heron species stole the head­lines early on with Bit­tern, Lit­tle Egrets and Grey Herons join­ing the scarcer species. A drake Gar­ganey (2nd) bol­stered the mi­grant list with four seen (18th). Stay­ing with wild­fowl, six Gold­en­eye lin­gered (7th). Sum­mer mi­grant first dates saw Sedge War­bler (8th), Reed War­bler (10th) and a mul­ti­ple ar­rival of Grasshop­per War­blers (17th). The first Lesser Whitethroat of the year (19th) shared the day with Tree Pipit and two Wheatears near the rail­way cross­ing. A Whin­chat (25th-26th) was joined by a Yel­low Wag­tail (26th) and a brief ap­pear­ance was made by a Red­start (27th). The usual in­crease in Wil­low War­bler, Black­cap and Chif­fchaff was added to with Gar­den War­bler (25th). Wad­ing birds were mainly a mix­ture of 50-plus Avo­cets (18th) and north­bound Black-tailed God­wits (up to 3,000). Both Com­mon and Green Sand­pipers were at Lil­ian’s (23rd) and a Lit­tle Ringed Plover was at the Eric More­cambe Pool (23rd). A sin­gle Spot­ted Red­shank (30th) was an ex­pected pas­sage mi­grant as were Whim­brel (11th & 23rd). Just two pas­sage Ospreys were re­ported (11th & 25th) and four Black Terns (30th) ar­rived in a spell of an im­pres­sive lo­cal pas­sage. A one-day Lit­tle Gull spent the evening at the Allen Pool (23rd) and on the main re­serve, Marsh Har­ri­ers and Bearded Tits were un­der way with their breed­ing ac­tiv­ity.

HEYSHAM BIRD OB­SER­VA­TORY: The sea was given very good cov­er­age dur­ing the early morn­ings and pro­duced an ex­cel­lent va­ri­ety of sight­ings. No­table were 569 Arc­tic Terns (30th), a record count of at least 185 and prob­a­bly 215 Black Terns (30th), two Arc­tic Skuas (27th & 28th), four Great Skuas (24th and three, 27th), sin­gle Po­ma­rine Skua (27th), a max­i­mum of 14 Red-throated Divers (23rd), a max­i­mum of eight Guille­mots (23rd) and a wel­come Ful­mar (12th). A good va­ri­ety of ‘non-seabirds’ on the same watches in­cluded Marsh Harrier (22nd), Os­prey (9th & 18th), Scaup (18th), a pair of Gar­ganey (12th), a pair of Shov­eler (1st), Mediter­ranean Gull (three, 23rd), Lit­tle Gull (two, 15th, and one, 29th), pale-bel­lied Brent Goose (two, 1st), dark-bel­lied Brent Goose (two, 28th). Land­bird mi­gra­tion was un­re­mark­able in of­ten ad­verse winds with the ‘flood­gates’ open­ing on 30th, and sight­ings in­clud­ing 500 Swal­lows, 22 Wheatears, three Whin­chats and a Yel­low Wag­tail. Best of the rest was a sum­mer plumaged Scan­di­na­vian Rock Pipit (24th). Pete Marsh


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Green-winged Teal was at Saltholme RSPB (1st-3rd). Four Com­mon Cranes were over here (20th). A Great White Egret roosted with Lit­tle Egrets at Saltholme RSPB (10th).

NORTH TEES MARSHES: At Saltholme RSPB a Black-necked Grebe was present (1st-4th). A Glau­cous Gull was here (2nd) and a Cetti’s War­bler was heard singing spo­rad­i­cally through­out. The first Gar­ganey of the spring was present (7th). A Bit­tern was at Dor­mans Pool (9th).a Curlew Sand­piper was on Cow­pen Marsh (24th) and 119 Black-tailed God­wits were around Saltholme RSPB the same day.

HARTLE­POOL: The first-win­ter Ice­land Gull was present in the Fish Quay area through­out.

OTHER SITES: Small num­bers of Waxwings con­tin­ued to be re­ported from a va­ri­ety of sites. Ospreys were over Teesside Park (1st), and Grange­town (8th). It was a good month for Hooded Crows with sin­gles at Cow­bar (13th & 19th), Red­car Stray (15th) and two at Salt­burn (14th). Up to five Ring Ouzels were in the Hum­mersea area (from 11th). Up to 31 Twite were at Seaton Snook mid-month. A Red Kite was over Long New­ton (18th) with an­other near Greatham (21st). A Curlew Sand­piper was at South Gare (28th). A Pied Flycatcher was at Scal­ing Dam (29th) with a Black Tern there the fol­low­ing day. Chris Sharp 01429 865 163


HIGH­LIGHTS: Alk­bor­ough Flats had a Green-winged Teal (1st-2nd) and five Cranes over (20th).

ALK­BOR­OUGH FLATS: There were two Gar­ganeys (19th) with the drake (to 20th), 290 Teal, 14 Pin­tails, 70 Gad­wall, 30 Shov­el­ers, 18 Lit­tle Egrets, a Spoon­bill (1st-8th), six Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, a Curlew Sand­piper (7th-14th), eight Ruff, 205 Black-tailed God­wits, 16 Spot­ted Red­shanks, four Green­shanks, a Jack Snipe (12th), 43 Snipe, eight Whim­brels (30th), a Com­mon Sand­piper (17th) and a good pas­sage (30th) that in­cluded 10 Black Terns, two Lit­tle Terns, 51 Arc­tic Terns, two Lit­tle Gulls, seven Knot, a San­der­ling, two Turn­stones, seven Grey Plovers and nine Bar-tailed God­wits. There was a Cuckoo (19th), Short-eared Owls (7th and 19th), seven White and six Yel­low Wag­tails (18th), seven Grasshop­per War­blers, 11 Cetti’s War­blers, 25 Field­fares (14th) and a Stonechat (19th).

BAR­TON: An east­erly pas­sage (30th) pro­duced to­tals of 232 Arc­tic Terns, 18 Black Terns, two Lit­tle Gulls, seven Ringed Plovers, 14 Grey Plovers, 12 San­der­ling, 166 Dun­lin, three Bar-tailed God­wits, five Whim­brels, a

Green­shank, ten Turn­stones and four Com­mon Sand­pipers. There were two Gar­ganeys (2nd & 17th), a Scaup, Long-tailed Duck (22nd), Lit­tle Ringed Plover (17th), 66 Black-tailed God­wits (23rd), three Swifts (24th), 240 Sand Martins (12th), a Tree Pipit (24th), seven Grasshop­per War­blers, 20 Reed War­blers 48 Black­caps and 38 Chif­fchaffs.

DONNA NOOK-PYES HALL: Max­ima in­cluded five Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, five Whim­brels, 36 Avo­cets, a Green­shank, two Sand­wich Terns, a Short-eared Owl, two Cuck­oos, a Wood Lark, three Shore Larks, a Cetti’s War­bler, Grasshop­per War­bler, Gar­den War­bler, Lesser Whitethroat, 22 Whitethroats, a Firecrest, Ring Ouzel, 34 Field­fares, a Black Red­start, Red­start, Stonechat, 12 Wheatears, just two Yel­low Wag­tails, six White Wag­tails, 26 Twite, a Hobby, Red Kite, Hen Harrier and Glau­cous Gull. Gra­ham Cat­ley with Steve Lo­rand


HIGH­LIGHTS: The month started well with Ice­land Gull at Freis­ton and a White Stork (of un­de­ter­mined ori­gin) at Frampton (2nd). A Black Brant lin­gered through­out at Frampton and a late Waxwing was seen (13th). Blue-headed Wag­tails were recorded at Frampton (21st, 22nd & 30th). The month fin­ished with a Great White Egret and Spoon­bill (30th), the egret also present (16th).

FRAMPTON RSPB: The 1st saw the first Yel­low Wag­tails and Sedge War­blers re­turn. A Ring Ouzel (3rd) was to the be the first of many seen on the way to Witham Mouth this month. Hen Harrier, Mer­lin and Short-eared Owl sight­ings were daily, the lat­ter peak­ing at three (5th). A Bit­tern dropped in (8th) while on the 10th the elu­sive Lit­tle Stint gave it­self up and was joined by a Lit­tle Gull, both stay­ing to the 30th. An Os­prey drifted over (15th). Tur­tle Doves were back in the hedgerow (from 23rd). Wader pas­sage started (24th) with Wood Sand­piper and Curlew Sand­piper (three, 30th) ar­riv­ing. A Jack Snipe was flushed (29th). At least two Scaup and three Spot­ted Red­shanks were daily.


Green­shank on the reser­voir peaked at three (19th). These were of­ten joined by Whim­brel through­out. A pale-bel­lied Brent Goose and adult Lit­tle Gull were also present (19th). Toby Col­lett


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Ring-necked Duck re­mained at Haux­ley (to 9th). A White-tailed Ea­gle flew over the Farne Is­lands (2nd). A Red-rumped Swal­low was at East Chev­ing­ton (10th).

NORTH NORTHUM­BER­LAND: Three tundra Bean Geese vis­ited Bu­dle Bay (21st-22nd). A Blue-headed Wag­tail was at Boul­mer (28th). Two Black Terns were at West Ord (30th).

SOUTH NORTHUM­BER­LAND: A Great White Egret and Wa­ter Pipit re­mained at Druridge Pools. A Firecrest was at North Shields (2nd). The Fer­rug­i­nous Duck reap­peared in the south of the county (3rd-8th). Five Shore Larks were at East Chev­ing­ton (6th-16th) and four at Boul­mer (9th-14th). Hooded Crows were at St. Mary’s Is­land (9th), Hips­burn (14th), Al­nwick (15th) and Druridge Pools (15th-24th). Cranes were at Druridge Pools (9th) and Longhirst Flash (20th).

A Spoon­bill was at Druridge Pools (19th-19th), along with a Green-winged Teal which also vis­ited Haux­ley (14th-30th). A Dot­terel flew over Longfram­ling­ton (16th). A Hoopoe was at Der­went Reser­voir (17th). Black Terns vis­ited East Chev­ing­ton (21st-24th) and Grindon Lough (30th). Jonathan Fa­rooqi


HIGH­LIGHTS: Spurn logged a West­ern Subalpine War­bler (7th), Ibe­rian Chif­fchaffs (9th & 16th) and a Savi’s War­bler (29th).

FLAM­BOR­OUGH: There was a Firecrest, Hooded Crow and Raven (1st), a Glau­cous Gull (3rd) and blue-phase Ful­mar (4th). Two Vel­vet Scot­ers showed (18th), with a Great North­ern Diver (23rd) and a Red-breasted Flycatcher plus Mediter­ranean Gull (30th).

HORNSEA MERE: There was a Gar­ganey (4th), with two (23rd), a Glau­cous Gull (7th), Great White Egret (10th), Ice­land Gull (11th) and four Black Terns (30th). Two Long-tailed Ducks re­mained.

NORTH CAVE WET­LANDS: There was a Great White Egret (8th), Gar­ganey (10th), Spoon­bill (16th), Curlew Sand­piper (17th-22nd) and 23 Black Terns (30th).

SPURN: A West­ern Subalpine War­bler was trapped at Church Field (7th) and sur­pris­ingly reap­peared in Canal Hedge (16th) for a few days. An Ibe­rian Chif­fchaff was at the Crown and An­chor car park (9th) and 10th (trapped). Re­mark­ably a sec­ond bird was trapped along the Canal (16th). A Red-rumped Swal­low was at Kilnsea Wet­lands briefly (11th) and an­other flew south past the War­ren (24th). An elu­sive Savi’s War­bler was at the Canal dur­ing the morn­ing (29th). The adult ‘Black Brant’ re­mained through­out with a sec­ond ap­pear­ing mid-month. A drake Gar­ganey was at Hold­er­ness field early month when a drake Man­darin vis­ited Kilnsea Wet­lands briefly. A Great White Egret was at Kilnsea Wet­lands (23rd). High­lights at sea in­cluded a Great North­ern Diver (11th) and three Long-tailed Ducks and a Vel­vet Scoter the fol­low­ing day. Waders in­cluded a cou­ple of Jack Snipe (25th) and a Dot­terel (29th) as well as good num­bers of Whim­brel. ‘Vis miggers’ had a good day (1st) with two Bearded Tits over as well as 423 Chaffinches south. Other birds noted pass­ing through dur­ing the month in­cluded two Red Kites and up to three Hooded Crows. Strong Kum­lien’s Gull, off­shore winds (30th) whipped up a spec­tac­u­lar Scat­ness, Shet­land, tern pas­sage with 861 Arc­tics and 57 Blacks. De­spite the fre­quent strong northdere­licees ma fbe­wer birds were found in the bushes in­clud­ing a Great Grey Shrike (7th), an early Whin­chat (15th) and sev­eral Firecrests.

OTHER SITES: Tophill Low had a Mediter­ranean Gull (13th), Long-tailed Duck and ten Lit­tle Egrets. Gar­ganeys were at Black­toft Sands and High Eske. A Mon­tagu’s Harrier lin­gered at Black­toft Sands. Ian Marshall (01482 627 446) and John He­witt 07952 293060


SCAR­BOR­OUGH: Shore Larks re­mained at Long Nab through­out peak­ing at 24 (18th). A Great Grey Shrike was at Stony Marl Moor (4th-5th) and the Maw Rigg bird was recorded (to 7th). Late Waxwings in­cluded two at Stain­ton­dale (20th) and 25 at Wood­lands Ravine, Scar­bor­ough (30th). A Hawfinch, al­ways

a scarce find, was at Har­wood Dale For­est (29th). An early Quail was seen in flight at Cas­tle Hill (9th). A small ring­tail harrier fly­ing over Folk­ton Carr was pos­si­bly Pal­lid (21st). Sin­gle Hooded Crows flew north at Long Nab (11th & 15th). Two Gar­ganey were on John­son’s Marsh at the start of the month, one lin­gered (to 15th). Two pos­si­bly three Glau­cous Gulls were seen, an Ice­land Gull flew north at Long Nab (22nd). Nick Addey (www.scar­bor­ough­bird­ing.co.uk)


BRAD­FORD: Bird of the month was a Great Grey Shrike that stayed for a few days at Bar­den (18th). Other good birds in­cluded Os­prey over Bar­den (2nd) and Ap­per­ley Bridge (9th). A Whim­brel was over Og­den (11th), two Ring Ouzels were seen at Bar­den (19th), a Grasshop­per War­bler was reel­ing at Yeadon Tarn (30th) and a Lesser Whitethroat was at the Keigh­ley Re­serve (30th). Sum­mer mi­grants in­cluded a sig­nif­i­cant pas­sage of Wheatears with high counts of 11 at Glover­shaw (13th), 21 along Trough Lane (21st) and 38 at Fly Flatts (23rd). Sin­gle Whin­chats on pas­sage were seen at Glover­shaw (20th) and Fly Flatts (30th). The first Red­starts ar­rived at Storiths (8th), Pied Fly­catch­ers at Stridd Woods (15th), two Lit­tle Ringed Plovers in Wharfedale (2nd) and three at Queens­bury (21st) and Cuck­oos at Glover­shaw (21st) and Bin­g­ley (29th).

LOWER AIRE VAL­LEY: Over 300 Whooper Swans passed through, with a Bewick’s Swan in a Whooper flock (18th). There was a Man­darin (4th). The Great White Egret was seen (1st-8th and 22nd). A Spoon­bill dropped in (30th). Waders in­cluded a Ruff (11th), Green­shank (12th), 225 Black-tailed God­wits (17th), a Turn­stone (24th) and two Bar-tailed God­wits (30th). Glau­cous Gulls were present (11th-17th and 20th). Lit­tle Gulls were seen in­ter­mit­tently (9th-17th), with Mediter­ranean Gulls (24th and 29th), a Caspian Gull at Ast­ley Lake (23rd) and four Kit­ti­wakes (29th). Sand­wich Terns were noted (9th and 30th). A Hobby was quite early (26th). A Tree Pipit flew over (30th). Chris King (Brad­ford Or­nitho­log­i­cal Group), Paul Mor­ris


AB­ERDEEN: A Siberian Chif­fchaff was singing at Nigg Bay Sewage Works (8th). On 18th It was re­ported that a Glau­cous Gull had been present at Don­mouth for the past week and one was seen at Girdle­ness.

FORVIE SAND NNR: On the 6th a Redhead Smew was off the north end of Inchgeck and stayed for a few days. A tundra Bean Goose was with the Pink-footed Geese. An early Swift was seen on 11th and an Ice­land Gull (first-win­ter) and a Glau­cous Gull (2-3cy) were also found.

The Glau­cous Gull was also re­ported on 13th to­gether with an Os­prey. The King Ei­der re­turned to the Ythan (18th). Three Whim­brel flew up stream near Waulk­mill Hide (22nd) and a drake Man­darin was at Lo­gie Buchan. On the 24th an un­tagged sub-adult White Tailed Ea­gle flew in off the sea at the tern­ery just be­fore noon, then flew up­stream to­wards Waulk­mill

LOCH OF STRATH­BEG: A Great White Egret and a Lit­tle Egret were seen through­out the month. On the 8th four Ruff were re­ported. A Crane ar­rived at Star­nakap­pie at the south end of the Loch (19th) and a Lit­tle Ringed Plover was at Star­nafin. On the 20th a White Stork ar­rived at Star­nafin and 57 Black-tailed God­wits were also present. A Bon­a­parte’s Gull was re­ported to be at Star­nafin (23rd) and was later seen in fields near Cri­mond and again at Star­nafin (28th). On the 25th a fe­male Amer­i­can Wi­geon was iden­ti­fied. The bird had been present at Star­nafin for the past week. Three Cranes were roost­ing on the re­serve (27th) and to the end of the month and spend­ing the day in nearby fields. On the 28th a Glossy Ibis and a sub-adult Yel­low-legged Gull were on the re­serve. On the 30th a Green-winged Teal and male Gar­ganey were at Tower Pool. Also on the re­serve were, a Bon­a­parte’s Gull, Glossy Ibis, two Great White Egrets, four (and pos­si­bly seven) Cranes, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Glau­cous Gull and Marsh Harrier and the fe­male Amer­i­can Wi­geon.

OTHER SITES: Through­out the month a White-billed Diver was re­ported off the Har­bour at Port­soy. A sin­gle Black-necked Grebe and a drake Green-winged Teal were found at the south-east cor­ner of the Loch of Skene (8th). The Green-winged Teal turned up at Dunecht Pol­icy Loch the fol­low­ing day. A Nuthatch was in a gar­den at Rora (17th). A White Stork was found at Ythanbank (19th). A Glau­cous Gull was by Stone­haven Bay (23rd). Mike Chan­dler


IS­LAY: Gru­inart logged a Green-winged Teal,

Marsh Harrier, 67 Bar-tailed God­wits, 27 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese, a Golden Ea­gle, Pere­grine, Corn­crake, two Mer­lins, two Hen Har­ri­ers, three Treecreep­ers, a Lit­tle Tern, Gar­ganey, 200 Bar­na­cle Geese and ten Green­land White­fronts. A Great Skua, Os­prey and two Arc­tic Terns were at Loch In­daal. A Tree Pipit and White-tailed Ea­gle were at Port Char­lotte, with 39 Great North­ern Divers, 16 Black Guille­mots, 26 Com­mon Scot­ers, four Pur­ple Sand­pipers and six Sand­wich Terns be­tween Port Char­lotte and Black Rock. Wheatears, Choughs, Pere­grines and 30 Kit­ti­wakes were at Sanaig­more. A White Wag­tail was at Bun­na­hab­hain. There were 22 Choughs at Kil­choman. Five Whooper Swans were at Kil­nave Chapel. Two Wheatears and a Hen Harrier were at Carn­dun­can. A White-tailed Ea­gle was at Port Askaig. Two Goosanders and four Grey Plovers were be­tween Gart­breck and Bow­more. A Golden Ea­gle and Chough were on The Oa. Two Twite were at Ner­abus. Sedge War­blers were at Keills and Machir Bay. Two Snow Buntings were at Machir Bay. A Golden Ea­gle, Hen Harrier, Pere­grine, 300 Black-tailed God­wits and 400 Golden Plovers were at Ard­nave. A Lit­tle Gull and Glau­cous Gull were at Black­rock. A Cuckoo was at Bal­ly­grant. There were 97 Whim­brels at Uisken­tuie. A Grasshop­per War­bler was near Port­na­haven. A Short-eared Owl was by Loch Gorm,

TIREE: Best birds were eight Glau­cous Gulls, and nine La­p­land Buntings (17th-29th). A Scaup was at Loch an Eilein (10th), two Pochards at Bar­rapol (23rd), two Com­mon Scot­ers off Sorobaidh Bay (19th), a White-tailed Ea­gle at Mil­ton (19th) and a Mealy Red­poll and Siskin at Bale­phuil (22nd). Three Wood­pi­geons were noted (from 9th). Heavy pas­sage in northerly winds in­cluded a record Scot­tish count of 2,270 Black-tailed God­wits (25th) with many hun­dreds more through (5th-30th). Golden Plovers peaked at 9,130. Some 350 pale-bel­lied Brent Geese passed through (2nd-27th). The Bar­na­cle Geese and Green­land White­fronts de­parted en masse

(10th-14th). Twelve Whooper Swans and eight Red­wings re­mained. First dates in­cluded House Mar­tin (1st), Sand Mar­tin (1st), Great Skua (4th), Lin­net (4th), Wil­low War­bler (8th), over 110 White Wag­tails (from 9th), Whim­brel (12th), Black­cap (15th), Green­shank (18th), Lit­tle Tern (10th), Corn­crake (21st), Arc­tic Tern (23rd), Com­mon Tern (24th) and Com­mon Sand­piper (30th). Phill Cat­ton (www.is­lay­birds.blogspot.com) and John Bowler (john.bowler@rspb.org.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: Pax­ton House had four Cor­morants, seven Goosanders, a Pere­grine and nine Sand Martins (1st), a King­fisher, 32 Cor­morants, 38 Swal­lows and 403 Sand Martins (9th), 39 Goosanders (21st) and an Os­prey (24th). Abbey St Bathan’s Dene (19th) had five Wheatears. An Os­prey passed through Gav­in­ton (16th). Duns Cas­tle had two Green Wood­peck­ers. The new hide at Hule Moss, Green­law Moor had 11 Canada Geese, 17 Tufted Ducks, three Shov­el­ers and two Shel­ducks (6th), with 10 Shel­ducks (13th). Be­mer­syde had 250 Pink-footed Geese (3rd). Watch Wa­ter in the Lam­mer­muirs had an Os­prey and Cuckoo (28th). Yetholm Loch (15th) had four Chif­fchaffs, 19 Tufted Ducks, three Gad­wall and 12 Coots, with 80 Sand Martins per minute pass­ing (16th), and 135 Sand Martins, six Swal­lows and four House Martins (24th). James D Lough


HIGH­LIGHTS: A White-tailed Ea­gle, be­ing mobbed by a Red Kite, flew over Tar­mangie Hill, Dol­lar (2nd). Marsh Har­ri­ers were over Tulli­body Inch (9th) and at Kin­neil (27th), where a Lit­tle Gull was seen (14th). First dates in­cluded Wil­low War­blers at Blair­drum­mond Ponds (4th), Com­mon Sand­piper at Cam­bus (10th), Tree Pipit in Doune (19th), Grasshop­per War­bler at the Black­de­von Wet­lands (20th), Wood War­bler at Abbey Craig, Stir­ling (21st), Cuckoo on Flan­ders Moss (22nd), Red­start at Doune Lodge (24th), and Whitethroat at Kin­neil plus Sedge

War­bler at Black­de­von Wet­lands (27th).

BO’NESS AND BLACK­NESS: Four Sand­wich Terns were seen (23rd).

CLACK­MAN­NAN­SHIRE: Four Gad­wall and a Wheatear were on Long­carse (8th). Two Bar­na­cle Geese were on Al­loa Inch (22nd), when three Gad­wall, four Wheatears and four White Wag­tails were on Long­carse. Two Pin­tails, five Bar­na­cle Geese, 14 Whim­brels and two White Wag­tails were at Cam­bus (25th).

FALKIRK DIS­TRICT: An Os­prey flew over Falkirk (1st). A Black­cap was in the Park­foot area of Falkirk (3rd).

KIN­NEIL: There were 221 Shel­ducks, 28 Scaup, 68 Pin­tails, 939 Black-tailed God­wits and 884 Red­shanks (6th).

POWFOULIS: Two Shov­el­ers, a Green­shank and two Grey Par­tridges, scarce here, were seen (8th). Two Pin­tails and 100 Black-tailed God­wits were re­ported (23rd).

STIR­LING DIS­TRICT: A Black­cap, Long-tailed Duck and Smew were at Blair­drum­mond Ponds (4th). A Jack Snipe was on Flan­ders Moss (6th). Six Gad­wall, two Pin­tails, a Shov­eler, Black-tailed God­wit and a few Wil­low War­blers were at Cam­bus Vil­lage Pools (9th). A Black-tailed God­wit and a record 77 Red­shanks were at the head of Loch Tay (17th). There were 650 Golden Plovers at Flan­ders Moss (22nd). A Cuckoo was at Brack­linn, Cal­lan­der (30th). Neil Bielby


HIGH­LIGHTS: A White-tailed Ea­gle was at Loch Ryan (23rd). A Gar­ganey, Bar­na­cle Geese, Green­land White­fronts, two Marsh Har­ri­ers, a Ruff and four Ospreys were at Caerlave­rock. A Green-winged Teal, five Ospreys and a Pere­grine were at Th­reave Es­tate. Ring Ouzel, Black Grouse, Curlews and Ospreys were in Dum­friesshire. Com­mon Sand­pipers were at Stran­raer and Caerlave­rock. Three Whim­brels, Scaup, 60 Pink­feet, Grey Plovers and Eiders were at Carsethorn. Twelve Whim­brels were at South­er­ness. Thirty Sand­wich Terns and 140 Brent Geese were at Stran­raer/rhins. Three Puffins were at Corse­wall Point. Thirty Cross­bills were at Kirk­con­nell Flow. Wil­low Tits are spread­ing south-east. Lit­tle Egrets were on the south coast. First dates were Wil­low War­bler (2nd), Black­cap (4th), Swal­low (8th), Wheatear (11th), Red­start (15th), Tree Pipit (18th) and White Wag­tail (24th).

WEST: A Hooded Crow (2nd), 40 Meadow Pip­its, two Black Guille­mots a Red-throated Diver, Pink­feet, Kit­ti­wakes, Ra­zor­bills, Ful­mars, Guille­mots and Shags were at Mull of Gal­loway (11th). Red-breasted Mer­gansers and Bar-tailed God­wits were at Stran­raer. A Black-tailed God­wit was in Wig­town Har­bour.

OTHER SITES: Chif­fchaffs and a King­fisher were at Th­reave Es­tate. Pied Fly­catch­ers and Wil­low Tits were at Ken-dee, Th­reave and Main­srid­dle. Great Crested Grebe, Red-breasted Mer­ganser and Ringed Plover were at Carsethorn. Sand Martins, Swal­lows, Wil­low War­blers, Black­caps and Pied Fly­catch­ers were wide­spread across the re­gion. There were thou­sands of mixed hirundines over Cas­tle Loch. Pam Woods (Dum­friesandgal­loway­bird­ing@ya­hoogroups.com)


CEN­TRAL FIFE: Letham Pools logged Green­land White-fronted Geese, Bar­na­cle Geese, Ospreys, Lit­tle Egrets, Wa­ter Rails, Wheatears, Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, Black-tailed God­wits, Ruff, White Wag­tails and Snipe. The Wilder­ness held Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, Com­mon Sand­pipers, Black-tailed God­wits, Whooper Swans and White Wag­tails. Two Manx Shear­wa­ters flew past Dysart (8th). An Os­prey vis­ited Lin­dores Loch (14th). Marsh Har­ri­ers were on Mug­drum Is­land (from 7th). A Green Sand­piper was at Mount­cas­tle. A Com­mon Sand­piper was at West We­myss (21st). A Green­shank was at Luthrie (13th) and a Whim­brel at Dysart (23rd). A Grasshop­per War­bler was at Mark­inch (27th). Six Hawfinches were at Kil­many (10th).

EAST FIFE: Fife Ness logged Manx Shear­wa­ters, Red-throated Divers, Whim­brels, a Great Skua (29th) and Pur­ple Sand­pipers. Eigh­teen Whooper Swans flew past Crail (8th). Surf Scot­ers re­mained off Rud­dons Point. A Lit­tle Egret was at Kil­con­quhar Loch and an Os­prey at Leuchars (1st). There were 25 Pur­ple Sand­pipers at Earls­ferry (26th). Whim­brels were at Bal­comie and Earls­ferry. Ice­land Gulls vis­ited Pit­ten­weem and An­struther. There were nine Cross­bills at Morton Lochs (20th).

WEST FIFE: Ospreys flew over Stee­lend, Burn­tis­land and Loch Gelly. A Marsh Harrier was at Loch Gelly (9th), with seven Whim­brels there (21st), a Ruff (23rd), Green Sand­piper and Com­mon Sand­piper. Black-tailed God­wits were over Stee­lend. A Whim­brel was at Dal­gety Bay (27th). An Ice­land Gull was at Brae­foot Point. Ring Ouzels were at Stee­lend and Kinghorn. A Lesser Whitethroat was at Fer­ry­hills and a Gar­den War­bler at Dun­fermline. Five Twite were at Dal­gety Bay (11th). David Hee­ley (dw.hee­ley@bt­in­ter­net.com)


HIGH­LIGHTS: In Suther­land, a Ring-necked Duck was at Bal­nakeil (18th) and two Cranes at Loch Fleet (18th). In the west, a Ring-billed Gull was at Ul­lapool (29th), a Great White Egret at Har­rapool (16th) and on Rum a Marsh Harrier at Kil­mory (24th) and a Tur­tle Dove at Shamh­nan In­sir (21st). In Easter Ross a La­p­land Bunting briefly vis­ited Tar­bat Ness (27th) and the Amer­i­can Wi­geon re­mained at Udale Bay (to 24th). Fur­ther south the King Ei­der con­tin­ued its pres­ence at Fort Ge­orge (to 6th), be­fore mov­ing to White­ness.

WESTER ROSS & SUTHER­LAND: An Ice­land Gull was at Bal­nakeil (18th). A Po­ma­rine Skua passed Sto­er­head (28th), while nearby at Culkein Stoer, 21 Whim­brels were counted (23rd) and a Pin­tail was seen (30th). Sin­gle Glau­cous and Ice­land Gulls were at Ach­melvich Bay (23rd), with an­other of the for­mer at Ul­lapool (all month) and the lat­ter at Ard­mair (17th). In the east, seven Lit­tle Gulls were at Brora and a Glau­cous Gull was also seen (12th). Seventy-five Slavo­nian Grebes were off Coul Links (7th) and 25 Whim­brels at Embo (24th).

EASTER ROSS: 53 Whooper Swans (26th) and 50 Scaup (16th) were on Loch Eye, whilst up to 500 Long-tailed Ducks were off Portma­homack (7th). Sea­watch­ing off Tar­bat Ness pro­duced five Pin­tails (27th), a Vel­vet Scoter (2nd), two Arc­tic Skuas (27th) and 19 Black Guile­mots (11th). A Glau­cous Gull was in the area (from 16th) and 460 Golden Plovers were on nearby fields (27th). Fur­ther south, sin­gle tundra Bean and

White-fronted Geese were at Ding­wall (27th).

SKYE & SOUTH WEST: In the north of Skye, 155 Bar­na­cle Geese were at Bal­maqueen (6th), 31 Brent Geese in Staf­fin Bay (9th), a Jack Snipe in Glen Hin­nis­dal (27th) and 21 Black-tailed God­wits in Ard­more Bay (20th). Fur­ther south, 200 Red­wings were at Har­rapool (7th) and sin­gle Ice­land Gulls were at Broad­ford (16th) and Tokavaig (4th). On Rum, 50 White-fronted Geese were seen (9th).

IN­VER­NESS-SHIRE & BLACK ISLE: On the Black Isle, 600 Golden Plovers were at Mun­lochy (24th). Fur­ther south, 46 Black-tailed God­wits were counted at Al­turlie (22nd), where a Lit­tle Gull was also seen (25th). Thirty-four Brent Geese were at Fort Ge­orge (1st), six Grey Plover at White­ness (9th), two Corn Buntings at Gol­lan­field (8th) and a Gad­wall at Loch Flem­ing­ton (2nd).

BADENOCH & STRATHSPEY: At Nethy Bridge were 30 Waxwings (20th), 15 Bram­blings and 18 Twite (14th). Fur­ther south, 470 Sand Martins fed over Loch Insh (4th) and a tundra Bean Goose was at Insh Marshes (12th).

SPRING MI­GRANTS: The first dates and lo­ca­tions for spring mi­grants were as fol­lows: two Manx Shear­wa­ters, Sleat (4th), Com­mon Sand­piper, Crom­dale (11th), two Arc­tic Terns, Embo (17th), two Com­mon Terns, White­ness (22nd), Cuckoo, Portree (15th), three Wood War­blers, Craigel­lachie Woods (28th), Whitethroat, Avoch (29th), Grasshop­per War­bler, Ed­in­bane (22nd), Sedge War­bler, Balch­ladich (23rd), Red­start, Loch Garten (22nd), Whin­chat, Portree (27th). Tom Wells


HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Surf Scot­ers were off Mus­sel­burgh all month, with one off Gul­lane Point (14th) and two at Ferny Ness (17th). A prob­a­ble Black Scoter was in Gul­lane Bay (2nd). The Ring-necked Duck stayed at North Cous­ton (to 2nd). A Pur­ple Heron flew past Scoughall (13th). Snow Geese were at Mus­sel­burgh (17th) and Glad­house (22nd-23rd). A Red Kite was near Path­head (25th) and a Black Kite over Brunts­field (28th).

ABER­LADY: There were four Lit­tle Egrets, a Brent Goose (4th-17th) and Os­prey (5th). A Scaup (14th) and three Sand­wich Terns (18th) were off Gul­lane Point. Early mi­grants in­cluded a Tree Pipit (19th) and Lesser Whitethroat (21st).

BARNS NESS: Two Ice­land Gulls and a Glau­cous Gull were reg­u­lar. A White-fronted Goose was at White Sands Quarry (4th). A Blue-headed Wag­tail (20th) and six Whim­brels (21st) were at White Sands Bay. A Wa­ter Pipit was at the Dry Burn (9th) with a Great North­ern Diver off­shore (14th). The first Yel­low Wag­tail re­turned to Tor­ness (18th), with a ‘Chan­nel’ Wag­tail (21st-23rd). A Black Red­start was at Tor­ness (23rd).

MUS­SEL­BURGH: There was a Man­darin (7th-26th), Pin­tail (1st), six Black-tailed God­wits (2nd), eight Gad­wall and Lit­tle Ringed Plovers (19th and 30th). Early mi­grants in­cluded a Wil­low War­bler (1st), Cuckoo (19th), Com­mon Tern (26th) and Arc­tic Tern (30th).

TYNINGHAME: There were two Shore Larks (3rd), Marsh Har­ri­ers (3rd and 19th) and Ospreys (13th and 19th). A Grasshop­per War­bler (13th),

Tree Pipit (19th) and Spot­ted Red­shank plus Lit­tle Ringed Plover (30th) were at John Muir CP. Scoughall logged a Hooded Crow (5th), and Lit­tle Tern, Arc­tic Tern and Tree Pipit (19th). Two Com­mon Sand­pipers (19th), a Lit­tle Ringed Plover (21st) and Yel­low Wag­tail (28th) were at Seafield Pond. Two Swifts flew over (30th).

OTHER SITES: A Glau­cous Gull was at Dun­bar Har­bour (1st-20th). Man­darins were at Bavelaw (1st), Lochend (9th-10th) and Middleton Pond (25th). A Bar­na­cle Goose, two Shov­el­ers, a Pochard and Scaup were at North Cous­ton (1st-5th). An­other Scaup was at Threip­muir all month, with three at Lin­lith­gow Loch (17th). Ravens were at Bath­gate (1st), Muir­house (4th) and at Holy­rood Park all month, which also held Ring Ouzels (2nd and 18th), a Green Wood­pecker (14th) and Lesser Whitethroat (18th). Dud­dingston Loch held four Gad­wall (5th), a Wa­ter Rail (16th-18th) and Sedge War­bler (23rd). The Balerno area had two Bar­na­cle Geese (5th), a Gad­wall (7th), Os­prey (9th) and Whim­brel (22nd). Other Ospreys flew over ERI (10th) and He­riot Watt (28th). Three Brent Geese were at Se­ton Burn (15th-16th)). There were 51 Black-tailed God­wits at Cra­mond (22nd). Early mi­grants in­cluded a Whin­chat at Car­nethy (8th), Com­mon Sand­piper at Blindwells and eight House Martins at Long­nid­dry (9th). Waxwings in­cluded 30 at Leith (11th) and Brunts­field (18th). Jim Ni­chol­son


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Crane was at Gil­ston

(24th-30th). A few Waxwings re­mained around the El­gin area. A drake King Ei­der was seen off Los­sime­outh (19th).

FIND­HORN BAY: No­table records in­cluded Grey Plover, Green­shank, Golden Plover, Yel­lowham­mer, Shel­duck, Teal, Green­land White-fronted Goose, Pink-footed Goose, Whooper Swan, Bar­na­cle Goose and Jack Snipe,

LOSSIEMOUTH: An adult White-billed Diver was seen off­shore late in the month, while other records in­cluded Bram­bling, Great North­ern Diver and Brent Goose.

SEA­WATCH­ING: Records in­cluded White-billed Diver, Glau­cous Gull, Ice­land Gull, Great Skua, Long-tailed Duck, Gan­net, Ful­mar, Kit­ti­wake, Ra­zor­bill, Com­mon Scoter, Vel­vet Scoter, Black Guille­mot and Ei­der.

OTHER SITES: Lit­tle Terns and Arc­tic Terns were back at Spey Bay. Loch Spynie had Gad­wall, Scaup and Gold­en­eye. Yvonne Wat­son


HIGH­LIGHTS: An Allen’s Gallinule was picked up dead on St. Kilda (26th March). A Cack­ling Goose was at Bal­ranald (12th). The Amer­i­can Coot re­mained on Loch nam Feithean, Bal­ranald (to 16th). A white-phase Gyr Falcon flew south over Loch Sti­a­pab­hat, Lewis (8th). White-billed Divers were off Port of Ness (1st) and Eoli­garry, Barra (to 10th). Two Night Herons were in

Castle­bay, Barra (25th-27th), with one re­main­ing into May.

OTHER SITES: Thou­sands of Bar­na­cle Geese were in west North Uist mid-month, with 5,000 Pink­feet grounded in Ness, Lewis (11th). Two Amer­i­can Wi­geon were at Oban Tru­mis­garry (16th). Green-winged Teal were at Bal­ranald, Oban Tru­mis­garry and in the Loch Sti­a­pab­hat area. A Gar­ganey was on Loch Fada, Ben­bec­ula (1st). A Vel­vet Scoter flew south off Ard­vule (18th). Glau­cous and Ice­land Gulls re­mained wide­spread, with nine Glau­cous Gulls at Rubh’ Ar­nal (6th). Two Po­ma­rine Skuas were off Aird an Ru­nair (15th) fol­lowed by ten (24th) and one at Bre­vig (29th). A heavy pas­sage of Black-tailed God­wits in­cluded flocks of 350 at Loch Bee (21st) and 240 at Loch na Reivil (25th). An early Tree Pipit was on Barra (5th). The first Cuckoo was in Leur­bost (19th). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Morghan (to 7th). A lo­cally rare Blue Tit vis­ited a Grim­say gar­den (28th). A Hawfinch was in Bali­vanich (16th-17th). La­p­land Buntings in­cluded four at Loch Sti­a­pab­hat, six at the Butt (8th), 12 at Loch Sti­a­pab­hat (10th) and 14 at Bal­ranald (25th). Steve Duffield (www.west­ern-isles-wildlife.co.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: The long-stay­ing drake Ring-necked Duck re­mained at the Culic, Pit­lochry (8th). A Green-winged Teal was at Carse­breck (19th-24th) and a Slavo­nian Grebe vis­ited Loch of the Lowes (23rd). The long-stay­ing Lit­tle Egret re­mained at Loch Leven

(4th). A sin­gle Euro­pean White-fronted Goose (7th) and nine Scaup (26th) were at Loch Leven. The first Com­mon Sand­piper was near Scone (11th). A sin­gle Black-tailed God­wit was at Carse­breck (10th) with 25 at Loch Leven (18th). Up to two Ruff were at Loch Leven through­out. The first Cuckoo was at Bal­na­guard (30th). King­fish­ers were noted on the River Tay at Wil­low­gate (3rd), Kil­l­i­crankie (22nd) and Quar­rymill (28th). A no­table flock of 4,000 Sand Martins were at Loch Leven (24th). First re­turn­ing sum­mer vis­i­tors in­cluded a House Mar­tin at Carnbo(28th), Tree Pipit at Braco (15th), Red­start at Com­rie (22nd) and Ring Ouzel at Allt Gharbh Ghaig (1st), Whitethroat at Balged­die Toll (28th), Sedge War­bler at Meg­ginch (10th), Grasshop­per War­bler at Carse­hall Bog (28th) and Wil­low War­bler at Loch Leven (6th). Scott Pater­son, Perth and Kin­ross County Bird Recorder (pkrecorder@the-soc.org.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Black-throated Diver re­mained in Quen­dale (to 21st). White-billed Divers were in Bluemull (26th) and off Flu­bers­gerdie (28th). A Crane was on Unst (1st and 26th) and at Hill­well (13th-28th). A White-tailed Ea­gle was at Hill­well (22nd) and Mossy Hill (24th). Green-winged Teal were recorded at Virkie (1st), Scat­ness (15th) and Bod­dam (15th). The Killdeer re­mained at Sand­wick (to 5th). A Kum­lien’s Gull was at Hill­well (12th-22nd. A Wry­neck was at Scous­burgh (30th). A

Her­mit Thrush graced Noss (19th). A Subalpine War­bler was at Geoset­ter (30th). Great Grey Shrikes were at Virkie (1st) and Quen­dale (3rd-4th). Hawfinches were at Cun­nings­burgh (20th), Bal­ta­sound (29th) and Whal­say (26th). A Horne­mann’s Red­poll was at Eswick (16th-17th). La­p­land Buntings were Bal­ta­sound (3rd), Sum­burgh Head (up to three, 10th-24th) and at Snar­ravoe (22nd). Hugh Har­rop (www.shet­land­wildlife.co.uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Lit­tle Ringed Plovers were at a For­far site (1st). Twelve Lit­tle Gulls were at Monikie CP (1st), with 62 (5th). The Red-necked Grebe was still at Lin­tra­then Loch (1st), with 60 Bram­blings in the area. Ospreys were at Kin­nordy and Bal­gavies Lochs (2nd), when Back Wa­ter Reser­voir saw the ar­rival of Sand Martins. A Green Sand­piper re­mained at Mur­ton Re­serve, For­far (to 2nd). Bal­in­tor had a Wheatear (2nd). Red Kites were at Kin­nordy (3rd) and Glen Leth­not (19th). Twelve Waxwings were in Monifieth (7th), with seven in Dundee (5th) and a fur­ther six there (6th). Ar­broath had two Swal­lows (6th). Lu­nan Bay held two Black-throated Divers (9th) and Sand­wich Terns (10th). Two Ring Ouzels were at Loch Lee (9th). An Ice­land Gull was on the Mur­ton Re­serve (12th). Two Cranes flew over Bal­gavies Loch (19th). There were 24 Sand­wich Terns and a Whim­brel at West Haven Beach (22nd). Two Spot­ted Red­shanks were at Mon­trose Basin (27th).

MON­TROSE BASIN: There was a Lit­tle Ringed Plover (8th), 17 Scaup (8th), three Cor­morants, 11 Herons, 42 Mute Swans, 638 Pink­feet, five Grey­lags, 176 Shel­ducks, 209 Wi­geon, 96 Teal, 11 Gad­wall, 422 Eiders, 12 Gold­eneyes, 17 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, 15 Pin­tails, 11 Goosanders, 505 Oys­ter­catch­ers, two Grey Plovers, a Lap­wing, Knot, four Dun­lin, two Snipe, 108 Black-tailed God­wits, 404 Curlews, 1,552 Red­shanks, two Green­shanks, 23 Turn­stones, two Guille­mots, 23 Black-headed Gulls, six Com­mon Gulls, a Lesser Black-backed Gull and 10 Great Black-backed Gulls.

OTHER SITES: Loch of Kin­nordy had two Marsh Har­ri­ers, two Ospreys, a Red Kite, Wa­ter Rail, Sedge War­bler and Lit­tle Ringed Plover (10th), with a Com­mon Sand­piper and White Wag­tail (18th), and a Black­cap, Wil­low War­blers, Shov­el­ers, Snipe and a Red­start (23rd). Mur­ton Re­serve, For­far, recorded three Pin­tails (1st), 16 Gad­wall and an Ice­land Gull (12th), plus a Green Sand­piper (to 2nd), Wi­geon, Mute Swan, Lesser Red­poll, Chif­fchaff and Wil­low War­bler. Craig Mill Den had Black­caps, Wil­low War­blers, a Chif­fchaff, Grey Wag­tail, two Teal (18th, a site first), Stock Dove, Buz­zard, Reed Bunting, six Swal­lows and ten House Martins (23rd). Mon­treath­mont For­est (2nd) had Green and Great Spot­ted Wood­peck­ers, Cross­bills, Yel­lowham­mer, Chif­fchaff, Bullfinch, Siskin, and Wil­low War­bler. River­side Na­ture Park had two Black­caps, Wil­low War­blers and two Gad­wall (7th), and three Swal­lows, a Chif­fchaff and Mag­pie (10th). The Dighty (7th) held two Grey Wag­tails and a Dip­per. Barry Bud­don (15th) had three Wheatears, Wil­low War­blers and Chif­fchaffs. Carnoustie Bay (17th) had five Gan­nets, two Black-throated Divers, four Red-throated Divers, two Red-breasted Mer­gansers, four Ei­der and four Ra­zor­bills. Bob Mc­cur­ley

Pal­lid Harrier, Dun­sop Bridge, Lan­cashire, May

Crane, Hill­well, Shet­land, April

La­p­land Bunting, Sum­burgh Head, Shet­land, April

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