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One of the treats of sum­mer is a night out ‘Night­jar­ring’. Head out to a known site, such as a heath or well-known wood­land edge with open coun­try, and wait and lis­ten. The key is to re­alise that Night­jars only re­ally start to get ac­tive (and sing) just when you are think­ing it is never go­ing to hap­pen and the cre­pus­cu­lar gloom is on the turn to real dark­ness. Some claim you should wave white hand­ker­chiefs around, but this seems wish­ful, bor­der­ing on daft. The­o­ries that the han­kies look like gi­ant moths or the white wing flashes of ri­val Night­jars ap­pear to be a tad far-fetched… The con­tin­u­ous, purring, trilling song of the Nightjar, known as ‘chur­ring’ is one of the great sounds of all Bri­tish birds. Once heard, never for­got­ten.

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