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BRAMBLE Here’s a first for this col­umn: a wildlife tar­get that I rec­om­mend eat­ing! The first week of Septem­ber is prime time for pick­ing black­ber­ries. This – lest you for­get in the crav­ing for fruc­tose – is the fruit of the Bramble, whose white or pink flow­ers nour­ish many a but­ter­fly and hoverfly in sum­mer. Com­mon in scrub and along hedgerows, in­side wood­land and amid waste­land, this thornys­temmed scram­bler is a fa­mil­iar fea­ture on late sum­mer walks. Don’t feel too guilty about de­priv­ing Red Ad­mi­rals or Black­caps by pluck­ing the ripest fruits; there’s plenty to go round.

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