Bird Watching (UK) - - September Id Challenge -

We fin­ish with two birds, which look to be pretty much iden­ti­cal in size, shape and plumage. But both are preen­ing, which doesn’t help you much. They are brown with neatly ‘scal­loped’ or fringed wing and back feath­ers which im­ply that they are fresh ju­ve­niles. The un­der­parts ap­pear to be warm buff at the front end and white at the rear. The legs are quite long and green­ish. The head looks rel­a­tively small, the neck long and the dark bill short­ish (shorter than head length). The com­bi­na­tion of this plumage pat­tern and the small headed, short-billed, full (or ‘pot’) belly and green­ish legs points to these be­ing of the renowned con­fu­sion species, which catches bird­watch­ers out every au­tumn: ju­ve­nile Ruff.

KEY FEA­TURES †Small head and pot belly †Neat fring­ing of up­per­part feath­ers, buff un­der­parts, white belly †Small head with short bill on long neck †Dull green­ish legs

Small head, short bill Buff un­der­parts, white at rear end Neatly fringed up­per­part feath­ers

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