Bird Watching (UK) - - September Id Challenge -

Here is an­other bird mak­ing no at­tempt to hide its head un­der the wa­ter, or un­der a wing! It is show­ing you ev­ery­thing that you need to see to con­firm its iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. It looks to be an el­e­gant, well pro­por­tioned wader, with the slim, slick lines and straight bill of a Tringa sandpiper. The orange legs should trig­ger a re­sponse that this is a red­shank. There are two species: Red­shank and Spot­ted Red­shank. The for­mer is brown like this bird. But the bill has a slight droop and is red only at the base of the lower mandible, both wrong for Red­shank. This is a Spot­ted Red­shank, and the rea­son it is brown and neatly barred with even rows of white spots is it is a ju­ve­nile.

KEY FEA­TURES †Long orange legs †Long fine bill with slight down­ward droop †Bill has red base to the lower mandible, only †Neat bar­ring and spot­ting of a fresh ju­ve­nile

Long, fine, slightly droop­ing bill Long, orange legs El­e­gant, well­pro­por­tioned bird

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