I need some help iden­ti­fy­ing which type of war­bler this is please

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QCan you please con­firm whether this is a Wil­low War­bler or a Wood War­bler? Peter Stock­ton

ALeaf war­blers (the small, usu­ally greeny-brown ones in the genus Phyl­lo­sco­pus) are a tricky group. Of the reg­u­lar Bri­tish species, Chif­fchaff and Wil­low War­bler are ar­guably the hard­est to sep­a­rate and Wood War­bler is a tad eas­ier (if you can get a de­cent look). One thing we can say for cer­tain, is that this is not a Wood War­bler, as the tail is too long and the wings are too short rel­a­tive to it; the belly is just not pure white enough; and the su­per­cil­ium (pale eye­brow) is not strong enough. This is ei­ther a Wil­low War­bler or Chif­fchaff, and it would need a bet­ter look at the pro­jec­tion of the pri­maries of the wing (the pointy flight feath­ers; longer on Wil­low than Chif­fchaff). How­ever, it ‘looks’ like a Wil­low War­bler, with the bolder longer su­per­cil­ium of that species. As Do­minic Couzens would say, Wil­low War­bler is ‘high brow’ (eye­brow) and Chif­fchaff is ‘riff raff’!

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