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QI have lived in Mid­dle­ton, Manch­ester, for a num­ber years and have seen the large grey Col­lared Doves on a daily ba­sis in the area, but in the last two months I have no­ticed sev­eral doves smaller than a pi­geon, that are brown with a black ring on the back of their necks. Alec

AIt sounds like you’ve got two species con­fused here – the sec­ond ones that you talk about are the Col­lared Doves, which were un­known in the UK un­til the 1950s but now breed here in con­sid­er­able num­bers. The large grey doves that you men­tion are more likely to be Wood­pi­geons, which do have a white neck patch that looks rather like a col­lar. You may also get a cer­tain amount of Feral Pi­geons, which can show fea­tures sim­i­lar to Wood­pi­geons.

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