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Ev­ery month, we make some out­landish guesses about what rare birds could turn up. Here are three birds which could fea­si­bly once more turn up this au­tumn.


Ev­ery year we hope that this will be a year when Nutcracker once more has a bit of an ir­rup­tion and ar­rives in the UK. The last ac­cepted record in the UK was in Septem­ber 1998. But, the good news is that most records in the last 50 years were ei­ther in Septem­ber or Oc­to­ber. That at least is some­thing to give hope…


There have been 16 ac­cepted UK records of this most nutchatch-like, lit­tle, pied warbler in the UK. Nearly all were in the south west and nearly all in Septem­ber or Oc­to­ber. The last was in Septem­ber 2011 on St Mary’s, Scilly.


Only eight Scar­let Tan­agers have been ‘of­fi­cially’ recorded in the UK, all from the western side of the country, par­tic­u­larly Scilly, and all in Oc­to­ber. Just don’t ex­pect to find a red one, as they tend to be first-win­ters.

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