Bird Watching (UK) - - October ID Challenge -

We start with a typ­i­cal farm­land scene, fa­mil­iar to ev­ery­one: a bunch of birds fol­low­ing some farm equip­ment be­ing dragged across a field. Some­times, the fol­low­ers will be gulls, but in this case they are black and long winged and look like clas­sic corvids. There are three com­mon black crows that could con­ceiv­ably fol­low such a ma­chine: Car­rion Crow, Rook and Jack­daw (Ravens are very un­likely to be seen in such a flock). Luck­ily, they are pretty easy to iden­tify, even when small in a photo such as this. Firstly, Jack­daws have grey heads and small peg-like black bills. Car­rion Crows and Rooks are sim­i­lar in size and shape, but Car­rion Crows have black bills, with black­feath­ered bases. Th­ese birds have pale-based bills. They are Rooks.

KEY FEA­TURES †Black crows fol­low­ing some kind of till­ing ma­chine †Long wings with ‘fin­gered’ tips †Long, round-ended tail †Pale bill base di­ag­nos­tic

Clearly, black crows Pale grey bill base/face Rounded tail

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