Bird Watching (UK) - - October ID Challenge -

We are prob­a­bly in dan­ger of re­peat­ing our­selves with this bird, but it is an ID co­nun­drum worth re­it­er­at­ing. It is ob­vi­ously a pi­geon or dove, if you like, as the terms are in­ter­change­able. And it is a largely grey one, at that, so nar­row­ing it down to three species: Wood­pi­geon, Stock Dove and Feral Pi­geon (aka Rock Dove). The lat­ter are very vari­able, but nearly al­ways show trans­verse wing­bars and never have pink­ish bills. Stock Doves also have (shorter) black wing-bars but have white-tipped red­dish bills. Wood­pi­geons, have pale eyes and pink­ish bills like this bird, but have white neck patches. Ex­cept ju­ve­nile Wood­pi­geons lack the white patches. This is a ju­ve­nile Wood­pi­geon. Don’t let any­one tell you that you never see baby pi­geons!

KEY FEA­TURES †Small head and fat body is typ­i­cal of a dove or pi­geon †Nearly all grey (with pink­ish bits) †No wing-bars †Pale eye and pink­ish bill are di­ag­nos­tic

Clas­sic pi­geon shape Un­marked wing. No wing-bars Pale eye and pink­ish bill

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