Bird Watching (UK) - - October ID Challenge -

Our sec­ond ‘flock pic­ture’ shows a gang of birds in a line head on, feed­ing and walk­ing to­ward the pho­tog­ra­pher. They are strik­ingly dumpy, plump, round things, with rel­a­tively small heads, sug­gest­ing we are look­ing at pi­geons or game­birds. In fact they are so ‘fat’ that they are surely game­birds; per­haps grouse or par­tridges. In this case, it is prob­a­bly worth con­sid­er­ing what fea­tures we can see, rather than rul­ing out ev­ery game­bird but one. Th­ese birds look to have mid-grey un­der­parts and, on at least some of them, or­ange ‘faces’ in­clud­ing the throat. The flanks have ver­ti­cal stripes of brown and there is a black­ish ‘smudge’ on the belly of some of the birds. All th­ese point to th­ese be­ing a covey of Grey Par­tridges.

KEY FEA­TURES †Rounded, ‘plump’ look­ing small-headed birds †Pre­dom­i­nantly grey plumage †Striped flanks, black­ish smudge on belly †Or­ange face on some

Plump, grey body Dark belly patch Or­ange face of male

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